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  1. What about an aggressive cutting compound and some elbow grease?
  2. If you want some interesting reading
  3. Yes they do fit. If what you are getting is height adjustable, then you'll have no issues. The only real consideration when getting suspension from a WRX, is the height in the rear is different between Sedan and Wagon, the sedan being lower, and requires spacers to sit at the right height. There is a local guy in Wellington who has just installed BC Golds into his SG9 Forester and aside from issues getting the cert, he hasn't had any issues in the actual fitment / install of them.
  4. Doesn't matter now, it was 2 months ago
  5. I would buy one normally but apparently they aren't sold in my size any more.. or none that I have found anyway. So I wanted to get what was available.
  6. Yep I get my stuff through Hyper.. good service, pricing and fast shipping. Can get it sent to your local tyre centre (assuming they have a contact in your area), so you don't have to lug the stuff around yourself.
  7. What the heck is a 'shammy' hahaha... I don't think you can even blame Autocorrect for that.. it's not even close to spelling chamois correctly!!
  8. Will make it if I can, but I have other sporting commitments on as well
  9. Fixed.. again
  10. Yeah the window gussets are very easy to replace though.. then voila.. no noise!
  11. Considered a Forester STi?
  12. Mother's Wax Attack + appropriate 3-step products
  13. I had a Rage system on my Spec C and it was pretty good... 3" turbo back but the axle-back section was 2.5" with the Genome muffler to cut down the noise a bit. Worked a treat.
  14. Mmm yep I've recently been ripped off by someone (not this guy though) trying to sell me something, who I've since found out has done this to a lot of other people. Have seen that other people have filed police reports against the guy I dealt with, but I haven't yet. What are the chances of getting your money back if this guy gets caught / charged through the courts? Once bitten twice shy.. From now on I'll be calling out people when they try selling me something.
  15. I tawt I taw a puddy tat!