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Found 10 results

  1. Long story short this is how to get the fault codes from the abs on my jdm v3 sti gc8 Theres a heap of info on the net but none of it was the same as mine Step 1 . Find the 2 earth prongs hidden inside tape in the same tape around where the wires for the green n black diagnostic plugs comes from They are black. And sheathed individually about 3mm round . They are folded back over on them shelves and taped up from factory. Mine had blue tape. Step 2 find this black 2 pin plug that is smaller than the green n black plugs . Jam an earth pin in the blue n white wire . (Nothing happened when i tried the other wire ) Turn key on . Abs light will give you the 10s n 1s for a code . It can only store 3 codes even if you have more Jamming the earth pin in and out at least 3 times clears codes . My only re occurring code was 52 Under the motor on the abs pump where the cam actually drives the 2 plungers was bit rusty / crud . Wd40 n a dung out and some grease on the faces it was good as again The top cover and magnets come off the whole thing with no fuss . The 2x torx 25 you can see . The rotor n brushed n next plate didnt want to come out but that's only because its sealed/glued into the alloy housing . A small tire lever against the rotor broke that glue Codes: Abnormal ABS sensor, open circuit or voltage too high 21 – front right ABS sensor 23 – front left ABS sensor 25 – rear right ABS sensor 27 – rear left ABS sensor Abnormal ABS sensor, abnormal ABS sensor signal 22 – front right ABS sensor 24 – front left ABS sensor 26 – rear right ABS sensor 28 – rear left ABS sensor 29 – any one of four Abnormal solenoid valve circuits in ABS control module and hydraulic unit 31 – Front right inlet valve 32 – Front right outlet valve 33 – Front left inlet valve 34 – Front left outlet valve 35 – Rear right inlet valve 36 – Rear right outlet valve 37 – Rear left inlet valve 38 – Rear left outlet valve 41 – Abnormal ABS control module 42 – Source voltage is abnormal 44 – A combination of AT control abnormal 51 – Abnormal valve relay 52 – Abnormal motor and/or motor relay 54 – Abnormal stop light switch 56 – Abnormal G sensor output voltage Well there was going to be a bonus pic of my car also . Now noone gets any pictures because I cbf making them less than 200kb right now. Where are you lot hosting pictures now ?
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to replace some shifter bushings in my V3 WRX STI, and am ideally looking for a solid unit like these: https://www.rallysportdirect.com/part/ts-su-474-torque-solution-solid-shifter-linkage-u-joint https://throtl.com/products/tqs-shifter-bushings-tqsts-su-474 However I can only see these for models >2004 or so, none for GC8s. Do any of you guys have an upgraded Shifter U-Joint ? Thanks! Reuben
  3. Driveline from Version 7 WRX STI.This includes:- TY856WB1CA 6 speed gearbox with LSD front diff- Shifter linkage- V7 STI driveshaft- R180 front hubs and axles- R180 complete rear sub-frame including diff, axles, hubsPerfect for a 6 speed conversion in a GC8 or Legacy.Happy to sell parts semi-separately.Pick up in Auckland.*does not include the rear suspension, brembos or spacers in pics.
  4. Hey guys so after months of a headache with my wrx I've decided too come here and see if anyone has experienced what my cars doing. So resently my 1996 wrx gc8 type ra. Has a check light issue. Everytime I start the car check lights on. And stays on. If I let the car warm up for 30min minimum. Then turn the key off then back on quickly check light disappears and wont return untill I turn the car off for longer then 5min. Have done a diagnostics check and came back with error codes 24 44 and 45. 24 idle air control sensor. I have replaced no change at all. 44 turbo wastegate regulator and 45 map sensor. I haven't replaced these two as of yet as I'm not sure why when the car is cold it would effect these two sensors? Have noticed today when I first started the car I made sure check light was on then turned car off connected the diagnostic plugs under the dash and anyone who has done this will no that the fans ect will all come on going thru their test cycles. Well when cold and check light present the wastegate pressure solenoid does nothing. But after leaving the car to idle for 30min then getting the check light to turn off. I quickly turn car off connected the plugs under dash and the wastegate soilenoid now clicks loud and fast as it should. Sorry for the long write up guys but surely someone can help me out?
  5. Hey guys i have a WRX gf8 wagon with the ej20gdw1ne which is an early WRX engine. Long story short I removed my intake manifold one day to paint lol and ended up getting mixed up with the hoses. Ended up having issues such as uprpm not reading correctly and sluggishness. Anyway these are the hoses I'm wondering about: On the left side of engine bay, round thing (boost solenoid?) I have the top hose going to the turbo-intercooler pipe, middle hose to wastegate, but I'm not sure where the lower hose goes. Above that is a little red thing with a hose coming out of it. Where does that one go? Also there is a pipe coming out of my turbo down pipe that faces the engine block - I can't ever remember having anything connected to that. There's this hose which is teed off too - I think it comes from my boost gauge. Here's some engine bay pics. I'm not sure if I've got the Top three little hoses on the IM right but I've got the left one that goes to the bov blocked off. I'm putting bov back in so yeah. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6C2vjWcN5RMCQNmP9 Thank you all.
  6. So I just had an internet arguement about GF8 Gravel Express being detuned compared to the equivalent WRX & I Lost so thought I'd post results here : possible a repost Source : http://pacificcoastjdm.com/review/subaru/imprezagc8/stats
  7. Hey guys! I'm thinking of doing a full respray for my GC8. It has the usual pin dents from 20 years of use. No major dents or damages. Any recommended painters out there? Looking for good quality ones. Could be a shop or an experienced individual. Would be good to know a rough price as well. I'm located in North Shore, Auckland. But might be interested in places outside of the shore. Please let me know. Cheers!
  8. I'm going to check out a 1999 v5 GC8 WRX soon looking to buy it. I'm not too fluent as to the quirks of GC8s yet as I've never owned one. Is there anything in particular I should look out for? Are there any specific spots that are more susceptible to rust? I know the older wagons often get it around the rear hatch. Of course I'll check obvious stuff like service items, bushes, shocks and general wear/tear. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey dudes, I have purchased a 1999 gc8 v5 STI with a blown ej207 motor. I was looking at a version 7 complete engine to replace the blown engine which comes with all the goods ECU, engine loom, turbo etc. I've been told that the v7 motor will bolt straight in but have also been told that the v7 ECU will have trouble working with the car without some auto electrical work. I'm not the most familiar with subies so I'm a bit lost with knowledge but I know the v7s came with AVCS and the v5/6 doesn't. What are your thoughts? Will everything be plug and play or am I better off rebuilding the blown motor?
  10. Hi all, I'm thinking about chucking an exhaust system on the DeForester and seem to remember GC/GF8 aftermarket exhausts pretty much bolt straight up. Is that true? I've seen Redline performance advertising GC/GF8 turbo back exhausts for a reasonable amount of cash as well as SG5 versions. What's the go from your experience? If anyone has any recommendations for aftermarket exhausts for my SF5 turbo I'm all ears.
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