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  1. the car had a hiding from 2 previous owners but when I got it going it had around 3 times the power so didnt like it. both shafts were like bananas
  2. "got more gigs that a currie got chillies" who wouldnt wouldn\'t be concerned...... but its deff gna be usable
  3. thought I hade a case of deja vu then looked a page back sleve install could be anywere from 800 to 1200 at a guess. pick carfully who you get to do it tho. if not done correctly can lead to dramas. as in later on the sleve could drop and then youll never get a headgasket to seal.
  4. this is what ive done . hopfully picking it up today . depending on you contacts and what you want to do with the engine putting bore supports in a open deck could be a possibility. sleeveing can get expencive.
  5. why do you want a phase 2 intake mani. the v1/2 intakes flow great I was looking at using adapters also but then for the same reasons as tony ive stuck with a early intake and will change it as I need. there are flow specs on the net somwhere and the early v1/2 flows just as good as the expensive aftermarket units
  6. there was one on trademe around 6 mounths ago . it looked pretty dam good!
  7. got old very fast for me 4wd is really good. i had my rs rwd for only a few weeks really
  8. ? its a complete liner or sleve http://realstreetperformance.com/Shop-by-Engine/Sleeves_29/Darton-Dry-Sleeves-Subaru-EJ257-Impreza-Sti-2-5L.html
  9. liners were around 400. hard to tell how much the liner install was tho as I got alot of other stuff done also .
  10. how does the crimp look. the one that goes on the alt stud. ive had one go all nasty and corroded before
  11. ive done simlar . put darton sleves in a 2l cdb to suit 98mm pistons. but sleves shouldn\'t drop if machined and installed correctly. they shouldn\'t be able to drop at all
  12. isnt 43 psi at 5000rmp a touch low? rule of thumb is 10psi per 1000 rpm ?
  13. link and a repin of the harness. jase (gotasuby) could wire it up and tune it for you rather easy. he has done many simlar
  14. yup thats were I got mine also and his prices are dam reasonable!
  15. I couldnt tell ya got some guy that previously worked at kelford cams to do them. he said he didnt make much $$ on the job, quoted me $600 or around that amount to do them and spent 3 straight days on them yea nick after reading that thread he said there was no plating and that it was just polished. seams like a waste to me .... cleaning brought mine up pretty good as ya can see and if you ran e85 it would burn clean anyway. I remember reading somthing about surfaces being ultra smooth can be a bad thing also .... bugged if I know
  16. comparison betweet v3/4 and ported some others because everyone likes engine pics
  17. There not prepped to just weld in . That needs to be done when its being put it in the car . well that\'s if its the same guy in chch i got mine off. I don\'t think you can get ready to weld kits and if you could i wouldn\'t want one. There is to many variables to allow for.
  18. any doco on that . I would fully buy up large on dereg cars if thats true
  19. just after some more attention would be my guess. without evidence ill trust my eyes only place flow would be effected is were the manifold meets the head. because of the extra material at top. which I recken would make bugger all difference on a bench.
  20. I have some pics somewhere of the porting I got done and he took ALOT out haha. random how the tt one are opened up by the gasket. maby done previously
  21. just port match the sti ones . look at pic 5 the sti cases will flow better WAY less material further down.
  22. I highly doubt you have unless you had a 6ft pole trying to pry the motor off . Just when you come to put the engine back in make sure the thrust bearing is on the fork, not cliped into the clutch or youll jave to pull the engine off the box again. If that does happen you will rage quit
  23. they have a grace period of either 30 or 60 days. least thats what the woman said on the phone and my other car that had to go on hold was a 1969 which was about to lapse but no charge. was getting worried id have a big bill for 5 cars haha
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