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  1. Labels and photos are a must if it seems daunting to ya. It’s the small things that make the refit troublesome 😂. Taking time on the dismantling will help with the reinstatement.
  2. Engine crane, they are cheap as chips these days. At least then you can move it around when needed
  3. Would rather spend the money in nz , but looks like I will get a kit from aussie. Just abit stange that they aren’t available from nz 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Other than the carbon ones on speed science there must be other abs types in nz for sale? Ive been noticing most nz websites have been going to order only rather than instock these days which is sad 😞 theres quite a few engine parts I want also but they are now order only at mlr and pmms lol
  5. After all the issues I had with the missus vw I still regret not pushing it out of the drive after setting it on fire 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. 😂 lol haven’t found one I like yet😉
  7. Fitted the Perrin solenoid cover. It was a big job😂
  8. Lol seems the 2020 ones are fake😂, the guards vent through the door cap next to the vent.
  9. Seems Ive got some rubber things to remove 😂
  10. Replaces the disappointing black cardboard like factory fender shrouds 🤷🏼‍♂️. Also adds colour 😂
  11. My Perrin fender shrouds from moonlight turned up today😂, Fitted them before the boss got home so it costs me less 😉
  12. Warm up and warm down doesn’t seem to be the issue, the sixes seem to hold a lot more heat then the fours🤔. That heat transfers too the wheels quite quickly. Changing the 19s to a more open pattern may help🤔
  13. The 6 pots seem to get very hot on the track, wasn’t wanting to run a duct as its road driven alot. The standard disks suck as they are started to warp within 5000k. Going to buy some dba disks but wanting to add cooling
  14. Anyone had experience with them? are they any good?
  15. Anyone bought from ultrex in Australia?, just wondering what the product is like when it turns up?
  16. Anyone stock these in nz? freight seems to be a killer😂
  17. Exhaust turned up , couldn’t wait till tomorrow so after work it was😂
  18. The misses needed new boots on Friday 😂, I needed a grimspeed piece for the car🤷🏼‍♂️, it was a win win😂, loving mlracing’s sale
  19. Thought seems I’ve upgraded the filter better do the pipe as well 😂, factory clamps are better than the little ones that came with it.
  20. Got my new grimmspeed dry filter from moonlight racing today. Took a second as the filter had to be rotated different from original to fit like a glove 😂
  21. Installed the new strut brace from moonlight racing that turned up this morning 😂
  22. Was hoping that someone made these still as just plugging into existing seat belts means not drilling holes in a new car
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