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Found 16 results

  1. Okay so I am going to pick up this Forester in a week or so, and I have to drive it back home from pick up which is around 650km. I know there’s no hard and fast rule on cambelts and waterpumps but I don’t want it to just die on the way home. Would you recommend getting those parts replaced as soon as I get it home to avoid any disasters? Any constructive advice appreciate
  2. I am looking at BR Legacy GTs, and Eyesight has a price premium. The specs of the imported cars are all over the place, and Eyesight can be optioned on seemingly any trim level. I had a brief drive in a friends' BP Outback XT with Eyesight and it was very novel. If you have Eyesight on your Subaru, what do you think of it? Does it work well? Is it annoying and you turn it off? Has it saved you from a collision?
  3. Hey guys so after months of a headache with my wrx I've decided too come here and see if anyone has experienced what my cars doing. So resently my 1996 wrx gc8 type ra. Has a check light issue. Everytime I start the car check lights on. And stays on. If I let the car warm up for 30min minimum. Then turn the key off then back on quickly check light disappears and wont return untill I turn the car off for longer then 5min. Have done a diagnostics check and came back with error codes 24 44 and 45. 24 idle air control sensor. I have replaced no change at all. 44 turbo wastegate regulator and 45 map sensor. I haven't replaced these two as of yet as I'm not sure why when the car is cold it would effect these two sensors? Have noticed today when I first started the car I made sure check light was on then turned car off connected the diagnostic plugs under the dash and anyone who has done this will no that the fans ect will all come on going thru their test cycles. Well when cold and check light present the wastegate pressure solenoid does nothing. But after leaving the car to idle for 30min then getting the check light to turn off. I quickly turn car off connected the plugs under dash and the wastegate soilenoid now clicks loud and fast as it should. Sorry for the long write up guys but surely someone can help me out?
  4. Hello I own a Subaru Legacy B4 1999 automatic, today I took it to get a service and Wof. I was only aware that the car may fail the Wof as the rego lights were not working, 3hours later after waiting I was informed by the company that they had replaced both rego bulbs and had tested the fuses and they still did not work so i would need to go to an auto electrician as the mechanic believed it could be a wiring issue.Therefore the car failed the warrent. 10minutes later I paid up and jumped in my car, before I drive out onto the road I applied my brakes and heard the reversing sound, I checked to make sure I was in drive which I was yet I could still hear the beeping noise as if the car was in reverse. I drove back up to the company that had just serviced and completed a Wof check to ask if they had crossed wires or done something. Two mechanic's came out and I advised them that every time I apply my brakes I was hearing the reversing sound even when the car was in drive. One of the mechanics said it was serious electrical fault. I asked if this was related to the two back rego lights not working and he said it could be. I also advised that my car had never done that, the mechanic said ever when they tested it, it was not making the sound. So now I have two issues that need to be assessed by an auto electrician. It makes me wonder if the mechanic had caused the second issue of the "reversing beeping sound" when the brakes are applied or if it is just another problem to sort. The car went into the shop with 1 issue and came out with 2. Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  5. Yeah hi, I have a 2007 Subaru WRX with a heavy clutch. The travel isn't an issue at present. I was advised to get the clutch replaced by my local mechanic. What I'd like to know is, how do you know when the time has come for you to to replace your clutch? Thanks in advance
  6. I need some advice on whether it would be okay and whether my engine will work properly if I was to install a BOV. Would I need a BOV with an adjustable vent to atmosphere and recirculation? Would I need to have it on 50:50? What BOV would be recommended? Cheers. Also I own a 2001 Twin turbo Subaru legacy automatic.
  7. Hi, I have a 1999 Subaru impreza, I know nothing about cars and was wondering if i could buy any big bore for my car and do you just have to weld the big bore on or is there more to it? are there certain types you have to buy? and what would be a cheap one? Thank you !!!
