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  1. Be aware that RPG carbon are a Taiwanese company pretending to be in the U.S and they charge U.S. prices. The quality is ok though... not mind blowing, but not terrible.
  2. Yes the strut, shock and spring are one unit. You need to buy a new strut and swap over the spring and top hat... and if the new strut doesn't come with bump stops, then put those on too. I have no idea what spec shocks you have in your car. You don't really need an special tools for this work apart from spring compressors... I don't think you should attempt it though. I suggest that you ask them for a breakdown of costs, then you know what you are pay for parts and labour... I'd say it's only 3 to 4 hours work, but the dealers tend to charge for more labour than they need. Ask them if a wheel alignment is included in their quote too.
  3. Why do people go to the dealership? I don't understand. Though 1200 to 1500 doesn't sound all the bad. The shocks you use will have a big influence on the cost I'd say.
  4. Only difference I can think of might be ABS vs none-ABS. You can use hubs with ABS rings on a none ABS car... but not vice versa.
  5. Don't you have a new turbo ? I reckon it's a coin toss. The single scroll has the advantage of shorter header pipes on cylinder 1 and 3... that helps spool. Mainly talking about stock unequal length headers here... aftermarket aren't as tight. The twin scroll have the advantage of no interfering pulses and better flow up top.
  6. Don't boost it without a dyno check first... you don't know for sure that it won't knock, and that will kill your motor within the blink of an eye.
  7. It must be smooth because I only just found out it wasn't 3 inch the hole way a few weeks ago when I got a different muffler put on. I've had the car for 5 years and spent a great deal of time under it.
  8. The downpipe is all 3 inch.I don't know if the mid section is stock or not, but it's 63mm with a small 3 inch section where the first resonator once was... second resonator is still present. The rear section is also 63mm... not the stock muffler.
  9. My system is 3 inch downpipe into whatever the stock STi size is... 63mm? It works @ 300kw.
  10. Looks more like oil pooling in one of the heads and pouring out of the breather, right into you turbo. Did you go to Manfeild before the catch can went in?
  11. Definitely not the best bang for your buck mod you could do... I only did it because I needed new headers.
  12. Well you have to find some first... legacy headers are easy to get, but they have narrower pipes at the exhaust port side. I had to import mine because no one had any in NZ... at least no one was selling them! Once you have paid for the sump, headers/up pipe, shipping and had the turbo flange modified, you might be spending about the same or more than good aftermarket headers. in my opinion you don't need to hold up the tune for these headers... you can get your tune... change the headers later, and if you are worried just get the tune checked and tweaked if it even needs it.
  13. I used Subaru v9 STi headers... they are purportedly better than most or all off the shelf aftermarket headers. You have to change the sump and dipstick... oh and the oil pickup and possibly the windage tray... I don't remember changing that though.
  14. I have... better spool and torque, it's true. Not huge gains on paper, but the butt dyno notices. I have a twin scroll up pipe too... that would be important I think... need to keep the pulses separate all the way to the turbo. I prefer the sound too. The rumble just makes me look around for where the boy racer is these days
  15. At least you can still buy parts for the 6 speed box... if you have a 5 speed you are screwed.
  16. No problem. Be aware that it's also not a green flag... the gearbox could well be shagged and ready to snap a tooth. You have to factor that in when buying an older car.
  17. How are pedestrians ever going to learn to respect drivers if cars have things like that. Lame.
  18. No, it's a normal thing to need replacing periodically.
  19. synchros are a service item like the clutch and brake pads.
  20. I have a couple of these... large one in the car, smaller one on a trailer. https://gpslivetrack.co.nz/gps-trackers/battery-powered-gps-trackers/ $15+gst per month each as well, which kinda sux but there are a lot of features you get for that and don't have to worry about sim cards etc.
  21. Did you get it from RCM directly or from James Marshall Motorsport?
  22. To be fair to @Divine the first post was made in 2009, so it doesn't mention anything about a 2014 model
  23. If you really want them to fit... they will. Might need to get the welder out though.
  24. That is lame... I use battery powered GPS units... no wires, no way to disable them... easy to hide and the batteries last for years.
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