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  1. I'm also keen to find out how you've gone with this? I've been keeping an eye out for Spec C's in Japan, some nice standard low KM Sti's have also been popping up, but a bit worried about getting an SIV for them. Cheers BT
  2. Unfortunately my car wont be ready, will come out and watch, maybe bring another car.
  3. Might come out for this one..
  4. Had an ECUtek tune on my v8 spec c from WRC and was perfect in all respects. Being ex wrc engineers and still tuning for Ralliart etc. you can't really go wrong, and you do get what you pay for with years of experience.
  5. Ha I know that feeling Chris, I do exactly the same with the spreadsheets... I\'m into six figures across both cars unfortunately which makes it really fkn depressing, particularly when you work out the cost per lap!
  6. Might as well throw mine on! http://www.btmotorsport.co.nz/2012/03/process-west-v-mount-e85-tune/
  7. Generally speaking it\'s up to the owner of the individual service stations, not BP, to come up with the cash to replace the tanks and equipment to suit 98. Most being small business owners don\'t have the want, desire, or $ to make it happen. However in saying that it happened in New Plymouth after years of talking/complaining to the service station owners so keep on em!
  8. Hey Guys, Research tells me that an 01 Legacy GT fuel tank is 64l? Do they have fuel lights? I\'ve only filled up once (from empty) since getting the car, where the needle was below empty. Took a total of 53l, and I only got 370km out of the first tank. If the tank is indeed 64l then I am guessing I have a faulty FLS...? Either that or my mileage really is shit! Cheers BT
  9. He speaks the truth... Quality is worth it though!
  10. Will do, bugger I missed last Thursday! Hadnt been online for a week and didnt see it...
  11. How often do the local clubs run events? track/autox etc?
  12. Yup in Wigram. Quite surprised with value for money on the wagon... 125km waterpump and cambelt done, immaculate condition inside and out for age, and all for $6.5k!
  13. Legends, thanks guys!!! ;D
  14. Hey Guys, I\'m now a part time Cantab.... Will be here most weeks from Wednesday through Sunday. Have picked up an 01 GTB E-Tune as a daily for down here. Hope to have the Spec C down soon once I sort storage space for it, and looking forward to hitting the SI tracks. Looking forward to meeting the local crew and going on a few cruises etc or other events, have missed that side of things with a track only car for past 5 years! Cheers BT
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