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  1. ps adverts at top & bottom of the page have been blue for me for a while too they change up on differnt 'levels' ie when browsing CS
  2. apparently this might cause the issues I'm getting but cant find any settings other than 720p v 1080 so I'll try lower res
  3. I pasted a link to reddit in the Dashcam thread & now all my windows turn BLUE when viewing that 2nd page and the forum neatly embedded it not sure if my OS / viral or just the forum does it affect anyone else? Browsing on Chrome on a Linux System just got corouge to try it & cannot seem to replicater (was going to scrreen shot it) was bad enough I shut the PC down as all windows including the menues were turning Blue
  4. saw something about removing Aluminium Anodising with Oven cleaner recently...... no idea if useful here
  5. heh I even tried an upload to FAcebook & even that converted it to a funky 360 degree distorition! reddit to the rescue
  6. heh edzackery! I love my cruise control so much set & forget
  7. check it now : re uploaded, 1st time I viewed it it was actually methed up so bad the vision was distorted : never seen a screwed up upload before rear view / via the reversing Cam wtf! both those are blank vids now aye? grr looked good on the YT app cell upload? edit : ffs it appears to have been attributed 360 degree status? wtf LOL even sending it to the FB keeps it "360" when its not lol, gotta figure that out
  8. if you drive like a dick it will only prove it vs Their word against your or "Just waiting for a mate" type of scenarios bit like Big Brother watching same went for I had a quote for Security Cam's in my Workshop : good for security, bad if caught out doing unsafe work practices etc
  9. yup fingers crossed I never have to use it Ordered on Aliexpress on the 5th of Jan arrived 17th Jan after I had two cars come at me over the centerline on the Pahaitua track
  10. Tig ol' Bitty Bump for this Just got one of these : so far VERY inpressed! Front & rear / reversing Camera, GPS, Bluetooth WIFI you name it, it does it still seeking legality advice as it does cover the Rear view Mirror & effectively replaces it wit ha screen (that can be turned OFF) / operates as a mirror still everything I looked at on TM was another 'stick to the dash' unit link if you want to perv : I'll pop up sample clip I recorded this morning (nothing happens just checking Quality / gear) which was a relatively simple install, an 'always on' source is kinda good too if you want this to record someone backing into your car while you're stationary / parked overnight etc
  11. sam probably cant edit it because of all the links in it & yep I see broken PB image will loging when I'm near a computer
  12. <3 yeah soz dont think they do, or even have the capability yet, still literally building the facility / newish track & all the more support / entries spectators at their events = one day! (night LOL)
  13. Like Masterton Morotplex?
  14. it does have a shelf life yes, though I reckon you should be fine for "a couple of months" unless it was doing it before you last gassed up etc, doubt will be the fuel BUT in saying that you could 'hotwire' the Pump & get as much our as you can (use the line in engine bay to collect into a container : tbh not sure the 'recommended way to drain a Subaru is as they do not have a bung in the tanks) and try some fresh gas?
  15. Do you have an actual Budget to spend / aim for?
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