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  1. your looking into this far too much ah ii did a twin to single 10 years ago on my twin turbo gtb did 8 years of wofs at vtnz never had any problems with wof and not once was it ever asked about stop worrying about it many people have done the twin to single mod and never had problems
  2. ive powered coated my 4 pots bright green been a year not a problem with heat
  3. good to hear its been found what state is it in ?
  4. just cut and add wire and re solder to suit
  5. this guy is allsome to dear with see what he can offer u
  7. hey guys im after a little help a little while ago i poped my bottom hose on my gtb as my inter cooler piping poped a hole in the hose now i drove car home 4 hours later it was only a 3 min drive home now seance then im not able to boost over 10 pounds i have ebc to control my boost i toke plugs out and they were white on tips so made a call that shes running lean i have replaced the fuel pump with walbro and have replaced the filter at same time now the car is a bg5 converted to single turbo running vf30 flipped intake etc the plugs were replaced when the motor was rebuilt 40 k ago has anyone got anymore pointers what alse i can look for ( have also checked all vac lines and fuel lines for any damage aswell and came up with nothing
  8. yeh will do just got a boost issue pulled a plug out and yeh shes prity white on the tip will do fuilter and fuel pump i think at same time otherwise im not sure what other things to look at
  9. silly question but would a really dirty fulter make boost issues
  10. yellowsub

    hummm now the big qustion will this still get a wof???????
  11. I have done all the work on my car just for the joy of knowing and learning as i go along its i like looking at the my work
  12. yeh mines the same not sure what ill cut bonnet with as yet just looking as my airbox is right under the place i wonna put vent as any extra cooling is allways a bonus in my shoes
  13. qustion has anyone tried to fit the sti v3 bonnet vents into a legacy bonnet ????? if someone has any info would be huge help as im looking at doing it to my bg legacy