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  1. Driveline from Version 7 WRX STI.This includes:- TY856WB1CA 6 speed gearbox with LSD front diff- Shifter linkage- V7 STI driveshaft- R180 front hubs and axles- R180 complete rear sub-frame including diff, axles, hubsPerfect for a 6 speed conversion in a GC8 or Legacy.Happy to sell parts semi-separately.Pick up in Auckland.*does not include the rear suspension, brembos or spacers in pics.
  2. Road tuned, 1.85bar pump gas. 1.66 60ft - need to play with suspension
  3. Going for 9s you need a 6-point. We're on the road to 9s as well, although as the car is still mainly street-based I decided that we're going to do a 5-point half cage to keep minimal bars in the car. If we get kicked out then I'll still be happy that we've run a 9.
  4. If you're not worried about getting it homologated for circuit racing and only want to do drags, you only need a 5 point half-cage. Good for up to 10.00 sec. Seeing you're Auckland based (Meremere), NZDRA does not apply as they adhere to IHRA rules. Go to section 3.61 and you can see the diagram they provide. You will also need an SFI approved crank pulley, fixed back seat, harness bar and harnesses, shield plate over top of the transmission in case of flywheel exploding, drip tray underneath engine, etc. List goes on. Worth talking to an IHRA tech inspector before you start.
  5. @StrokedEJ definitely great to see some more subis out. I know the black wagon runs NOS. The Autech GDB is on a stock-motor which is almost unbelievable, trapping 133mph. Will see what some more tuning and the switch to E85 brings us - hopefully some low low 10s and/or high 9s
  6. @Niran nice. Hopefully you don't run out of injector.
  7. @Niran yeah but tapering off pretty hard wasn't it? I doubt you'll have any issues with it tapering off to 22psi.
  8. @Niran you should be fine. We were pushing the turbo further than we should have been, doesn’t look like you guys are running near as much boost.
  9. @Niran Too much turbine speed is my guess. We were running about 30psi and had full boost @ 3800rpm in 4th gear. Must've spun up too fast and let go.
  10. Could be your intake manifold gaskets? Just at a guess.