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  1. Thanks for that insight! Yea still talking about Legacies, but now that I really think about it, is the STI version really just a bigger/better engine/turbo combination? Are STI Legacy Wagons basically the same shell as the Legacy GT Wagon? Big thing though was that you mentioned Exhausts are pretty much the same, just slightly shorter on a Wagon as I've been looking at getting a cat back exhaust for this car and can only usually find ones for "Sedans".
  2. 07 JDM Legacy Wagon GT.... Versatility, power and surprise all rolled into one.... no one suspects the "Family Wagon Legacy" will chop them with the push of a button, sporting the Chopped fingers on the back window!
  3. Hey team, Im looking at adding a bit of flare to my current stock Subaru Legacy 07 GT Wagon, and wanting to know what kind of body parts are cross-compatible with this JDM wagon. Firstly I am wanting to source a mesh grill for this 07 Wagon. Not a fan of the split grill the JDM 07 Legacy comes with so that is my first modification. What options do I have when it comes performance parts (springs, roll bars, strut brace etc, body kits, and even engine parts.) I am quite new to the Subaru world so any help with what kind of "performance" parts are interchangeable with the 07 Legacy Wagon would be much appreciated. (turbos, intercoolers, exhausts, suspension, interior etc) How easily do Sedan STI parts work with Wagons? I can imagine suspension parts aren't quite plug and play, but any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!