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      The 2018 ClubSUB Calendar, Powered by Possum Borne Motorsport is now available.

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  1. Yep I've seen one around as well.
  2. An exhaust of some description.. for the beeeemer?
  3. Ummm nope they should be working. Unless you're using Safari browser on an Apple device... seen that from another person yesterday. Use Chrome and try again. The only images are in my first post, FYI
  4. Quite possibly but then he said that he got others... so I got those ones, content with the fact that I wasn't a copycat
  5. None of them look like what you've done though.. yours looks like a cut out of a thick rubber, so you can get them wider?
  6. That's not a silly idea.. are they proper ones or made from something else? Got a pattern / how-to for it?
  7. Wheels - BGW Motorsport 19 x 8.5", 45p Tyres - Dayton DT30, 245 40 19 Very happy with the look, even unlowered, due to the slightly larger tyres to help fill the guards out. Before: After:
  8. So I'm more or less just thinking out loud here, trying to figure out if my thinking and calculations are correct. Someone else may have already thought about this as well.. who knows. Driving my car, when the Speedo reads 100, my phones GPS actually gives me 93kph. The current wheels & tyres are different to the factory options, and when I use this calculator: http://www.tyresizecalculator.com/tyre-wheel-calculators/speedo-error-calculator And I enter the factory wheel / tyre specs vs what's on the car now, it says it now reads 99 when it should be 100 so the current difference is negligible. So for all intents and purposes, I'm using 100kph and it would still be underreading by 6kph instead of 7. So, I want to try and figure out what tyres I should use on my new car, to try and fix the speedo difference and get a more accurate reading. When I'm using the above calculator, there is this sentence: "Speedometer reads xxx, but the actual speed is xxx" So, when I'm wanting to compare different size tyres from the original to new, I should ACTUALLY put 93 into the "Speedo reading" box, rather than 100. Correct? Then it will give me a comparison reading based on the GPS'd 93kph / Speedo 100kph. An example: If current tyres 215/50/17 gives me a reading of 93kph, then comparing that to a 245/40/19 gives me a new reading of 98kph. So if my current speedo at 100 gives me a GPS speed of 93, by changing to the above new tyre it would then give me a GPS speed of 98. Or changing to a 245/45/19 gives me a new reading of 101kph. Does that stack up? Comments?
  9. Installed the roof racks & bike carriers, and black plasti-dipped the rear emblems. It was late in the day and it's not the best job so I will probably re-do it when I have some more time, but it's good enough for now.. I like the look. No pic though since it was too dark to look effective, will take one tomorrow.
  10. Don't know if you were the guy who asked me about my FSTi on trademe, but my FSTi is running WRX STi suspension and I have 2 spare sets (one set of standard STi, and one set of STi Genomes), and if it sells for a cheap price then I'll be keeping them, and will sell them on seperately... but sorry I'm not willing to sell them before the car sells, in case any potential buyer wants them. You are looking for WRX or preferably STi suspension from a V7-10. Also preferably from a wagon, but sedan will work as well. Lowered springs will sack it out like mine, but standard springs will also work well, give it a good lowered look and will be a bit more compliant. The only real downer about getting sedan ones, is you'll find the rear will sag a bit because the wagon rear is heavier than the sedan rear. You can fix this by getting some "saggy-butt" spacers, which will raise the body off the springs by about 10mm.
  11. So here is where I'm going to ask questions about this new car that I've gotten, so it doesn't clutter up my garage thread. First question - The mirror retract button only retracts the drivers-side mirror. Normal? Or is the passenger side meant to, and it's broken? The electric mirror still adjusts up/down/left/right, but just doesn't retract.
  12. You have PM
  13. Ohhh yeah.. do you do mag wheels and such as well, or just mainly tyres? Looking at getting some BGW wheels, do you deal with them? Otherwise can get a good deal on tyres and get the wheels elsewhere?
  14. So I may have done a thing What Wheel and tyre shops are good over on the North Shore so I can have a bit of a look around and be a typical consumer and play them all off against each other haha. Obviously I've checked out Hyper & Magwarehouse.com online, but they are south Auckland.. I'd like to go to one or two other places closer to where I'm getting the vehicle from so I can get more options. Chur
  15. Yeah too much of a good price to turn down I reckon