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  1. Yea I just find it really hangs inbetween gears too long. Don't get me wrong it's still very quick power wise but if the dear change was tidied up it would be a heap better. The Si drive controller was already in it when I got the car (first nz owner), it came with all the goodies from Japan, basically works as a boost controller mostly, gives me 4 boost settings, can also still use the normal si drive controls. I haven't had it tuned, unsure if it was tuned in Japan or not, hard to know cause someone spent money on it there. I've not owned a BH no, to be honest I hate the body shape of them, I've had a twin turbo BG5 manual, and a heavy modified GF8 manual. Nothing really compares to a manual, but I'd have to say with the auto trans in the BP been sorted out it would be a weapon. The motors are quick, and reliable as, mine has the VF45 turbo on it. I'd definitely go for a face-lift if you do go for a BP. I really like the shape of them, much more sportier look than the boxy BH. I'd love a full tune done, I've heard really good gains to be had on these.
  2. I have a face-lift BP, it's auto and I have to admit I don't like the way it shifts too slow even using paddles and always wants to get to high gear asap. I always drive it in sport sharp because of this. I do have a Blitz Si drive controller which gives me multiple boost settings and changes things a little. I run 1 bar daily. My car has a full stainless HKS exhaust as well. I do miss that subbie rumble of the exhaust a bit. You can get parts I've seen online for trans that they say makes it shift like DGS trans which would be so awesome. I have spoken to Subaru here in Hamilton about an ecu update but I have to book it in before they will even tell me if there's an update for it. I was quoted around the $100 mark. I prefer definitely prefer them over BH legacys, I do have the dreaded cracked dash in mine though but it had enough goodies on it for me to look past that.
  3. did this to my legacy the other day, yup laggy as but pulls hard from bout 4.5k up to red line. and i still have a leaky primary up pipe.
  4. Quick question guys before i start ripping into it, i have a twin turbo bg5, can i pull the primary up pipe off without removing the turbo itself? i have only had single turbos up til now so not sure, dont want to pull the turbo at this stage if i can help it.
  5. last time i talked to a wof guy at vtnz when i was working for beaurepaires, was told that its no longer 1.5mm over 3/4 of the tyre,its got to have 1.5 over the entire tread now. i went and talked to him after failing a car for 2 tyres that i thought should of passed. but who knows could be wrong. i wasnt arguing cause it wasnt my car.
  6. wont matter where bov valve is, check all your hose clamps on front mount piping, as above you will have a leak somewhere. clamps need to be really tight.
  7. pretty sure my old one did that as well now that i think bout it, thats how i knew i needed a new one ;D
  8. like you guys i think with gaskets genuine or not the prep is were it matters for getting a good seal. i did my rocker cover not long ago, everything i read on here and elsewhere said to stay well away from anything non-genuine, and genuine are big dollars for what they are, so i got permaseal one for under $50 with washers as well. i took lots of time to make sure everything was clean and put gasket s*** in the right places and its been perfect, no leaks at all. also the one i took out wasnt genuine as i got the caryard to replace both when i bought my car, that was 5 years ago, some ***t had put sealant around the whole gasket so that will be why it leaked i think. prick of a job cleaning it all off. but yea its all about prep and not using sealant aparts from where you have to.
  9. nice, similar colour manifold to mine. should be pretty straight forward since thats all setup. but yea looks like v3 throttle body so you will need to change tps wiring, and extend wires to reach idle control valve. im thinking you would need to do something to use the v3 coil setup since you have complete v3 engine, but i know next to nothing bout that sorry, im still using coil on plug. hmmm just thinking, what ecu are you planning to use? do you have a link?
  10. the only part of loom i changed was tps wiring but that was only cause i adapted the v3 throttle body/tps into the v2 loom. which is 3 wire as opposed to 4 wire. you may also need to do this as it will be easier for you to stick with the version 3 throttle body too. however my whole manifold isnt flipped, its had the centre modified so still bolted in same way as factory. if your whole maifold is flipped then i believe you will need to extend the wiring for idle control valve, as that will be sitting by the power steering pump now.
  11. can be done for sure, there will be minor things to modify obviously, i run a flipped v3 manifold in my v2.
  12. cant say ive had that happen. but yea i agree its personal preference which is why i dont understand why people always say 'get a nissan'.
  13. lol always cracks me up when people say this, why would we want a nissan when we own subarus : i'd have my rwd wrx over a rwd nissan any day. im not a fan of nissans btw. although doing it with a fuse or whatever is not the way.
  14. doesnt look like an sti item should look, looks cheap lol. could be wrong though. im sure i have seen these type for sale somewhere.
  15. definately aftermarket, other than that im not sure.
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