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  1. Taupo or Manfield get my votes for track location. Taupo for its general location and Manfield for its track. With me missing Mega Meet and Flatnats due to family commitments I am in with bells on for the CS 21st.
  2. Your kind of all over the show a bit but here goes... 1. Jokers spot on 2. ej20-25 will all bolt right in to the bay but having the right bolt ons is key. Hence short block (Block without bolt ons) vs. Long block (block with manifolds, Heads etc.) 3. When putting a bigger turbo in consider three things that need to work in unison ECU, Injectors and AFM(If your not deleting it). Bigger turbo means you will probably need bigger injectors to keep up, bigger injectors mean better (tunable or flashable) ecu to keep up. Remember X PSI on a VF28 is not necessarily equal to X PSI on a different turbo. A smaller turbo will flow less at X PSI a bigger one more at X PSI. The more air a turbo flows the more fuel the engine needs to keep its S*** in order. For example 18 PSI on a v5 with Yellow injectors and a VF22 = Fun times 18 PSI on a GTX3071 and yellow injectors on the same car will have issues pretty darn quick. As soon as you start getting into the realms of retunable ECUs on earlier models forged internals is recommended IMO. Bottom line, If its fast as it is and you dont have a big arse stack of cash burning a hole in your pocket just enjoy it and do something when it shits the bed. Not before. In the meantime stick about, ask questions and do some reading
  3. I gotta be honest all the chat in here aside no ones ever going to convince me a remote tune is as good as a car on a dyno with someone who understands what there looking at tuning at. I also obviously got a sick deal as I paid about the same as a stage 2 tune for my complete tune (Dyno), tidy up road tune and some minor works while on the dyno that was affecting the tune. Shop around team.
  4. I havent personally but I would suggest the extra outlay to take it to hands on tuner would probably be worth it for something as specialized as that? The ability for someone to be hands on and trouble shoot issues seems like a fairly key component to me.
  5. Best time I had on a track was in a mates DC2... Thrashed the balls off it and felt like I was doing 6 billion miles an hour down the back straight (as he burned me in my WRX lol) but bugger me I had a smile on my face when I got out of the car.
  6. I put it up on Jack stands, took the wheels off to rotate the tyres, started tittoing with the exhaust bracket I bent at Flatnats then forgot why the wheels were off and put them back on without rotating them and didnt realize until it was off the stands ... Probably the most love its going to see until December.
  7. I dont know why anyone's bothering to have the warranty chat anymore. Its pretty much just an attention seeking hot button at this stage. Thrash it, dump the clutch, give it absolute arseholes and get bailed out. Job done.
  8. If were still spending 250k I will take a 2012 E63 AMG and a deposit on a house thanks
  9. So was this resolved?
  10. That's the fellah I think. Owned Ricks old car and stacked it too I believe. Same guy?
  11. Does anyone have laptimes for Manfield including backtrack?
  12. This thread reminds me of the guy from Wellington who had the Spec C back in the day and ruined numerous nice cars with his bullshittery. From memory no one believed he was that stupid until they met him.
  13. Sooo is this now resolved or is it a different issue from the rods/ecu? I dont know everyone's real name sorry so not sure whos who outside of the guys I have met personally.
  14. Gregs been on here in the past, I have dealt with him and never had any issues. Tries to chase up a lot of the dodgy deals on the sites he admins. Had a lot more to do with Brian, really rate the guy, honest as the day is long in my experiences and always keen to help guys out. I know both guys work ridiculous hours on there jobs and side projects so dunno if thats at play. Doesnt really help you as the buyer either way I know Hope you get it all sorted for your sake and theres.
  15. Listen close at about 2.29 and you can hear me grab third from the top of fourth... whoops.