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  1. Yeah that's where I was looking! Do you know the thicknesses? Pretty sure I'm after 1.6mm
  2. Do they require block machining? I've been looking into The Athena ones! But haven't committed yet. & does the block require machining for the RCM 14mm-12mm head studs? Probably kill a few birds at a time?
  3. Yeah I suppose it could be any where as long as it's functional & tidy. have a couple of things I'd like to try out on the spare engine & a oil pressure reg's return to fit
  4. Gidday, I'm looking for options on adding another oil return line in, Engines are both ej20g, ones RS/GT two bolt coil heads, other is v1-2 wrx.$ cheers.
  5. Hmmmm, yes it may be that too..... Had crossed my mind but then I wasn't sure if the link used it. As I watch the temps go up & the numbers count down, there is a definite engine note for each adjustment as it progresses through the range & the wideband afr go from rich to lean too. o2 could be a possibility,
  6. Gidday all, It's been a while, Right I'm looking for some info/additional input for a possum link cold start issue I've started to notice. so I start the car & it runs as it should, & then as it starts to warm up it gets a little bit rougher running & gets to the point where it's missing & hesitating. so I can see when I start the car from cold the temps at 14 degrees & I suppose the links compensation number is say 34. now as the temps rise that compensation number comes down 1 for every two degrees (say 16 degrees is 33 & 18 degrees is 32 & so on & so on) so its when it gets upto 60-70 degrees & the numbers get down to 2-1-0 where I have the hesitation & missing ect AFR's get all over the show get pretty lean ect. so its not, spark plugs, coils, head gaskets, fuel pump & pressure, injectors, tps, Iacv. Could it be coolant temp sensor?? Cheers CUDDAS
  7. I too still have my first Subaru UU3777 aka DQGB0X, I brought it back in 1999. I remember my second track day in chch (can't remember the year now) was a combined track day with NZ hondas?? Pretty sure wrxer ran it, I blew the power steering hose & caught fire!! My brother (in law) had his ef civic -that is quick. It was not long after that, that I discovered there were clubs with online forums & the rest is history
  8. Took it for a couple quick laps abouts chch, the roads are still pretty rough. So next on the cards is the move home to the coast & detail it a little as she's been parked up for almost 8months
  9. Drove the sh¡t out of it to my favourite spots.. had it 15yrs yesterday & Got offered a secluded 4 car garage to store it in so that i wouldn't sell it so.... I accepted offer & bought her a bottle beam for my appreciation.
  10. Went into my old work & did both lower control arm bushes, put a new tire on & wof done. Turned up only to see a nice original 1991 BC5 RA on the hoist havin a wof done, nice gold top mount ic & gold heads too was pretty special imo. also came home to find a package containing a boot lever assembly for the DQGB0X... anyone with my era bc5 that has a boot lever is doing well B)
  11. Ha i thought i was replying to the ballsrburning post previously posted, this mobile site is challenging to say the least. i didn't use the old mobile site on my phone as the pc version worked fine on it,
  12. Yip, also wondering how this has made it better?
  13. Gator that looks mint, i replaced a tyre i wrecked during a sealed motokhana, i was pleasently suprised (read fuckenstoaked) how easy it lights up the tyres & how well it responds to a flick of the hand brake & a clutch kick then its out & around the cone she goes but not as easy as ken block makes it look, so i might do the 1/4 mile sprints in a couple of weeks now
  14. Sweet thanks, & yeah the seals are more like a split/spring washer that meets together rather than over laps, a bit relieved & now i have a back up set up
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