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  1. Do we have anyone in the club who does custom vinyl decals? Cheers
  2. Finally replaced cabin filter (had the car 7 years and only done it now for first time 😓) Man, disgusting! Must do this more frequently. Also, took top mount off as having massive boost issue (no boost secondary) problem not solved FML
  3. Thanks Joker, that is probably the top answer! Easiest to talk to cert guy I guess. Thanks for everyones input
  4. Agreed but also theres is evidence that shows that 1990s vehicles with airbags fitted that the airbag systems won't always work anyway. Which is why under LVVTA regs you are free to remove them as their reliability is significantly less after 10years let alone 20 years. But thanks
  5. Steering wheel is worn out and the perforated leather has been ruined by 19 years of driving. And yes, i could just try and find a good condition factory replacement but if I can go and buy a nice aftermarket one then why not?
  6. Hi guys, I'm wanting more information on cert costs for the removal of factory steering wheel with airbag. The car is 19 years old so it meet the LVVTA age requirements for removal but if it's gonna cost $800 odd dollars then I'm not gonna bother. Cheers
  7. There's a guy in CHCH selling a non turbo WRX. I thought a non turbo WRX was just an Impreza?? And if there is a non turbo WRX what's the point??
  8. Light scratched my mag wheel, too damn tired and wasn't thinking
  9. Hmmm, well, great day for me. Last night cars temperature nearly hit red line. Fortunately for me have today off work.Checked header tank and sure enough it was empty Chucked water in, checked hoses and surprise of surprises there was no leak!!!! Then I noticed water dripping from heat shield on left hand side and thought 'this is strange' so jacked car up and lo and behold there was dripping which explains where all my water went! So I'm figuring it's my water pump. Contacted SAS who said it should have been done when cam belt was done (obviously) but the workshop I bought the car from said they did the cam belt when I bought the car some 40,000k ago. So Richard and I have worked out that they probably did do the cam belt and didn't bother doing said water pump. Probably why the garage has since shut down. FML. Anyways, have chucked bars leaks in as has water pump seal conditioner so hopefully it'll hold until I can afford to get new water pump. And this is my picture
  10. Claybar. For cutting componds I use jif lol Sounds stupid but cheap and it works. Follow up with polish and wax
  11. That's surprising, I'm sure I'd notice if I saw you pushing your ford lol
  12. Just for anyone who looks into this in the future. I bolted one 6x9 on top of the parcel tray and the other I mounted from the underside of the tray. Here's the pics: This is the left, it's mounted on top of the tray This is the right. I bolted in underneath the tray. Fit's well enough, bit fiddly but it works and requires no cutting of the parcel tray. Hope this helps somebody
  13. Saw you this morning Percy, by Hagley park. Obviously couldn't take photo lol
  14. Yeah, there's no leakage from anything which is a plus. Insured for 7k but panel beater said if cost of repair is 75% or more they'll write it off. Time will tell I guess
  15. F'cked her up. Okay, it was yesterday. Front bumpers smashed to s**t, bonnets folded up, radiator support pushed back, left headlights rooted. Can't open bonnet at this point so unsure of any other damage. Anyone know if when the write cars off whether you can scavenge parts off them first? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1894411184136436&set=a.1386981771546049.1073741827.100007027183818&type=3&theater
  16. Cheers Jono. Not due for a while, will leave it alone until then
  17. Thanks mate, she's got 175,000 on her so probably good time to do them aye
  18. Hi all. Because dumb question thread seems to have gone will ask here. I have a fair bit of smoke coming out of bonnet scoop after a bit of hard driving. There are no oil spots on my drive, no signs of leakage anywhere and oil level isn't dropping at all. Seems from what I've looked at that it's not coming from the turbos but more from under the intercooler. Only other thing to add is I think I may have a little too much oil in the car atm. Thanks guys
  19. Thanks dude, thought it worth asking
  20. My little brother (Honda lover) reckons injectors can be tuned a bit to stop misfires. Anyone ever heard of this?
  21. I replaced all my hoses with silicone ones man, other than that you can probably get 4mm hose at Supercheap or Repco
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