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  1. Sounds like good idea. I'll be keen to pop along for a meet and greet, yet to meet anybody from here in person yet. I doubt my subbie will make it though so no hating on me for rolling in a toyota!
  2. Sweet, thanks for that. Only issue is that both the oil and water temp have been installed with new terminals at some point so do not have the right angle attached to the oil pressure. Better hit up old mate google again..
  3. Just tidying up some (all) of my loom beneath the inlet manifold and have made a slight F up by not having clearly marked with coil connects to the applicable part of the loom. I have left/right bank sorted but am unsure which connector is for front/back cylinders. Anybody have an answer for this outside of start it up and see how you go? V2 rex with factory 20g in it if anybody cares. Obviously still coil over plug set up. Thanks in advance.. Oh also, both my water temp and oil pressure connections are the same (push on spade connector), from memory I have a choice between green or white wiring. Both are the same length so slightly harder to figure out. Anybody know which one is what to save me having to trace them? I haven't had much luck with google as of yet.
  4. In total agreeance with that last paragraph @Munkvy
  5. Although very tidy (at least from the photos), that seems like a pretty steep asking price for a V1 with 190xxx on the clock. Well into sti money there, although condition would be somewhat worse. I couldn't really tell you what they're doing in regards to maintaining their pricing, you do seem to see a few tidy examples of the classic V1 & V2 that are up and over the asking price of this one, but it does beg to question whether they sell at these prices. I think you may find the answer is no. Still looks very tidy though and you would hope at this price that has been superbly maintained.
  6. That's like a box of lion browns and a packet of winny blues.. that's a good night right there
  7. Bleeding can be a bit of a pain and it is recommended to use some kind of magic bleading funnel thing at a cost of a million dollars. What I do with reasonable success is to park on a slight incline (5-10 degress) with the front end elevated, fill with coolent and leave running. Crank heater to hot with fan on and run through at least two radiator fan cycles. Grab a rag so you don't burn yourself and squeeze the top raditior hose through this process and you'll see air bubbles coming up through the header tank. Leave the radiator cap off throughout. Top off as required and you should be sweet.
  8. Pretty much what @Marky said. I paid $200 for mine (c.s deals) which consists of a full 3 inch system, resonator, devoricd down pipe, reasonable muffler etc. No hammer bashing of the down pipe required for fitment. I did consider a redline kit b4 I found this one but was pretty apprehensive about running stainless as it is waaaaaaay louder and has a tinier note imo. Glad I didn't go redline after seeing some of the fitment issues guys are having with what is supposedly a made to measure bolt on kit. I would just trawl the usual spots on the reg and go second hand if I were in your shoes. Dick heads stack these things all the time so it shouldn't take too long to find one. Another trick I use is to go through trade me and ask all appropriate wreckers what they have in stock or are due to receive. I've got heaps of sweet parts by doing this over the years. Basically just gets you in there before items are listed and you get snaked.. That's my 2c worth anyhow
  9. Any odd noises during this? P/S fluid full and clean? No major leaks? P/S pump belt tight and not slipping? I am now out of ideas....
  10. Indeed. Definitely cool cars. Totaly wish I brought my mates old man's one when he finally parted with it.
  11. Back when I was a wee chap (at primary school even, like 1988-89) my best friends dad had one of these. He was so fanatical about it and I could have sworn he loved it more than both his kids combined. I think he got it as the first nz owner with something silly like 25,000km on it. Drove it on his daily commute of 300 odd km 5 days a week without fail for years. Still had it when I left college some 7 or 8 years later and was looking just as good as the day he brought it. I think it was the first turbo car I ever rode and with that body styling it was like being Marty McFly with the doc on an acid trip. I still remember how gutted he was when the fancy factory suspension gave up at somewhere around 400,000km and he had to replace it with kyb's (i think), never have I seen a grown man so gutted. Later in life when his son begun driving it we lined up for the mandatory dad's car drag race. I had my old man's company povo spec legacy wagon (he use to be a Subaru mechanic once upon a time), all 1.8 liters of it and surprisingly murdered the poor vortex. Turns out it was painfully slow after 3 trips to the moon and back. Anyway, that's my story of how I viciously lived the life of a vortex owner. Cool car bro, giz!