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What’s a 2008 W block EJ20 worth?


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So after lockdown and a pile more $ I’ll have a spare stock engine.


done 135k km but rebuilt 25k km. Rings and bearings done.

has PMBS sump, Stock turbo and PBMS down pipe are all HPC extreme coated. ECU retuned to turbo since the coating made a big difference.


only issue is it has small rocker cover leak but wasn’t worth doing while in the car.


was thinking about swapping it to an older car but think I want a kei car as second car again.

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I’ve seen full motor without turbo in 5-6k range.


rebuild was $4500

the HPC was $800, should be all headers but I didn’t check so may have been billed and not done. May keep coated headers.

Turbo was $250 to coat.

could do intercooler and ecu so just need a loom. 

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