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  1. Yeah went with that specifically to get as much low down response as possible. Off boost it's pretty crappy but getting 16psi @ 3250rpm is exactly where I was aiming. Chris mentioned that when spraying a bit of water on top of the intercooler it picked up another 10+kw. Might looking into making a DIY spray setup. But I think I will end up keeping the car as is mechanically just due the limitations of the motor and having to spend so much more $$ to get little gains.
  2. 2.0L JDM Yeah Auckland would've been much handier.
  3. Nice results Niran. I got back today from a few days down there. After sorting out some files Chris managed 203kw & 360nm. I'm pretty damn happy with that as the standard TF035 was dismal! Haven't quite had a good run with the car yet since I had the wife and baby down for the trip but damn it sure feels and sounds solid when it's on boost. Interestingly the car made 172kw with the bolt ons on the factory tune (thin green line). And quite a different power band between the TD05 and the VF turbos. Car is a 08 Foz XT Bolt ons: 3" turbo back Xforce exhaust Arashi TD05 big 16g 7cm DW65c & relay Mac 3 port Silicone intake pipe and SFB. The service from Tony, Dave & Chris was absolutely awesome. Kept me well informed and did the rounds picking me up and dropping me off.
  4. Interesting conversation going on guys, I've got my car booked in at Dtech on the 18th. 08 Foz, XT, TD05 etc etc. Will update ya'll.
  5. MAC 3 port on ebay about $70ish. I just got one in. On that note I'm also thinking of who to tune the car, was initially thinking Dtech Tauranga but don't want to have to drive back and forth if there are any issues which arrise.
  6. JDM SG9 Turbo, its the same as a VF39, heaps of info on naisoc on them.
  7. Yup the 35 is silly. The most of the turbo's have the hose fitting. But the SH Foz, GRB Impreza and some Legacy's have the flanged compressor housing which bolts directly to the intercooler, ie what I have with the TF035. I'm wondering if I can cut of the flange fitting on the intercooler and have a pipe welded to it? That way I can run the older style VF turbo. Hose type TDO4 & VF39 Flanged TD04 which is the same as my TF035
  8. Just trying to find a suitable upgrade in NZ for an upgrade on my punny little TF035 (with flange on compressor side) in the 08+ SH Foz. The guys is Oz do a VF52 from a V11 STI 2.5L & the VF46 from a 2.5L Legacy. What do we get here? I'm assuming the TF035 is single scroll. Any suggestions? Can I swap it to say a older style VF turbo with the hose mount?
  9. 2000 vs 2001 = difference 1 year 2000 vs 2002 = difference 2 years 2001 vs 2002 = you get it by now.
  10. If anyone is seriously interested in getting a new custom tank pm me, i know people
  11. OOoh oh I can attest to being into fish tanks, heres a few previous ones... Reef tanks is where its at!
  12. Need to ship some tyres down, can supply a box of brew's for ya. Cheers,
  13. so your not running more camber rear than front?! read the question people! cool car none the less... those are pretty wide wheels - 17* 9"? Whoops yeah sorry more camber up front than the rear. I wish they were 17x9's... they are 17x8 Work Meister's, +20 and +35 I think.
  14. Mate what a compliment, thanks for the kind words! Oh btw, I do also shoot a bit of pro photog. [quote name='GC8E2DD said: Wow. Are you running more rear camber than front, or is that just an optical illusion? Yeah definitely, think it was running -1.5 front and -1.0 rear.
  15. Here's my old V7 RA, damn I miss it, currently rocking a 03 Cross Sport.