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  1. Joker

    Light upgrades

    arent they HID's? upgrade?
  2. hah yea & rapid Down changes get the back loose too (I was accused of Handbraking into the Hairpin on the back track of Manfeild) so yeah @THUNDA can you confirm Trans? I did start this thread once and got LOL'ed at
  3. and now I seem to have a Forester also Auto suitable for Auto-crossing & other fun stuff haha
  4. Auto? cos yep they'll do that, FWD most of the time
  5. aaand we've decided they were a spammer anyway & banned, multiple "report posts" with gibberish
  6. all good welcome to the forums you're in the Legacy Section already so time to start a VF51 / 08 S402 Leggy thread! <3
  7. hah yeah and that, Plus this is the twin turbo thread LOL which they stopped making in 2004?
  8. who is not logged in & trying to post to threads with the report button? IP address does not give any clues
  9. Whoever is posting "replys" to threads with the 'report button" please stop, or pay attention to the forum
  10. @Kamloarne we're not sure why you reported your comment instead of 'replying' to the thread with it