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  1. Dont go to vtnz, people there have no clue what theyre on about and imo shouldnt even be trusted to do wofs. I had repainted my enigne bay on my wrx to make it look mint again and after their inspection they told me it had definitely been in an accident as the engine bay is repainted. Then they told me the chassis was dented and had structural damage. Upon my own inspection it was a little stone dent on an underbody brace that was bolted to the car, not chassis damage....muppets. Take car to a good mechanic or even a subbie specialist, someone that knows subarus is always a good start and yes
  2. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=827847854 Sold the old beast today, sad to see it go and be relisted on trademe for higher price but got what i wanted for it.
  3. Sweet me and my brother might pop out for a look
  4. http://clubsub.org.nz/forum/showthread.php?37762-eoi-v4-wrx-sti-300-wkw-akl-SOLD Heres some specs on the car here bro, have more detailed list if you want that as well.
  5. Yeah was awhile ago now, just found it on my laptop so thought id share it. Car had a slight miss in top end of 2nd in that vid though. Dyno showed 280wkw at 6k.
  6. Thought id chuck up a vid of my wrx beofre i sold it for anyone that wants to know what 300ish kw looks like.
  7. Do the newer 2.5 engines have the headgasket issue still?
  8. Aww gutted as theyre mean pricing, only issue is you need to be 25 or older. I feel your pain with insurance though, they like to make it difficult sometimes(all the time)
  9. Try classic cover here in hamilton, they do good prices but you have to insure it for use of kms i.e 5,000kms of driving per year, good if you dont use it as a daily.
  10. if you decide to go with a v7 top mount, i have a clutch master cylinder that you can use as the v7 onwards tmic hits the gc8 clutch reservoir
  11. Yeah man go by service history if you can get one. Some cars will low kms have been thrashed to hell and back sadly.
  12. Dont be fooled by kms to a certain degree, both my brother and i have owned subarus with 200kms and theyve been superb. I just bought a v7 sti for 9k....has 175km but is tidy and stock, runs really well too.
  13. bought a new daily so did Christchurch to Greymouth via Arthurs Pass and return home via Lewis Pass to test the car out....went like a dream and beautiful scenery!
  14. I have a bp legacy with 230,000kms on it and ive driven 20,000kms in 6months of owning it....everything is stock and orignal. No signs of wear and has a service history from brand new....nz new.
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