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  1. 1989 Vortex 6 Auto, full time 4wd. 2.7L ER27 engine. Maroon color. electric power steering. I try and get it fired up on tuesday and will try get photos too.
  2. Its same problem I have. I got it in storage at my mothers place and don't have room for it at my place and no funds. Im down sizing what I've got . I may try put a WOF on it but can't afford to put rego on it at this stage. My old SVX is gone to keep another one on the road.
  3. Im thinking of parting with my Vortex 6. Im just putting out feelers for it at the moment Only keen if it goes to some one who will keep it running and back on the rd. Its very rare and has a lot of History with it. Has the 2.7L flat 6 in it. Auto. Speedline mags The CEO of Subaru NZ once owned it. There are approx only 6 known examples left in NZ. Rego on hold. It wasn't been on the road for maybe 5 years. Thanks
  4. Ive only ever seen two non rusted brumbys. one 1st gen and one 2nd gen ones. like show room new. one wanted about 10,000. the other sold for around the 15,000 mark. Both very low kms too. was around 6 to 8 years ago.
  5. I remember seeing this for sale on tm about 8 years ago. It was for sale at 12,000.
  6. Vortex 1986 http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=775308353 Hate to see it scraped. Im pretty sure that was one of my old Vortexs
  7. Did a oil change on my lancaster 6 today. 1st time doing it on the EZ30. found the oil filter was loose and been leaking oil.
  8. I will have a look thru all my stuff that I have see if it has any thing on the Hydraulic Suspension. Maybe a week or to before I can look. My FSMs FPMs etc is in a Storage in different location from where I am.
  9. Hey guys, Just wondering does the 2001 lancaster 6 has a transponder key? I wanted to get a spare key cut, And got told if it had one it may damage the key. Thanks
  10. I thought the 2004 would have been a EL15? Always been keen to see a EJ/EL15 with a turbo.
  11. Im keen for one eventually.... Properly get the Toyota version. Prefer the Toyota bumper and I think its cheaper than the BRZ....? Its a 4 seater but theres not much room for to two passages in the back
  12. I brought myself a Navman cam for using in my truck for work. only annoying thing is a cant transfer the video to my mac laptop
  13. Yeea lol. Theres a white auto BRZ at Subaru dealership. Subaru nz is doing poorly trying to market it.
  14. Just got a email from Toyota... says this... RC spec and it costs $33986 http://toyota.createsend4.com/t/ViewEmail/r/B93231C4D42FE5212540EF23F30FEDED/916AA424B4F3F163A2432AF2E34A2A5F
  15. That looks nice. I would still rather want an 86 with targa tops
  16. I do quite like that. Has a bit off extra room to put stuff too. Maybe Toyota/Subaru may do one in the future. I knew a lot of the guys who were keen for the 86 but also wanted a hatch in the rear.
  17. I Saw the 1st BRZ I\'ve seen in Chch. Its the white one advertised in TM.
  18. All our trucks have turbo timers fitted... they all pretty much switched off. I think I only know of one with a turbo timer that runs. Wasn\'t turbo timmers only best for older cars/vehicles that are fitted with... is it bush bearing surfaces. Ball bearing etc don\'t need turbo timers?.
  19. I heard today on the radio the the NZ auto engineers or etc ( cnt remember wat they were called) voted 86 the best car in nz
  20. I wonder if Subaru will have one on display in Christchurch for people to look at?
  21. Almost finished pulling the old alarm out of the RX. Lots less clutter now. I think everything still works lol I kept unplugging stuff and checking it would still work. Still abit more to do. Car doesn\'t idle right. will have to look into it and try sort it out.
  22. Yea I saw a nice red one last Sunday. Looked very nice up close. Had a good yak to its owner. He\'s very happy with his buy.