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  1. ive gota ver5/6 sti coil pack and leads, numbers are 22433aa430 and fho161 id sell if theyd work on a wrx
  2. wouldnt know how long ive been on here, i had my TT RS when i joined many moons ago
  3. 91 nissan sentra 05 ford courier 4x4 miss my subaru's
  4. finally pick up my ute tomorrow, 05 courier, 4x4 with all the extras, nice ute should keep us happy for awhile
  5. had a grand wagon as a loan car few years ago, was a 2.5 auto and man that thing was worse then my RS at the time, $120 from hawkes bay to wellington and back, that was when gas was under $2, get better in my version 5 these days
  6. starting from the beginning paul, another gtb
  7. anyone\'s clock died in there v4-6? so annoying when mine died
  8. i have 1 of the bolt on pipes u need to attach BOV, was on my 5. $15 if u want it
  9. he the guy from palmy? parents live down my way, even they have a legnum,
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