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  1. Installed the new strut brace from moonlight racing that turned up this morning 😂
  2. Was hoping that someone made these still as just plugging into existing seat belts means not drilling holes in a new car
  3. Does anyone know who sells a quick fit harness to fit a 2020 sti? , Need more restraint on trackdays and cornering missions
  4. Took mine to the track on the weekend for the first time, I is for ignore, S goes well unless you want to drift on the corners then s# is ya friend On s# my peak on the electronic dash boost gauge is 1.25 Peak
  5. Just wondering if anyone is local?, or the best place to travel too that works on late model sti’s
  6. Drove it to the petrol station 😂, It seems to love going there🙈
  7. Has anyone put a ultrex or other inlarged scoop on a va sti?. Just wondering if they are full flow to intercooler or hinder air flow?
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