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  1. Oh right hah Drag Strip can be called a race track too huh yeah I'm jelly and old
  2. I'm slightly interested in these circumstances, more info? Even Playdays have the prestige 'class' which can be as 'dollar efficient' as committing to a cage
  3. they are probably on the Link ECU Website truth be told as they are very user friendly & community tuner orientated? (cant say (i've looked : just a brain fart : idea)
  4. and be sure to give it few tic's to process, like don't past & hit reply instantly this forum will also display public Facebook and Instagram post too, just right click or grab a link eg : Though I have heard these can be slow to load for some users (Insta especially)
  5. until

    Choice! thanks for posting to the forums!
  6. the forum "ClubSUB" has the ability to host & upload images "we" just need to have a viable income to cover it and hosting space / traffic having a 'subscribers' function or the ability to accept donations is key (and a structure to deal with or process them too)
  7. edit : yep 1st best link is dead ( ClubSUB is 22 years old & the "Ihug" link above, ike the author is deceased next best is still live tho not a direct link it might have some handy info
  8. bunch of pinouts links in the Mega FAQ thread Ill check some links shortly
  9. cos welly Member started it for thread of people coming that way sweet pix! E30 looks like it may b one from Dannevirke
  10. I'll be in the area from tomorrow night : nek weekend (based in Motueka for a family event)
  11. I'll not be in the right Island LOL
  12. same forums software also has the ability to do more that we've got ....
  13. now you might have a chance to see the back end & see what can be done about this
  14. I have been super busy (read made an offer on a house, listed a house, painted stuff & now ll since 1st Feb so have 10x calender's siting at work & about as many orders waiting to be sent! Soz you misses Jan but hope I'll get time next week, going away for 10 days on the 14th so need to get as much work dine before then too!
  15. Aiming to Volunteer & be there in the Avenger