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  1. I'll be moping around in the Avenger again no doubt, if we still have a house in Ashhurst the offer for a bed or two (and lawn if you keen to tent) is there again like Mega meets just been
  2. via @RAYDEO
  3. bov

    be aware of what you 'read' on the internet too, good on you for asking the questions! My experience is only with a Manual car so I'd be keen to head from someone a little more mechanically minded then me too or someone who's dealt with a similar issue (I had leaking BOV on my Manual 98 GTB too so yeah went GFB route
  4. bov

    Sounds like "George" has moved in! Clubsub's dubbed the noise that sounds like blowing across the top of an empty bottle many many moons ago Yeah leaky bov no good, point of a bov on most turbo cars is for the noise on lift off, autos will be interesting & not entirely sure how well they operate or function (cant be much different than manual & most likely partially open some of the time at cruise speed potentially) but yeah would be a waste spending $350 + on a nice GFB or some-such unit I'd be heading to a garage or wreckers & getting a good second hand unit or new old stock etc (NOS)
  5. bov

    ahh yeah nah BOV's are not for Auto's is there something wrong with the Factory one?
  6. just do it! hah always strange how people like to do things but once you give it a label no-one volunteers is there still a bunch of you guys who get together & do subaru stuff?
  7. The Japanese recall is due to possible fuel tank cracking and leakage when full. This follows a fault in manufacture where a breather line was left capped.
  8. brake fade & stuff meant I had to learn to slow down / look after my car or better prep made it to 230 thousand KM's before heater hose cracked & blew headgasket! Your Method May Vary
  9. TL:didnt read KINGSTARS or what ever you use on the road good driver training it isnt a race you don't win by going faster on the track or setting superlap times hella fun wont kill your engine (low g forces / oil starvation etc
  10. ahh, they all cover the Takata Airbag recall thing & chur!
  11. wrx

    side note as most points have been covered : DON'T get a bolt in cage for a few reasons, the best one being they are USELESS, yeah they look cool & may appear to do the job, MSNZ don't like them either once you got half or rear cage you might as well go whole hog, now you have a racecar
  12. dont forget to keep us up to date with goings on here
  13. Cheers to @B4Gordon for bringing this to our attention EMAIL RSS About Product Recalls Product Recalls is a collaboration between four Government Agencies bringing together consumer product safety recall information into one place to improve public access to essential safety information so you can help protect yourself, your family and your friends. Food recalls are available on the MPI website - About this site Having trouble with a recall or a product? PRODUCT RECALLS CONTACT US DISCLAIMER COPYRIGHT PRIVACY POLICY 2015 PRODUCT RECALLS
  14. the 2 weeks I did there in a tent at the camp grounds want too bad! next to the beach & Pizzas made on site
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