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  1. It's not too bad, typical CR diesel with plenty of torque and awesome economy Sent from my ZUK Z1 using Tapatalk
  2. Niche Milan 19x8.5 Was it you that had that nice stainless BR exhaust for sale? Sent from my ZUK Z1 using Tapatalk
  3. This might be the one, we picked it up from chick in Otaki, think she said she was from Paraparaumu
  4. So we picked up the Crowesport yesterday, was a good road trip. Quite an interesting car so far, has a unique looking frame number, kind of suggests they were all a specific production run for Crowesport.
  5. Thanks Joker. A mate just bought one, were going to pick it up in the weekend, needs a bit of work but will be a good resto project.
  6. What does the ClubSub community know about this Kiwi gem? Crowe Sport took a few NZ new 91 GLX Legacy's and did more than just put a nice body kit on them I'm guessing, but what exactly?
  7. Car: 2009 BMD Legacy Tuned: ECU reflash 130kw/400nm tune, DPF delete Fuel: BP Ultimate Diesel Fuel Economy: Average (commute to work) 6.6l/100, open road trip 5.4l/100
  8. Thanks guys, and Joker I'm sorry to hear about your goat Joker is correct it may be foolish of me to disclose too much in the present situation, but suffice to say the company concerned should know better - basically its just poor workmanship. Quote for repair sent and ball is in their court now, will play the waiting game and hope it all gets resolved peacefully.
  9. Amazingly enough there are no paint chips, they've creased the panel and the arch radius is deformed, it ain't pretty. I'll try take a pic tomorrow as car is in the garage now and light isn't that great
  10. Awesome cheers, will Google that now
  11. So I got some new wheels for my Legacy and straight away noticed a little bit of rub in the rear. At the advice of a work mate I took the car into a shop in town to get the guards rolled (I won't shame just yet), but yeah they did a pretty S*** job and the rear guards are now in bad shape. I got a quote to fix the damage and I'm hoping they'll cover the costs, my insurance doesn't want to know as they don't cover workmanship, but what about businesses that work on customers cars, are they insured for such things?
  12. ...that work for the dealership, Wingers etc? I've got an 'off the record question' before I go in to have a service bulletin carried out.
  13. Yes it does. While you have the manifold off, also do the parallel fuel rail mod. What ecu are you running?
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