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  1. Well f*** that might not be the go then, don't want it setting off the alarm on my 33 when I start it in the garage lol I didn't realise the pitch stop increased NVH so much, did it make much difference to the feel of the car? Whats everyone's opinion on downpipe, decatting the standard one worth it or just go for PBMS twin scroll one at $599?
  2. To be honest I really like the sound of the Tomei Xpreme but from I've seen they are f***ing loud which I don't mind however I'm living right on top of as few neighbors currently which could make that an issue warming her up at 7am haha My neighbours already tolerate my smokers but I don't wanna push it too far while renting @Technikhaus If you get a chance I'd love to hear more of the R400 mate even if its just a quick in cabin video because what you posted above sounds nice and finding ELH EJ20 footage on youtube for most of these exhausts is super annoying
  3. Sorry I'm getting the sedan I thought they were both GRB
  4. Heaps of great advice above thanks for the input, the intake especially makes a lot of sense from a $$$ point of view even if I love induction noises. So do you guys think I will be safe to chuck a cat back such as the R400 or Xpreme on there straight away if I'm not touching anything else without needing to tune immediately? If that is possible I would consider going that way while I get whatever other basic bits I want together such as downpipe, fuel pump and three port solenoid then I can get everything installed and tuned at the same time in a couple of months when life is less hectic with Level 2 coming in.
  5. Hey everyone I'm finally getting behind the wheel of an STI again after a three year hiatus. I've spent the last few days reading through all the 2010-2014 STI content on here and I have a few questions in regards to my new ride. The cars a fresh import manual 130kms with standard exhaust, standard intake, coilovers and a defi boost gauge and fcon controller. Should have it down here (moved to Invercargill a couple of months back) by the end of the week once its complied and certed. For power I have no intention of ramping things up hard, I just want a quick daily I can take for blasts to Queenstown/Wanaka etc on the weekend and if I could get a similar power feeling as my old V6 RA (turboback, intake, 18PSI) I would be more than happy. So my questions are: If I'm looking to do intake and exhaust, should I definitely be looking at a downpipe and new fuel pump at the same time and a tune? I don't want to f*** the car up and as usual with a boxer all the fuel economy I can retain would be great. For tuning, if I have no intention of chasing 300hp atw do I need to look at an aftermarket ECU or can a tuner do everything required with the stock ECU as it is? This car will likely never see track time so I don't need flat foot shifting or anything like that. For tuners, I've noted APET in Dunedin and SAS in Christchurch recommended on here. Any pros or cons in relation to the questions above? Any recommendations for intakes from GRB owners would be great as I can't see any major difference between them, I want to maximise the auditory experience for intake and exhaust all I can 😂 Anyway f***ing stoked to be getting back behind the wheel of an STI and excited to get back among this community even if its a bit quieter round here! EDIT: I've seen a few 2010-2013 JDM import owners chasing cruise control - After having some luxury cars during my hiatus I will be all over this too so hopefully one of us can nut it out
  6. The more I look at that jimny the more I'm like f*** it you did a good job you do you 😂
  7. Did you have any luck technikhaus? Ive just purchased a JDM 2011 STI manual and I definitely want to add cruise control to it
  8. Drove my 2003 BH5 to work today and it was fine, finished and it started up with the engine light on with stuttering idle and knocking noise Any ideas
  9. Same thing for me, got the pipe modified slightly and we good I'd almost start here OP
  10. Maaaate sorry to hear that what a run of bad luck
  11. Another D Tech plus one, swing by and look at the weekly line up in their workshop and you'll know what you are dealing with : D
  12. ****ing rat**** man sorry to hear that and wtf AVS they sure as hell ain't getting my business, word of this sort of **** will spread quickly too.