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  1. Hi..a friend of a friend is thinking about getting one for a younger driver..just as a safe daily drive. Thoughts/experiences..reliability, problems T.Rev
  2. friendly bank manager...my brother has had a couple and wont go back.
  3. I one can afford to always do that and they wear evenly I agree but.. Went for Bridgestone? MY02s I think in end.
  4. Cheers..its just his daily drive and jet ski tower.
  5. Hi..youngest needs 2 new tires for front. Normal driving. I would have said Toyos as I always do but there may be some comparable but cheaper ones out there given its not an STI. Thoughts?
  6. Ta..so quite a lot..ie 140kms worth maybe.
  7. Hi..does anyone know the capacity of the tank after the yellow petrol lamp comes on?...roughly. Is it 5 litres?
  8. Never had probs with my Toyos.still using them some 5 years on from first batch
  9. sounds nice..don\'t get a ticket driving back!
  10. Im off to the football.(yeah I know following losers)..keep an eye out for REXITE..I live at Pram Beach.
  11. he got a2004 H6 outback auto ex 09 last weekend. Shama about all the jap tech bits...GPS and TV screen. Needs band expander as cant replace headunit it seems as whole panel thing is integrated.
  12. Thanx guys..we ditched that option and are going for an Auckland one from Japan which is tidier, slightly less kms cleared AA check and has been serviced and two new tires on front(more $$ tho but hey). First one hadnt been lolked after well recently it seems. A well spent $130 to get it checked first tho.
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