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  1. Jeepers, that got some love... Looks better with the wing back on
  2. Yes it is a swap. Jesus Tonys lap is hasty...
  3. Holy S*** I am in the top 10!!! Can someone please knock me off that list ASAP, its a disgrace with the amount of power some gents (and ladies) around here have at here disposal
  4. Yeep exactly. Gah now I want to go to the track ha ha.
  5. Back corner is kind of the same at Taupo from memory. Once Tony told me that way back in the day it cleaned up my entire lap, got it off my mind I guess.
  6. Playday on track normally specify 100% Cotton overalls and a Helmet. No Passengers unless caged. I havent been to Puke but I would probably come out for a few laps if there was a bit of a CS presence at an event. I have done plenty of days elsewhere so happy to help anyone out on the day who might need it.
  7. Playday standard is helmet and overalls.
  8. Model: 1998 WRX Displacement: 2l Mods: VF22, V8 STI TMIC, TBE, Link G4 Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: Keith Stewart, Dyno pro. Comparison is same mods with STI ECU pinging its arse off.
  9. Very very different cars to drive. I did a supercar rental in the U.S. and you have to have your wits about you the entire time in something like that. I was sweating bullets the entire time behind the wheel ha ha.
  10. Come play with us either way Pedro!!!!
  11. I havent been to a WMCC Meet recently but it was certainly setup to not be that boyracery scene and I dont think it is still. Massive turnout at parkups. they attend a few events and cruises. I think they will be a good fit for what your looking for if your happy to not be Subaru specific.
  12. Wow Viperguy is back! Long time no see, welcome back.
  13. If it's just a collect and hold I can go grab them for you on Saturday Loren. I'm in Auckland but back as far as Wanganui Xmas day. PM me if needed.
  14. Drove it all around Auckland today. My cdaily is on its way to a new home down south so I Have been using the WRX as a daily for the last week. I dont miss it being my daily at all but it was nice to drive it for fun today.
  15. I get 450ish km around town and between 550-600 open road, thats just normal driving with the odd bash of the throttle not nannaing about. Thats v5 WRX, with a Link so not a bad result. Always makes me wonder when I see guys getting 400km or less from a tank. Although I think the R Variants all get smaller tanks right?