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  1. Painting your rims, as in it acts like masking tape, you spear the V over the tire & spray away, then simply wipe it off after : also good (or at least not bad) for the rubber!
  2. you know what else vasoline is good for?
  3. but Hondahs are better in every way to a Subaru? #Flame on
  4. FIRST ^^ this sort of mentality I'll wait for the AWD Type R and about 20 years before I get one
  5. My personal fav is the standard stuff they list these days like Airbags & number of doors.... like uh
  6. from sadness
  7. a tad more copy/paste from the above article RIP FHI
  8. the dogs that shoot Bees from their Mouths?
  9. Very Sloppy but yea as Newsuba says or I was going to point out there have been Automatic STI's since 2008 https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-reviews/subaru-wrx-sti-automatic-review-10631
  10. we're avoiding the mass facebook invites has potential to turn things la vida loca'
  11. so sad we dont seem to have any Fozzy love / anyone who cares about finding the links that match these threads! (aka HELP please)
  12. I generally dont like to wish ill on people but thats the kinda person you almost hope has an accident or cant breed....
  13. I'm ok with the above Legacy now how about this :