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  1. too many variables & unknowns & yea contact patch "should" be the same / similar 17" vs 18" edit : 18"s could be heavier too.... 'providing' more mass / grip unsprung weight
  2. Hear hear awesome thread too man!! Welcome to the forums & you'll find many kinds of experts here
  3. Toyo's? think you gotta go pretty big to exceed the grip levels of today's tire technology I feel (have no actual real world experience in this
  4. the little things eh choice (a few updates in the last few days it appears
  5. thats kinda why we have some regions setup in some sub forums on ClubSUB its a cool Subaru website have you heard of it ps : tho seems alot of people have trouble scrolling down the page to start threads hah! (no biggie we try to adapt)
  6. not sure if I added this article from Jalopnik for more reference
  7. until Upcoming events OCT20 Flat Nats Ferry 20 October–23 October · Gordon Robertson is going Bluebridge Ferry Terminal Wellington Interested OCT21 Flat Nats Day 1 Track Sat 7:00 · 9 friends are going Mike Pero Motorsport Park Christchurch Interested OCT21 Pack laps Sat 9:30 · 3 friends are going Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Ruapuna Christchurch Interested OCT21 Flat Nats Day 1 evening Hard Park, Photoshoot, & Cruze Sat 21:00 · 4 friends are going To be confirmed closer to event.....
  8. Not real dont care
  9. *slapps on the back atta'boy (still weird tho cheers for reporting
  10. lol neat : yea i think there's a bit of things being tidied up in the background, do you think you'll live?
  11. heaps'a new tricks with this thing
  12. are you clicking on the dot (or its a star if you have posted in the thread) which will take you to the first unread post or the thread title? which will take you to the first post also the time will take you to last post