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  1. Airbag delete thread (kinda) here : Cert thread (also kinda : sorry these are slightly relevant but not 100% on topic) here :
  2. A basic cert starts @ around $550 regardless of Mods, they check the whole car even your rim size is on the plate, even if OEM / standard, then your locked into that size, same as ride height swap rims? = re-cert or if you have another set in your shed you can have them checked & added to the 'Sheet' at time of Cert as is my understanding of the system from another forum I'm on that has a handy cert guy to answer questions sorry I don't know the process of removing & satisfying the cert man with Airbag removal, I would simply suggest ask your local cert guy
  3. I am SHOCKED and APPALLED there's no M badge!
  4. (but please continue the discussion) this isnt the end! yep you'll get away with it we all know someone that does / is / has, so, whats the 'potential' fallout? think CSI / or crash scene investigations & insurance in the event of an "accident" (there is no such thing) and even you're not 'at fault', "insurance" may not cover you fir 'illegal mods' and such red tape
  5. thank god someone posted the LVVTA Link technically Jono is right : Turbo Mod = cert as does a ECU change (even on its own) is technically a cert (I'll try find proof in a tic / I read it on the internet : no actual experiance & I am not a WOF inspector / expert) still a better discussion than a facebook mechanic group even a manual swap with completely factory parts is a cert (as soon as you touch the Brake pedal...)
  6. is it within the threshold of 'increased power' I reckon it will be & you'll be fine
  7. ditto, shed bound for now, might get it out for the Jappa Car day @ Tui Brewery on the 30th
  8. Hecka yeah these were fun I needa get back on the track (kinda why CS doesnt "do track days" anymore, there's literally something on every month you guys can go out & have fun with at every track in NZ
  9. also lmgtfy : (just watch this in a mirror LHD / USDM) [I dont know what year a Version 11 is I'd have to google that too!] And I cannot 'vouch' for the videos correctness or methods, was the first short clip that came up on YT
  10. if it's your first ever mod it can be daunting & yep $200 sounds about right for 1/4 hours work LOL (ok maybe half an hour to an Hour as I bet they like to tidy up the illumination & wirings a bit better than I do) have you bought New, as in did it come with a kit / vac line and a "T" etc? is the line good quality or can you crush it with your fingers (like my Aliexpress Boostgauge LOL / not lol) first you need to find a weak spot in the fire wall, a grommet or rubber boot you can push the line though towards the Intake Manifold now I'm not familiar with anything newer than 98 so yeah bear that in mind here (someone else may pop along shortly with pictures) "t" into a line going into or out of the intake mani & run that back to where ever your going to mount your gauge, mounting in itself is another wee drama, are you going to make holes in your dash? / steering wheel mount or in front of your cluster? I think Pillar mounts are awesome btw black wire ground, yellow will be 'acc' blue? Might be illumination ie when you turn your lights on the face lights up, oh and a red for +ve / always on maybe bit hard to guess without knowing a bit more about what you got, did it come with instructions? I am a bit of a joker so some info vauge on purpose as I know I'll get corrected by someone here who's done it more than the 2x I have i reality LOL being a newer car I'd like to think you'd prefer a neat & pro install too, so might just be worth paying for this time
  11. Sorry / Not sorry for interrupting this thread : Here's another coming up for 'auction' shortly Direct Link :
  12. Neat! Just for interest here's some international SVX's From Facebook
  13. keep em guessing! I like