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  2. Hi Andy - thanks, just over 100k (108 from memory). i'll investigate that.
  3. this is the unit: Yea, the wiring is f***ing horey - hacked it apart so it will stay on with out the mcintosh head unit. Basically connect on of the white wires to ground, and the other to a switched 12v source
  4. My 04 XT WR-Limited. This pic was taken about a month before the motor lunched itself, its currently parked in my driveway in a puddle of its own disgrace
  5. How many k’s on it? Checking it has the latest software on it can't hurt. There is an update that seems to help with rough shifts. Some of the auto guys will be able to help out more i’m sure.
  6. Hi Wellington member, does anyone know this forester on TM? How much for a standard clutch replacement? Cheers
  7. He did not have any rubbing issues with the older rims though. Even if the struts are shot they're still not the cause of the rubbing.
  8. Couldn’t also be the springs giving up? I don’t know if his ride it bouncy, but that could be my diagnosis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My prediction: New shocks in Still rub +35 offset is your main issue, as @Andy_Mac said you will need to remedy that by guard rolling and/or camber mods.
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  11. Hi, i'm new here. I have an 04 subaru H6 3 litre with a transmission problem. i understand that this model is the first of the 5 Speed tiptronics. The car changes very "roughly' when it downshifts to second or third gear, it thumps into gear. It never has a problem changing up or down, to any other gear. The auto is fine on a trip when its not changing to a low gear. Also, the cruise control only works intermittertly (i.e. sometimes it works, others not). It is definately getting worse. I do use the car for towing now and again and yes it has towed heavy loads occasionally. My Auto trans guy thinks its the valve body needs replacing and has quoted me about $1,700 incl Do you agree, could it be something else? Is that about the going rate?
  12. Try calling Strong for Subaru at Onehunga. They might have some suspension set for your Legacy, they tend to have used stock in good condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ye that one. Got em bedded in today, yeesh they pong when they get hot. But good god it drops anchor confidently. Mca struts are freaking magic too, it's so planted!! Definately needs a tune though
  14. You have dixcel pads and rotors yah muppet lol not bendix Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. na, haven't taken photos yet.... i'll try my best to do it tonight....
  16. Thanks for your reply @Andy_Mac Just took these photos in the car park at work. Just took the wagon to see my local mechanic that has done some work on my previous vehicles and he said it is time for some new shocks... Pushing down on the boot we were able to hit the rear tyres! He is going to contact the shock shop and get their advice on a replacement but was talking about Monroe making a good replacement for the legacy wagons? Should I be going that way or get replacement bilsteins? Or get the existing shocks regased? I like performance suspension but also would like a bit more comfort then I have had since picking up this wagon in November. I am coming from a Audi A4 Sport line which handled awesome on the open road but was comfortable around town as well. Cheers, Alain
  17. Was a bit beyond me, so took it into SubMit Fuel pump is gone, getting an upgraded one put in and hopefully all is well
  18. Yep, done it once or twice, going to let it settle for a few days then re-bleed when I'm not rushed for time. Brakes work fine, just slow take-up and a bit spongy. It's fine, just need to stop rushing. Lol
  19. Hi guys In the process of installing a new ej207 into my RS and theres a few bolts im missing to get it all together - namely the bolts that go with the oil cooler as they block is slightly different from my old ej20g. alternatively if anyone is wrecking an ej207..... Any advice on where to go about finding this sort of stock? Aware that Partsouq is an option but the sooner i can get this stuff the better. Cheers
  20. Did Kol12 end up getting the unit off you? If not I’m keen to take it as the backlight on mine has died as well.
  21. Last week
  22. Hi! Cool car, and welcome to ClubSub. To prevent people using this site as a kinda budget Trademe, we require that people have a few posts under their belt before the Classifieds section becomes available to them. Also please note that one of our rules is that we don't do "offers". Anything for sale needs to have a price on it. You obviously have a figure in mind, so let's get that out in the open, saves a lot of stuffing around for everyone.
  23. The rear shocks on these quite commonly lose some of their gas and sag a bit. Firmer springs will help somewhat as they won't compress as much with a full crew in the back. It's a fairly aggressive set up you've got so I'm not surprised it rubs. It pokes out about 5mm further than mine and even on STI pinks I needed camber bushes to get enough clearance to not rub on the inner edge of the guard. Most people go for a 215 with that width and offset to give a small amount of stretch on the tyre to give extra space before anything touches. Your best option is to either get the rear guards rolled or get camber arms/bushes then decide whether the shocks are toast or springs are just too soft for that much weight. How even does the car sit front to back with no one in it?
  24. I usually find it best to keep your foot on the pedal when you tighten the bleeder screw (keeps positive pressure in the system?). Start car, pump brakes a few times until the pedal goes hard. Job done Keep in mind with new pads and rotors that your brake pistons have been pushed back in a lot further than when your pads and rotors are thinner, make sure to break in the pads and rotors for better initial bite and prevent rotor glazing.
  25. Yes the timer powers on like it should, but it won’t keep the car running it just shuts off straight away, that looks like the diagram I went off to check the wiring. I’ll have to look more into the alarm side of it and see if that makes a difference. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Hi all, I have a 07 JDM Spec B Auto Legacy and have a couple of questions about the stock suspension. From what I can see it has the Bilstein yellow struts and black springs. I don't think it has been lowered with cut or compressed springs (I am the first NZ owner). It came over from Japan with some hideous chrome (now for sale if anyone is interested) 18" wheels with 214/45r18 dunlop tyres. I recently got some new black 18x8 Advanti Dst Static Satin Black with 225/40r18 bridgey RE003 tyres. Today I had a full car of passengers for the first time since getting the new wheels and the rear tyres were scraping on the guards when cornering and going over the smallest of pot holes. Should the tyres be scraping at stock height on the stock suspension with the new wheels / tyres? If it was lowered then sure but I was surprised that it could scrape with stock suspension and stock height? Could my rear shocks be toast? The suspension is very hard and while I appreciate hard suspension for spirited open road driving it is not pleasant driving around AKL to and from work etc. What are the recommended options for replacing the stock suspension? BC Golds and a cert? Can the stock struts be rebuilt? Are the pink STI springs worth while? I travel down to the mountain a lot and not really interested in getting stuck in the carpark with a lowered car. Cheers, Alain
  27. It is possible to make an HKS turbo timer work with an alarm if the alarm is compatible with turbo timers. It depends on the model of alarm how the alarm and turbo timer need to be setup to function properly. I have both an alarm and hks turbo timer in my STi. The if the turbo timer is set you can lock the car with the remote, it will keep running until the timer runs out then the alarm will fully arm. If someone were to open the door while the timer was running the car immediately shuts off and the alarm sounds. I would recommend finding the model of alarm you have installed and reading the manual for it. Does the HKS actually power on with the ignition, but won't keep the car running when the key is removed? Here is the wiring diagram for the turbo timer if it helps.
  28. Right, I had a quick skim though and couldn’t find anything about these, I have a 2004 Subaru sti. The car came with a hks turbo timer installed in it but has never actually worked. I was wondering has anyone had any issue with them? I’ve looked at the wiring but I’m thinking the alarm could be stopping it some how?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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