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  1. Yeah that, also helps buyers 'trust' you a bit more too
  2. Would be long gone but yeah could be handy info to have here @Tashie84 & the boxer sticker is a good ID things they are cool but not common
  3. Sooo I do this part time now & the boot lock is probably the simplest to get at & dismantle, or I have tools to hook bits out, any locksmith will too, safest bet to call one of these guys & girls near you rather than make life harder But yeah the thread has some good advice Record your Factory Key code this can also be found on the Driver door lock (interior removal required), a locksmith can cut a key from it in the event of LOST key, it's valuable so don't put it somewhere obvious & treat it like a Password Broken keys can be re-cut on a good machine, my Local M10 sends people to me Older Subaru's (pre '98 ish) use Dat13 Key Blanks : yeah Datsun! even older still use Datsun keys Newer (98+ ish) NSN14 profile : NISSAN! transponder chips & even newer track cut keys get expensive & check or ask your insurer as some do cover lost keys
  4. people can be awesome like that sometimes! others are just cunce lol
  5. S*** yeah sounds good I am not an expert but cant see why the 27 wont work then
  6. you have a BG5 GTB yeah? (more details = better answers) So did I I went from a 18/19 to a 33/27 odd pair or something like that, ye it worked hardest part was the change in turbo inlet size that meant different intake runner from the air box & such pretty much same turbo's otherwise just newer
  7. best bit is you're not stuck! BUT yeah a spare would be ideal & I always recommend people get them I can do most non-RFID keys up until the late 90's & nothing like the pressure of getting someone home, I've had to hotwire a Lancaster once & get it back to my shop to complete the key making process (I'm not mobile & have the basics)
  8. Check with them first I think you'll find most do (they can cover call out & emergency costs too such as after hours) if it starts the car : CHOICE skip the above it's the RFID chip inside that's the hard part of the process, the unlock / lock part (wireless?) is separate & yeah new Battery might work for that, or it may need 're-pairing' to your car to get an 'offical' subaru key , go to a dealer, or a Locksmith can do it & perhaps they will have a 'knock off' key fob that does all the same tricks for lower cost but still Insurance could cover it but yeah might not be worth the potential excess or claim
  9. Do you have insurance? otherwise do you have a 'spare' to clone from? otherwise I'm gunna say $140 to $550 potentially (not a job I've been involved with but do have experience with lost car key replacement as a 'apprentice' locksmith
  10. anyone feel like becoming a moderator to help sort this list out? formatting is up the wops
  11. report it & request delete? would save the mods having to go find it without a link ;p
  12. strink!
  13. this is the actual recommended fix, on another forum (with the same software) I am on that's the response the admin gives too edit : Tapatalk does have a couple of cool features thou & is worth trying I reckon
  14. Or get Dempsey Busses Alpine Shuttle aye @DRFVDR