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  1. Hey everyone Im finally back in a Subaru, used to have a 04 v9 wrx hatch years ago some of you may remember Anyway, typical jap import has the talking card reader I'll take out soon but what have people done with the GPS screen above the stereo? Currently it shows me driving around the ocean constantly, I know you can swap the unit out for a pocket but can't see the point in doing so Does anyone know of anyway to replace the brains of it and get it working in NZ? Or, has anyone managed to modify one and put another screen/GPS unit in its place?
  2. that car from hamilton 2 years ago?
  3. guess you wont have any contact details? thanks anyway
  4. yeah saw that but apparently they dont show the recent stuff on carjam anymore...
  5. Mate of mine sold a white 98 V5 STI coupe a few years back It had a V6 front lip and wing, RA roof vent and NT03 rims Plate on it was CFB672 He's coming back from the UK soon and has asked me to try and track it down, I saw a photo of it posted on here a year or so back but nothing since. If you or somebody you know has it can you please pm me. Thanks
  6. my old 04 v9 wrx hatch was on bc gold adjusties and i had 18x8.5 rims on it with 215/40/18 tyres, guards were rolled and i had the adjusties on hard but seemed to do the trick as per pic below
  7. Hey mate, $80 is cheap as hell. If someone pays that they\'re getting an awesome price Watch that auction rise
  8. v8/v9 sti scoop the wrx of the same version doesnt have the line on the side
  9. i know who owns all except the blue one yes ritalin is tim and \'w wrnd u\' is sam i know the owner of the yellow one very well (he also posts on here)
  10. let me know details, pics, etc if you decide to sell i know a mate is wanting to get one soon
  11. i have my factory bov off my v9 wrx hatch, wasnt a sti but are they much dif? car was sold few months back so have no need for it pm me if you\'re keen, will sort a deal for ya ;-)
  12. I would assume track 1. Track 4 is very seldom run.
  13. NTYCME :-) find the money and buy it, really needing it gone soon, gota pay for my commercial helicopter pilots licence, 100k