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  1. lol just went looking for this thread to post this vid & its not even in the Events section with the rest of the MM stuff & chatter lol
  2. gawd they would not know the 2 second rule if it smacked them on the nose
  3. eventually yeah
  4. nuts, anyone in the Area Keen to 'Represent" and help keen ClubSUB on the Map? Aware Akl Subaru's & WMMC Guys & Gals might be busy with their own stands etc & its a bit far for me to come & act like a clown in my Avenger
  5. get in on this guys we have Subaru enthusiasts from every aspect of car culture so I'm sure a few of you will be all over it like white on rice also be good exposure for the club & help bring more like minded people together
  6. @waimaks in Whakatane ish
  7. that was the question yeah : chur & he's seen it now where is this GSR located?
  8. @DRFVDR does need another one.... or we should be able to find a careful caretaker for it either here or on Oldschool.co.nz @johnny5 : is this John Bell's username?
  9. Last time for CS Mega meet I flew & ho'd back I'm flexible like a sssssssnaaaake!
  10. I'm keen to Car hoe for this if anyone has a Seat going down and or Back? for gas moneys or jokes I'll make it worth your while! if you know what i mean . jpg
  11. @CroweSport built one
  12. ClubSUB has been a couple of times now in its history for trackdays and mega Meet
  13. it's not a track day so I wouldn't stress about it? tho Hampton's appears to be [sounding] harder & harder to get for fast days it seems so any chance to get on it I would take any track day there are casualties (as recent MM17 proved) tho there are many factors to any of these & as weird as it might be to some : you dont have to go fast to have fun
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