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  1. yeah around $1k +/- $250 for odds
  2. Bump for Nov 19 Cars are going to Fail WOFS from NEXT year if you've been affected & not sorted yep I started this thread back in 2015
  3. prices are on their website? LMGTFY sample from a Fozzy
  4. ahh so not OEM then?
  5. : the circle of live continues : I pasted a link to this discussion say Hi if you login Liam! and thank you to @Nachoooo
  6. yeah a bit off the beaten track! they'll notice the difference from not being on main rd I bet
  7. New location too! (has got bigger) FEB 16 2020 "Supercheap Auto" Spectacular Car Show Buckley Golf Course Shannon
  8. try this : care of Ichi Ban and another version
  9. I didnt watch it but is there a thread in the FAQ? & something about the connectors behind the kick panel on Drivers side comes to mind (or is that in the vid?)
  10. use the Prelude, why buy another when you've got something thats's already cheap as chips Honda wins every time (even on the track : the STI boys just wont admit it)