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  1. This forum gets spammed and hit quite a bit because its quite popular. I've blocked that IP but if others are getting these emails then let one of the Committee know the IP and I'll block it.
  2. Nah it's all good. Everyone needs a kick up the bum at times so it's good to get a list from everyone to work through
  3. Yes, that will be in the same batch of fixes
  4. Hey guys -- Agreed with most the points here. As Tim said we had a chat last night for the first time in awhile. I've got some spare time on my hands now (wrapping up my business) so it'll be good to crack through some of these issues. I want to make this place how you guys want it so this thread will be good and help direct v1.1, we haven't made any major changes since the release tbh So lets go through so far: -Imagery- Yep, asked for then a lot - so if anyone does have any cool pics please send them through. I'd like to update the theme a lot more to customise it. NZHondas do a nice job with their theme but I ain't no designer - so if any designers out there have some spare time! -XML errors- These are a pain, agreed. Getting some external help to look at this over the next couple days. This will stop the majority of the frustrations people are having I think. -Delete posts- This can be implemented very easily. I think the general consensus was to remove that feature but it can be put back in. -10 character post limit- Will remove -Old threads having some issues with styling/broken ****- This is pretty much my first priority. Want dem old threads looking good So yeh, keep em coming guys and I'll plot away at them over the next week -Like/Karma system- Yeah we did have that but the plugin had to be removed. I did like the feature and i think most others did - will investigate another -Facebook login- Keen, easy, will be live tomorrow/Thursday -The ol 'Unread Replies'- I've spent quite a bit of time in the past looking at this when we first launched but didn't find much. Will go on the hunt again as I know you guys love that feature
  5. Could have showed up to a meeting and voiced your opinion then. There are many benefits, most of them behind closed doors that you guys don't see. It wasn't a case of lets just stick it out and see how it goes -- everything needed to change.
  6. Should be next to the 'Reply with Quote' If it's not there then the permissions aren't set correctly. Will look into it soon & the "Posts you've commented on" thing
  7. Lucky day for you guys. Zylex has messed with the permissions so I can\'t enable maintenance mode to start the migration... Can\'t WAIT to be rid of these guys. It WILL be starting roughly 9-10am tomorrow morning Cheers all
  8. If ya\'ll wondering why it\'s still up -- I\'m stuck in meetings until this arvo and will start it later this afternoon/evening. Get posting while you can
  9. Yes and no. This is essentially what will happen but the CS database is so big it takes ~12 hours to import (and some times fails) and don\'t want to miss any latest posts. Ta Sure, I see that... but is it possible to do an initial sync that takes 12 hours... then just keep doing re-syncs hourly or whatever? Hopefully the re-syncs will be really quick depending on how they are done. No big deal if it\'s down for 2 days... just seems unnecessary. The 2 days is worst case scenario (aka I bother something up and have to start from scratch, DNS problems, etc). It should be done within the day. The way it\'s imported as well is a bit ghetto (no CLI) I also have to go in and re-write all the Intro, How-to\'s etc. And it\'s easier to be moving stuff around while there is zero activity on the forum. [quote name='newsuba said: warning bells should be going off. what\'s perceived to be wrong with the forum? everything seems to be working. I\'ve been on forums that had been updated and improved to near unusability. What you see, yes. Behind the scenes it\'s an absolute pig. If all else fails we will still have a backup of these forums we can revert to. The main issues with our current setup are 1) the forum itself - old crusty version, 2) our host pretty much holds us by our balls and we can\'t do ANYTHING, 3) it\'s time for a change.. new forum allows us to offer better things to our members. -- If anyone else has any questions I\'m more than happy to take them in PM.
  10. Yes [quote name='loner said: Can\'t the new server be made ready, then just swap the dns records over? A two day outage seems a bit s***. Yes and no. This is essentially what will happen but the CS database is so big it takes ~12 hours to import (and some times fails) and don\'t want to miss any latest posts. Ta
  11. Mr Area Rep - want to come get me from Churton Park?
  12. Grahame - give me a text tomorrow bro - I\'ll probably be around
  13. I ran mine for a couple months without it. Honestly - don\'t.