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  1. So true. My old 1s i could never kill lol. same with brumby... even tho i need to get things fixed on it, it just keeps going and going and going ;D Only prob with them can be rust.
  2. You do not run strictly meth but it is added to your air/fuel mixture to cool the intake charge. Cooler intake charge = bookoo more power for the stage 3 users http://www.coolingmist.com/detailmain.aspx?pid=1008
  3. Boxer 6s Rulzes subaru did 6s since late 1987 as 2.7L , Then they did 3.3L then 3.0L and now 3.6L. EG33 is based on EJ22 but there are differences. You can not use EJ22T pistons in them
  4. Ok so people No not to post this really really really Awesome subaru vid of ken block racing over and over and over again :, I shall post it here in the 1st page so people will hopefully see its been posted here 1st Links to his Vids Ken Block Gymkhana Practice ( him driving round old aerodrome showing off ) Ken Block jumps his rally car http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDi0MZJZ-w0 Ken Block crash at Snow Park NZ
  5. thats a totally random 1 that has turned up. he wants alot for it. loads of work seems to be done to it. now the xt6 count in nz is 6
  6. It doesnt matter i think. They still have to pay up to day the rego has been put on hold. I forgot to put 1 of mine on hold. relised this about 5 months latter etc and had to pay up to that point so i could put it back on hold.
  7. Just wondering about something.... If lets say you have a car thats running a supercharger and you want to cool down the intake air comming thru it. Would it be Rd leagal to run methanol to cool down the hot air charge ???
  8. Thanks guys for doing all that work and getting the site running again
  9. Oks more pics of that day and vid too Just uploading them as we speak
  10. Haha my great tunnel inicident of Jan 09 will be famous lol
  11. Name: James aka Jamie Car: 1973 GSR, 1989 Vortex 6, 1992 SVX Fone: Email: Subbieatkiwiland@hotmail.com
  12. ChCh Contacts details as title says Name: Car: Fone: Email: Will add more details when i think of more LOL
  13. Thanxs you every one for putting all there time and effort into getting our new site going again
  14. http://www.prostreetromania.ro/prostreet.htm pretty funny Yay 1st one to post in off topic section ;D