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  1. So this happened on the day before i flew out. Ordered a fuel pump and flew back to NZ yesterday. Installed it today and PROBLEM SOLVED. Started like a dream
  2. Ok so my best bet is a fuel pump but would be curious to see if other people have had this problem or know of it. The car is a 1996 WRX STi with a 89 closed deck block in it. I took my bike out today and drove down a gravel road for 10 odd mins. Finished ride and started car up fine. I drove for 15 mins and could feel the car loosing power. Put foot down and would struggle to gain speed. Pulled over and checked fuel lines/hoses etc. started car back up. Drove for another 2 mins with same issue. Pulled over again for a better look then car wouldn't run. It would turn over and start for a second then cut out. It was doing this for about 10 mins and now it just tries to turn over but doesn't start. I can smell fuel when I try and turn car over and I hear a short small hissing sound when I turn the key coming from fuel pump area
  3. I read this on a post over at subyclub, something to consider EDIT, we have been advised that it is not recommended to push the pedal all the way to the floor as it MAY cause damage to the cups inside the bore. Only push the pedal as far it would normally go when braking.
  4. Can someone please confirm bleeding order on a 96 V3 WRX STi, I was under the impression it changes between models p.s google is no help cause audm and usdm etc
  5. Probably just a lot of time and attention
  6. l2eeFer13


    You had it dynoed? Killer turbo man
  7. l2eeFer13


    Show us what the hype is about
  8. So you have already have the car booked in? As D1 said. You should give it ago yourself. All you need is a jack and 2 stands. $150 and their yours or you can borrow some from a helpful memeber. Remove the wheels and adjust even amount of turns to the other side (if the car is already sitting at level) then go and get a wheel alignment
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    Welcome. Im in Aus but from Geraldine. Have a car in peaces their and a REX that you will most likely see around Timaru at some point. I used to get all my work done at Showgrounds. Shanes a good bloke. Bit pricey though on some things. Got any pictures?
  10. Glad you got it organised and even at a cheap price. Cant complain with that at all
  11. The silver box only makes everything bright. When i done my swap i tried it without the box and everything was very dull so i doubt that it will control the fuel gauge reading itself. Can pick up a new cluster for $50 from the right wrecker and will be a straight swap. Maybe even ask to test first but then your odo will be off
  12. Yeah i done it myself. I had both pin out diagrams. Unpinned everything from old plugs and then re pinned them into new plugs following new diagram. Their was a guy over at subyclub making harnesses that would come in handy for some people
  13. $90 is pretty good really. Do you have the basic cluster (green lights) or the back lit one with orange halos? Could be worth doing that swap if it is the old one. Not much to it
  14. I just bought a set of 4pots from them for mt V3. Pretty cheap at $180 shipped and arrived following day