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  1. Not really helpful advice I have - don't get xyz, they don't give enough travel in the rear.
  2. the fog light you can see individual leds through the lense, and its a complete unit, nothing replaceable. the fog light is on the right side reverse light on the left. the fog light switch should be on your headlight stalk, the inner ring, once click forwards in the front fog lights, 2nd click forward which will spring back is rear foglight.
  3. Dont use leds for the brake\tail lights, you will end up with a fault light (traction control and some other light will turn on randomly) because the car doesnt sense the led lamps correctly. I had this issue. some leds may work if they have make up resistors or something.
  4. Winger are expensive but obviously know their S***, my mrs kinda works for them so we've had a few things done there, they are not so interested in modified cars tho, they much prefer "factory" cars, aftermarket can scare them a little (adjustable suspension with 2 types of camber adjustment confused them) The other garage I use is Te Rapa automotive, they're not subaru specific but know their S*** and call a spade a spade. and they do plenty of race cars etc so not much phases them in the way of mods.
  5. I've been told when I looked into it, to pour it down the toilet, some town/city sewerage systems are designed to handle it.
  6. LOL he has to have his car going again the week before Easter so he should be good to go for megameet.
  7. so is the track day going to be run by Playday like a playday? Passengers allowed (in fully caged car, seat, harness blah blah??) Considering coming down and doing some testing/take some people for a ride/chase @Fastfour assuming the cars still running after the weekend before at Taupo
  8. ^^^ I've done similar to mine, just sanded to rough the chrome up a bit, masked off the logo and plastidipped it. Its lasting pretty well too considering the amount of stone chips the front of my car has the grill is still mint
  9. I'm running motul 4100 15w50 for the engine, its a motorbike oil, cheaper than 5100 but same viscosity and I've never had an issue with it (i think there was something else that made it good for a car too, some additive thats in it???) brakes i run motul rbf 600 or 660, whatever i can get for a good deal at the time trans is motul gear ff lsd type 2 Rear diff is motul pa90 I get a relatively good deal on motul and my engine builder swore by it, Never really ran anything else in my track car as I've never had an issue
  10. magnatec fuel saver 5w30 here. no issues so far
  11. make sure you have the pull up resistor turned on, i had the same issue on my car with mechanical speedo
  12. Quick question. I want to rewire some cables to my ecu as they've got quite a few joins etc. Where can I get the pins from for the yellow plugs? anyone got them before?
  13. I have a similar set up to tony only i have a 3" all the way out the side and my bend is a 90˚, My cars not superlow and my sills are a little beat up above the side exit, also the trailer I have is pretty low so I don't need much clearance for that. here's a pic from when i had a cheap hotdog muffler, sounded cool but it collapsed so now i have a Adrenalinr louvred resonator, 450mm from memory, its super quiet, I would say it would be quieter than most road legal exhausts, I wish I had bought a shorter one...
  14. I've raced against a couple of the completed factory 5 818 cars at taupo, was kinda amazed they didn't haul arse more than they did, these ones were standard engines tho. They run the engine rear mounted in a "fwd" configuration which makes then rwd cause the engines in the back, if you get what I'm saying, I cant see how you could make it 4wd again, at least not easily.
  15. Te rapa automotive are good, Probably not cheap tho. what are you wanting done?