  8. Hey all. I'm new to the forum so please don't bite my head off if this isn't the place to post this content. I had a question regarding my 99' Impreza SRX (non-turbo). Is it possible to switch a SRX bonnet (no scoop) for say, a WRX bonnet with a scoop? Or does a car have to have turbo for a scoop? I have found the same Impreza colour (Gun Metal Grey) scoop bonnet on Trade Me and was wondering if I could even attempt to switch that with mine. Also, the bonnet I have seen on Trade Me is currently sitting on a hatchback. Would that effect fitting if my body model is a sedan? Thank you in advance for any questions answered
  9. I need a qualified vehicle assessor who can provide a second opinion on a Subaru 2013 Outback, relating to a known oil consumption problem. The engine is completely dismantled and available for inspection. The engine has 66,000 km and an oil consumption test showed 1 litre in 2000km, expected was 0.25. On strip down, I have been told the consumption is due to damage as the second service was missed so the oil was not changed until effectively the 3rd service interval. I hold my hands up to the late service but oil was always topped up with correct grade oil. I have a colossal estimate for the repair which Subaru have so far refused to cover under warranty (the high oil consumption was reported during the warranty period). So I need an expert second opinion to determine if the fault is really due to the late oil change or, at least in part, could have been exacerbated by the known issue with piston ring coatings in this 2013 2.5 Outback engine model.
  10. Hey team! Have been quoted $550 to replace a front wheel hub on my '05 Legacy BLE Spec B Sedan. After doing some research I have determined that it is probably a backyard type job with the right tools and a mate or two with experience. I have found a couple of hub pricings but want to see if any of you have dealt with these brands before or know of any alternatives. Febest - $140 FBJ - $80 Subaru Genuine - $300 ish Any other tips or tricks about the job as a whole would be appreciated too, I think I have a good handle on how to do it but if there are any hidden pitfalls I would like to hear about it.
  11. All Copied from the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/228527577660746 Christchurch Subaru Akaroa Cruise You asked for it so you got it! Christchurch subaru will be holding a cruise and park up in akaroa ! Meet at 1pm sharp at dunns crossing Road Please make sure you fill up first as there are no bp stations on the way I will sort a photographer for the day (if anyone knows let me know)
  12. Hey Guys I have basically finished my ez30 turbo project and I am looking for someone to remote tune it. Has anyone had any experience with remote tuning?
  13. Hey team! looking for a part number or better yet the actual name of this damn pipe! i have a 2006 jdm legacy spec b 6sp manual VF45 turbo EJ20Y looking for the pipe from the turbo outlet to the TMIC ... looks like mine has a leak and has crumpled down at the bottom Any help would be appreciated guys
  14. Just wondering if anyone has had really good experiences taking their car to any specific mechanics in Wellington. Need to get sparkplugs done and a few other things. Cheers
  15. I recently purchased my 2nd SVX from a friend and I'm very very happy with the car so far! Alcantara trim, Sunroof, Fully spec'd and loud. However now starts the modification stage! I've put some effort into research so far and I've not come up with any simple way of lowering it without drilling new holes for suspension, which I don't know if it will be cert-able or not. Does anyone in NZ have some decent experience with SVX and modifications to them because I've found there are always some differences between them and the overseas versions. Is there any directly interchangeable suspension from maybe even another brand of cars? If not does anyone know a good place to take the car to get the drilling or whatever done so It can be lowered legally, I mean after all I'm not after the "sacked on 20" Chromies bro" outlook on this car, I want it to last me a very long time.
  16. Hello, I have a 2008 impreza 2.0R and am looking to upgrade the 15mm rear sway bar for a 19mm from an sti, however I cant seem to find one from a 2008-10 model sti so im wondering, what other Subaru's (or models of sti's) have the same 19mm rear sway bar that will fit my car? Do earlier or later model Sti's have the same sway bar as the 2008/10 e.g. 2006 sti's? Cheers
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