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  1. I click it we all click it!
  2. spam? or We are looking for a web-admin
  3. i mean to run a sub direct, like real basic no filters etc, I bridge (+ve from left Chan and -ve from right chan) to a sub from my head unit in the avenger for example (a Sony)
  4. cant just splice into the high / speaker wires?
  5. FA040 > FA030 only difference I can see there, what does that affect potentially? (yeah could be any umber of things from bolt spacing to Cylinder size / length etc just curious)
  6. totally catalog Figures : yeah STI Wag got the goods in 1994!
  7. So I just had an internet arguement about GF8 Gravel Express being detuned compared to the equivalent WRX & I Lost so thought I'd post results here : possible a repost Source :
  8. Tried to make the SIlver Legacy go : Moved the White GTB about and listed the Forester for sale Drove Avenger over the Saddle Road to watch rest of Bathurst
  10. VPN & free 14 day trial apparently! Gunna give the above a go 1st chur for feedback edit nope try my next twitch link!
  11. freee streaaams?
  12. that's a vac tank! no idea just trying to get it to go 1st / back to standard, came to me with melty & messed up vac hoses & no throttle body
  13. bump this is coming in handy for the BG5a I got stashed away
  14. Who's watching what, where & place you're picks now! Swiped while swerving using Tapatalk
  15. yep that's the one, every Subaru has that regardless of origin has engine code & your applied model code (build code) which if you didn't have the Build sheet can tell you the same basic info