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    Cold Air Box

    er black attracts heat in the form of light waves (UV/sunlight) not heat from radiant source BUT paint will keep it warmer for longer
  2. ooh nice that my next ride 2003+ 3.0r there are a few is Clunt back yet? (a '6' ina GTB like mine) and Keltic Kiwi has just changed his BH '6' into a Manual
  3. PhatRS holy Lip batman! I give that half an hour or one drive way - which ever comes 1st I speshil
  4. you will need new key fob and there is a procedure to learn it to your car Older GT Legacies obviously skip the key-fob step LOL @ Jase - its ok mate, its a Legacy thing.... you'll never understand!
  5. I think its the snorkel in the inner guard he is referring to
  6. OR Zero sports Sequential turbo controller OR Apexi-AVC-r ( Electronic Boost controller) are very good at controlling switch over OR Both for an even better result both available from Club Sponsor www.41.co.nz
  7. Borrowed from http://www.mr2.org.nz/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5248&sid=90ebb01690206ce77b3d0e495262f6df OR See NZ Motor Sport Manual Book 1 Page: 160 for more infomation
  8. from the start - all thumbs co I know most have seen these before Rules: pics from the net you have found of cars that arent yours or are interesting Legacies of all years:
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