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  1. Hey guys, A friend of mine bought a Subaru Impreza GT (MY1999) that has been swapped with an STI 5 speed transmission (TY754VBAAA) and he broke a tooth on the first gear. We have no vin/chassis number from which the transmission came from and so far, I was able to trace it to part numbers 32231AA650/32231AA651, but I am not 100% sure if this is the correct part. I was wondering if anyone has this gearbox and can provide us with vin/chassis number or measurements of the 1st gear to confirm. Many Thanks!!
  2. Not really after any power upgrade, just trying to replace the old injectors at the moment. I reckon the adapters could be useful for future upgrades that's why I'm thinking on going that route...
  3. Cheers guys, I'm thinking about going with the adapters for opening up the options a bit...
  4. Hey, check over here if you can find something for that year. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16wX-_86H5ITJzDB79YLYkkl3d8YPW6FD Cheers!
  5. USD 184.60Hi Guys, I was wondering if there is a plug and play replacement for my Impreza sti v3 injectors (yellow side feed). Also, anyone knows for sure what's the flow rate? I've been reading different information everywhere and I couldn't get anything from the manufacturer. In fact, I'm not even sure what's the manufacturer for these ones! Some people say these are 440cc, others 480cc and a whole other bunch of people say 550cc (Part # 16611AA231). I wanted to replace them with new ones but these are quite expensive (USD 184 in jp-carparts and USD 134 in partsouq, each!) and hard to get. Does anyone know a direct replacement that can be used? or perhaps a rebuild kit? or any ideas on a replacement for these ones without breaking the bank!! LOL Cheers guys!
  6. Definitely have to be single to do that!!! LOL good old days...
  7. Hi guys, anyone knows what's the right valve clearance for the EJ20K heads? All the manuals I found were for US market... Also, does anyone have asorted shims? After I measure all the clearances I'll know which ones I need... Chees!
  8. Definitely my next project after I finish with the v3... and of course, I will post here first evowrx! LOL
  9. Hey folks, what are your thoughts around getting a VF28 with p20 housing to replace my stolen VF23 (these are hard to get!)?
  10. Hey folks, anyone has a newer re-flashable ecu running on an old engine? Any ideas of what would have to be done to make that work? Cheers!
  11. Started it here: http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/showthread.php?45858-Wrx-Sti-V3-Restoration-Project&p=577386#post577386 Cheers!
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