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  1. Im sure we could just con our friends into joining us... I've got some rally tyres and S*** we could use for the display... We need a Subaru rally car tbh...
  2. looked at it and went "ehh" and started week two of not driving it.
  3. Yes... I need a tune and so does someone else I know down here
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7y09tx6usqwn7wd/AACLCoZHQXFUqFxEs3Ak94Qwa?dl=0 V1-2 manual there.... might have copied the later ones... was in process of downloading all the manuals from a website..
  5. I'll let you know when I find someone to tune it better than I have on the road lol.
  6. Where is the best palce (other than the stock location) to fit a temporary knock sensor? for knock listening. last time I had a dyno run the guy put it on the Intake Manifold, which i'm sure could be improved upon. Is there a decent spot everyone uses on an EJ20? or just anywhere on the block
  7. I did, Yellow Injectors/w Phase adaptors, paralell rails, adjustable FPR, DW200 fuel pump, IAT, G4+, Sill running stock Boost Solenoid and MAP, but the stock MAP is only good for 17-18PSI so I'd reccomend a 3Bar one. 3" downpipe and those weird xforce headers.
  8. Have a look on the OSCC page now for the 3 mile photos... don't think many photographers braved it but there's a few cell snaps of the snow at the top... nothing beats doing 160 over the finish into massive snowflakes haha... and sadly all my Gopro Did was "SD ERR" after bout 20 sec of video, i'm so annoyed at it. @subanoodle, it's a GoPro Hero4 BE, using a adhesive mount, sadly was in the waterproof enclosure so sound is lacking! thanks!
  9. attempted to do skiddies, only one minor screw up... fun day, 20sec improvement over last year. still need more seat time!! [video=youtube;w-t5pwTKrJ0]
  10. That's good to know. Most likely won't be my last IAT install so your advice is definitely appreciated.
  11. Splitter is a good 20mm away. I thought it had to be in the airstream rather than off to one side. Are there any particular models those GM sensors are in? We don't have a very good pick a part type place anymore... Seem To just charge and charge more and pretty much everything is a mess.... And anything good they keep for themselves. I have a larger top mount I want to install at some point anyway so... I actually had no idea what I was doing when installing this. I should have put it underneath in the same spot actually....
  12. Thanks, my assumption is the link IAT sensor is quite small hopefully will arrive soon!
  13. V1/2 WRX upgrading to a Link G4( From a plink) , got an IAT sensor, but where do I put it?! I was just gonna chuck it in about where the MAF would go, but in the manual it suggests after the intercooler?! Wouldn't it be boost air then? Haha where's everyone put theirs?
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