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  1. Car: MY10 Legacy BR So I'm wanting to install a dashcam at some point soon, and I'm needing to know the best and easiest source to tap into, to hardwire it in. I'm thinking a wire under the ignition, or somewhere that goes into the drivers-side door wiring. Anybody got a later model legacy and done something similar with a camera or something else that's been hard-wired? I'd prefer not to take the stereo out and get into that wiring, but I will if I have to.
  2. I'd definitely own another one again. Just the fuel bill was killing me on all the road trips I was doing! Great as a round town / fun car though.
  3. Easter you say.. well I currently have no plans for that weekend so I'll likely be around. If you jump onto the ClubSUB Facebook group then it can be easier to organise impromptu meetups
  4. On further thinking.. in my last Forester, I remember that I also had rather angled end links. I got some adjustable links and they helped. The STi lower arms are different to the XT ones.. you can attach a bracing kit to the XT arms that the STi arms don't need. The difference in the bushes being black vs yellow... the black ones are their 'greaseless' variety, but other than that they are the same. However I'd still use some grease though as I've heard the 'greaseless' ones can lose their fluidity and start squeaking after a while.
  5. The way I see it, you're going to have to compromise somewhere.. it's just a question of where. 1. Get a car you like (and that behaves better) as a daily, considering you're going to have to put up with the car EVERY DAY, or however often you're doing to drive it, I'm assuming it will be daily, otherwise you wouldn't state that. As long as it has adequate towing capability for what you need. 2. Suck it up, admit to yourself that the cost of having a racecar, includes the tow car and it's gas guzzling engine, and get the vehicle that's good for towing, but more expensive to drive daily. Does that about sum it up?
  6. I have this STi suspension setup which would bolt straight to your STi Foz http://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/topic/51354-fs-02-04-wrx-sti-suspension-cobra-lowered-springs/
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/158978157909659/ But the 12th May? Bugger I'll be in Napier that weekend doing some silly running event.
  8. Yep so you'll get things like that, but it's certainly not the norm. It's often right place right time
  9. The buyer was lucky more like. I just got sick of time-wasters and low-ballers so just accepted the best offer at the time.
  10. You can. My STi was awesome, and that went for not much more than 8k
  11. No, you hit the horn and it yells out HELLO!!
  12. Car : 2009 Legacy BR Wagon, 2.5L NA Tuned or stock?: Stock Fuel : 95 from wherever's cheapest.. normally Mobil Fuel economy : Open road driving: 7.5L / 100km (13km / L) City: 9 - 9.5L / 100km (10.5 - 11km / L) Fuelly stats if known : Haven't been using Fuelly, but maybe I should My economy stats are based on before I installed my roof racks & cycle carriers. Road trip from Auck - Welly consumed 44.41L for 630km = 7.04L / 100km. My next trip was with the racks installed and a bike on the roof - 24.95L for 279km = 8.94L / 100km... quite a difference! I'm going to test this out again on my next couple of road trips - to Tauranga with 2 bikes on the roof... then again to Rotorua with everything taken off, and see how they compare. EDIT: The other thing I neglected to mention, was that I've also changed my wheels and tyre size from when I got it. It did have 17" rims, now it has 19" rims with a higher circumference tyre, so that will also be affecting the gas mileage.
  13. Is there anybody in Tauranga or close-ish that would be willing to house some suspension from me, for another member in Auckland ( @mtbtimr ), until they can come collect it? I'm coming up on the 19th January for the weekend. Thanks
  14. Considered one of the daily-driving-minded options from Bridgestone / Firestone, like Dayton?
  15. So $50 is a lot to spend on a single towel, but if it does the job that it advertises, then it looks a very good product. Anybody own one or has used one, and can provide good feedback? Similar towels by Detail Depot are cheaper but not as large. Is bigger better, in this case?