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  1. Nah, haven't had it for years unfortunately - sold it to free up some cash and bought a boat instead. Been through a 2004 3.0R, 1997 GT-B, 2005 Forester 2l N/A and a 2000 GT-B since, and now in a 2006 GT wagon. Would love to see the end result of yours! I was just never mechanically minded enough to do it myself and to tight to pay someone else to do it for me so never got around to it. Bought it factory and sold it basically factory as well! Was an insane car to drive though, would hands down buy another one.
  2. Will have one incoming for an '02 EZ30D Lancaster 6 Outback soon-ish.
  3. Supercheap do colour code paint mixing. Have used them a couple of times for it with decent results.
  4. Been photo documenting as we go so will get him doing a garage thread at some stage.
  5. Not my car but on behalf of a mate who isn't super active on here - currently doing a 5MT conversion in an '02 Lancaster Outback w/ EZ30D. Engine was pulled last weekend and did rocker cover gaskets and gave it a general tidy up. Today's activities included... - Auto trans / drive shaft etc came out, brake pedal swapped out, clutch pedal installed. - Clutch master cylinder went in along with hoses for the slave. - HEAPS of cleaning done to tidy things up. - Exedy clutch kit w/ lightweight flywheel went on the back of the engine which is about to be dropped back in. Tomorrow should see power getting to the wheels if we have time to swap out the rear diff. ECU won't run like the 5MT either but should still run (mostly) so will do battle the G4+ Extreme waiting on the workbench sometime soon-ish.
  6. Yesterday actually but sold the BG5 - down to the 3.0R for a bit now.
  7. The BG5 failed a W.O.F last week... So replaced rear rotors, pads and calipers that came off a BH5, balanced the handbrake from scratch and resolved a wiper bushing issue with a cable tie. Took it back this morning for a recheck and good to go!
  8. They were different revisions that the BH/BE series Legacy's were brought out in. Rev A/B/C were all quite similar from what I gather but Rev D came with a factory ECU that can be remapped and some further detailed engine changes that I can't answer confidently. Being a 1999 I would suspect yours is a Revision B but this can checked on the car info plate with the chassis number colour code etc. It should read BH5A, B, C or D which will tell you what you've got.
  9. Bit of work done on the BG5 - New lower ball joints in and upgraded control arms to aluminium jobbies out of a BH5. Also fitted BH sway bar linkages with better bushes than were already there.
  10. Do these ones run an amp/sub/crossover setup like the McIntosh jobbies or just a standalone headunit? Have only dealt with the McIntosh one before but here's my aftermarket headunit conversion to retain the factory speaker/amp install if it helps? http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/showthread.php?48404-Guitar_Guy-s-2004-Legacy-McIntosh-Stereo-Hack-Pic-Heavy
  11. Came across this.... http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/subaru/interior/auction-1122019541.htm
  12. Used to own one and would own again. Same 6 speed boxes as the v8 STi to my knowledge, vf41 single scroll turbo and 280bhp from memory. Drives a little different to a WRX, power is more linear and less aggressive with the 2.5l and smaller turbo but still goes like a cut cat. Basically a v8 STi on stilts really.
  13. Guitar_Guy


    +1 on the Hella Supertones. Had them on my old car and will be putting them on my current one as well. 118dB from memory which is enough to make ya ears ring for sometime afterwards if you're in front of them. Roughly $150 for the genuine article.
  14. Did a headlight thing the other day. Pretty happy with the results. Before: After: DIY Demon Eye:
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