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  1. I have a similar set up to tony only i have a 3" all the way out the side and my bend is a 90˚, My cars not superlow and my sills are a little beat up above the side exit, also the trailer I have is pretty low so I don't need much clearance for that. here's a pic from when i had a cheap hotdog muffler, sounded cool but it collapsed so now i have a Adrenalinr louvred resonator, 450mm from memory, its super quiet, I would say it would be quieter than most road legal exhausts, I wish I had bought a shorter one...
  2. I've raced against a couple of the completed factory 5 818 cars at taupo, was kinda amazed they didn't haul arse more than they did, these ones were standard engines tho. They run the engine rear mounted in a "fwd" configuration which makes then rwd cause the engines in the back, if you get what I'm saying, I cant see how you could make it 4wd again, at least not easily.
  3. 4 people in a car is never going to be full track speed or g forces. A PBMS sump would be ok on street tyres IMO
  4. 4 people in the car at once on the track?
  5. Plenty of subarus and even mitsis have died at hampton downs, IMO I wouldn't drive a subaru on hampton downs without a decent baffled sump, my car can blow 500ml of oil out of the breathers each session and I've got a fully baffled and enlarged sump (I'm running slicks tho) there is a massive difference if you go up a gear/drop revs for the last corner ie my issue dissappears if i'm in a higher gear. and as long as your breathers are factory and return to intake you'll be allowed at trackdays, only if it's breathing to atmosphere you need a 1l catch can.
  6. I'm coming up 10 years next year, joined when I bought the foz to find out how to lower it on the cheap! lol
  7. jase/fastfour runs Koya wheels on his car, 18x10" IIRC, they come in as blanks and they can drill/machine to any PCD and offset.
  8. Im keen on one, are you gonna do a run soon Ray?
  9. was also up at leadfoot festival. Its just a small legacy......
  10. I\'ve run bcs in my forester for the last 4 years, no issues so far (prob 40-50,000kms) and they can be adjusted from shake you teeth out hard to soft as butter and everything in between and i run xyz\'s in my rcae car, not high mileage but handle ripple strips well!
  11. currently doing the superlap series here\'s my race cars fb page with details of all the events I\'ve done etc
  12. those aftermarket rears might have looked better on a black or red car. stock looks way better on the silver
  13. Have you increased your scoop and air shroud size? you wont see much better air temps until then, in fact they will probably get worse, mine did untill i put a bigger scoop and shroud on.
  14. How mutch wud cud a wud chuk chuk if a wud chuk cud chuk wud
  15. from experience issac\nzkaos? A framed his wrx from auckland to manfeild, thrashed it around the A framed it back to auckland and it was all good, he was behind a commodore and he started having brake issues over the desert road, the wrx kept trying to push the arse of the commodore around corners. I wouldn\'t recommend towing any great distance with an A frame, braked trailers are worth their weight in gold!