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  1. Palmy Subaru's will be in attendance
  2. also could have sworn I read 1998 in one of the paragraphs too (Major WRC title win) yay for grammer
  3. ahh numbers eh good old Interger's ! 0-1 is your 1st year but you dont turn 1 until after the anniversary date let that confuse you for a bit, such as we are in the 21st Century now (2000's) ?
  4. Because we only do hear about it when they go "bad" as above if there were more +'s for a particular workshop or Whitlelist then everyones happy!
  5. choice! dont stop promotign the S*** out of it tho, should be a good day for everyone to get together etc I like how the majority of the spots were filled in the 1st week LOL (maybe take a waiting list?) if there's enough demand it could happen again real soon etc just my $0.02
  6. cool cos this bit confused me as from what I saw there was only Chrome on Saturday & that comment threw me off THEN I click the link I posted & re-read the info LOL go me having a "man-look" I should fill out the form & enter!
  7. also Isnt STI, older than that? like 1989 / early 90's?
  8. haha yeah I knew what it was but dont think Adam did & no it doesnt (that is / what we did at the Playday in a safer / controlled environment) and I tried to find pictures of that Supra that got smoked @ Taupo "Chrome"
  9. chrome on Sat? Still learning about this thing & trying to find info on website is limited Only ever been to spectator late in the day (never really interested me before LOL)
  10. Legacy's get all the Luxury stuff!
  11. edited OP : we'll do a give away of some LOOT I have gathered from this thread by 20th dec You're all in the draw & cutoff for 1st Draw (there may be more?
  12. Majority of 'Positive' feeds become negative when the car is off which you could use if you tap onto an 'aways' on + then the - side to a "+" when "on" feed now this is useful for Diodes that only allow current flow in one direction so a little extra elec-trickery might be need to 'keep the smoke in' but the theory is there if you catch my drift (or a Relay) so yeah basics are there BUT not tested on equipment in real life so no guarantees or warranties implied with this post
  13. maybe someone just went sticker happy? Cant find images neither
  14. 16 : 1.6mm 'thick 32 = 32mm in Diameter yeah 123 $ shop LOL
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