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  1. TL:DR where's the boost taps & numptys that use them give it a bad name no worse than RfB's shoulda just bought a STI
  2. or burnout car, I kinda LIKE
  3. DriveTribe Bashing the Flat 12 "Terrible" when it simply isnt #GrindsMyGears
  4. add it to our Forum calendar too if ya like might get in front of a few more people
  5. tied on some 13x7"s for size : slight rubbage might go tire shopping
  6. "Casablanca" they are a real Subaru Model / option for NA only
  7. oh hell YES I've been wanting to do something liek that since I found out about them LOL
  8. yea I used to use the Bimmersport on often too, was simperlt han using Ph browser or I imagine the Tapatalk pfft if it cant multi platform then its of no use to me! (a challenge has been set) fees & S*** shouldnt be hard to cover but the donations tab at top is the slowest I've seen it for a long time
  9. Any one here capable of volunteering or assisting on setting something like this up? Combines forums and our social media ie Facebook Instagram and possibly Twitter? Daydreaming here might help the Facebook generation get on the forums (for some it still seems too hard & maybe that's not a bad thing? Swiped while swerving using Tapatalk
  10. Is this no good? from / is it ok if I merge the threads?
  11. yup thats what the Garage section is for scroll down more on the index page!
  12. and keep an eye out I will let you know when they are asking for Volunteers & helpers applications open SOON! cant say it was a bad gig at all this year this was what I put my Hand up for & IT WAS CHOICE
  13. until
    if you dont know what this is then get out only the Worlds best Motorsport event right here in NZ literally in Narnia! (well majority of the Film was shot n the Coromandel area) Thread here : Discuss & sort group Acomm / Cruises out there in that section! Jared
  14. Time to start getting Excited about this again Facepage here : I know a few of you including me 2017's event was something pretty special & lets do it again! I will likely be in the Hahie Camp-grounds again this yeah for the best part of a week either before or after the event so book your time off / check your sunscreen & get ready for the worlds best Motorsport Event in New Zealand! to complete the loop here is our "Calendar" event : which links back to this thread