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  1. A much better way to check for exhaust leaks is to do a smoke test. Unless you want an up pipe that performs better than stock... leave it stock.
  2. Dude. I can talk to him like that. He is on here giving people who trust anyone who speaks with authority S*** advice. No one ever gets called out on it because everyone is so sensitive.
  3. There's nothing to discuss. Foot down is hotter than not. End of story.
  4. hmm, pretty sure saying "who cares" can only be a question.... unless you mean to make the statement "nobody cares"... but then you obviously care enough to comment... Anyway I'm pretty sure I don't care, I just like bating evowrx because he can be an insufferable know-it-all. He's not as bad a funkytown was, but getting close.
  5. This is all irrelevant. You said the exhaust manifold, in particular the up pipe, would be hotter when cruising. A patently false statement that you can't back out of no matter what BS you come up with. Who knows who cares? If you don't care why are you here?
  6. A master of BS and misinformation at work right here. When you push a car hard it get's hot. Anyone who does not know that in every atom of their body should not be giving advice on cars period.
  7. Don't worry about what I'm on... Worry about the guy that said the exhaust runs hotter when the car is driven gently. Really can't believe someone that gives advice to everyone that will listen... said this utter crap.
  8. What about the seat belts? Isn't the fixed side of the buckle attached to the factory seat?
  9. Sure thing... and oil gets thicker when it heats up too.
  10. That could just be that you two drive like pussies and your exhaust never gets that hot.
  11. Worst advice ever. Without the flexi the pipe will be more prone to warping and cracking. Fabric heat wrap only lasts a short time. Leave the stock pipe and heat shields alone.
  12. r888s are fine in all situations apart from when there is standing water... even then, just slow down when it's very wet and you'll be fine. They won't last long though and it's a total waste of money, especially now that the new r888s are out and much more expensive. Zentums are okay and maybe better than the average tyre of the same price... I'm not entirely convinced of that yet. I have a set on my WRX and don't feel particularly confident in them, especially in the wet... I used the same set on my Legacy for a trip to Hamilton and they felt pretty good... but the limits of the Legacy are very low compared to a 90s WRX and I still didn't like them in the wet in fast corners. Yes people, well Sam, has used them for autox and street sprints with some good results, but that just means that Sam has adapted well to the tyre and he would likely do as well with any old tyre that he was accustomed to.
  13. They rate about a -5 on the bling scale though. On the flip side though, my headers are a nightmare... they are stainless aftermarket, but not a good quality stainless as they are slightly magnetic... I have spent so much time and money trying to connect them to the up pipe without leaking it's insane. I have had the up pipe cut and re welded twice and the v-band flange and clamp replaced at a cost of around $1500 all up and I still can't get them to seal after recently removing them to replace the oil sump. I hate them.
  14. Only a twat would drive at 140 km/h with babies in the car.
  15. Two large sheets of this http://www.dciperformance.com.au/products/view/id:824/title:HD-5000
  16. Made some heat shield for my headers. Unfortunately it was a much bigger job than anticipated and consequently I couldn't get the car going again in time for an awesome autox at Manfeild today
  17. Helicoil is an option too... and I don't know what that thing linked in SCA is but you might want to invest in a proper thread tap.
  18. I have heard it is expensive... And I can not get my brain around how it's supposed to work. Seems a bit like snake oil to me.
  19. head gasket maybe... or maybe nothing. do a compression test.
  20. I fitted my new sump over the weekend. Also getting tired of having to fix up / re wrap the headers... then wrap is only lasting a few hundred kms before starting to crumbled, so have decided to try protecting the things close to the headers with silver lined sleeving and tape instead.
  21. Of course!!! Sweet, not judging or anything... better to be safe than sorry.
  22. Pretty sure there needs to be a bit of space between the child seat the front seat. Think what happens to the passenger after a frontal impact.
  23. I have a Legacy, so no space issues... just put the wife in the back with the baby... space problem solved.
  24. Who put those wheels on and didn't tell you the wheel was about to fall off?
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