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  2. I’m guessing all they did was a different spring on the standard shock. I don’t think anyone else on here has that legacy yet. Is it a firm ride that bounces back on bumps or bouncy all the time? Doubt there is much you can do other than changing the whole set up. May we see if Subaru dealership have any options for you?
  3. Any peeps in Christchurch able to check out a Subaru for me?
  4. Hi everyone i have a 2018 Subaru legacy 3.6 rs which has had the sti package put on which subaru nz did with new legacys as an option . My question is i find the suspension really bouncy i am pretty green with these things but does anyone else own one & find the suspension the same ? Do i need to get the suspension changed to fix the problem ? if so where or who would anyone recommended in Auckland to go to ?
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  6. Yeah I’m going to use the same place that put my egt and o2 bungs in. They are also going to be the ones tuning the car. I’m thinking I’ll bring in the turbo, wastegate and header so they can handle it all exactly with the exact parts I’ll be using
  7. That's where it normally goes. It's definitely tight in there though... especially with the steering column... so make sure you get a good fabricator on to it.
  8. Ah gotcha, so no fitment issues or anything with having it on the uppipe to shorten the distance for the vacuum lines and the distance from wastegate to downpipe?
  9. Filthy little boy racers venting to atmosphere.
  10. I could potentially be interested... depending on the price of the R7 when it comes out. Not wanting to spend over $1300 on it.
  11. Spamming the board a bit lately but new question so new thread. The car came with an external gate port on the bottom of the header. Is there a reason it’s in such a weird spot instead of on the uppipe? I’m debating buying an nzkw header, getting the wastegate put on the uppipe and selling the factory unit w/ the grimmspeed cross pipe since I have to pull the header off anyways to do my engine mounts.
  12. Cheers Jared, will give it a go. Makes sense it is a loose connection more than all the bulbs failing at once. muchos gracias amigos!
  13. Performance is king and that means higher on the vehicle... yes its a pain, but not a biggie. The R3 unclips in a fraction of a second.....
  14. $100k+ vehicle, yea why not. $10-15k Subaru, yea nahh F that
  15. friends have had the escort hidden units. neat, discreet installs but performance suffers. not great value. the only hidden unit that really performs is the stinger, about $8k nzd ?
  16. Have any of you tried the hidden/discreet options out there? They are a big step up in price but never been a fan of crap stuck to the widscreen. Especially the hassle of always having to put it away to prevent one of the locals helping themselves.
  17. Have a look on trademe for a blank?
  18. Hi, I'm too lazy to search the forums..... Got a quote for a second key for the '05 3.0R Outback I've just acquired (see new members posts for details.) It was horrific! Over $500!!! More than the one I got for my 2003 Porsche 911!! Suggestions please (Based in Queenstown - or at least I will be in 3 days!) Cheers Audidude '05 Outback 3.0R Any suggestions
  19. there may be some low mileage r3s on the market soon.... 😉
  20. This ^^ No question the Uniden R7 is the top of the heap with a range 500m more than anything else. But the main advantage is directional capability, which I really miss having switched from a 24 year old V1 to an R3NZ. The R3 is great though and will be significantly cheaper than the R7, and thus in second place. Here's my clip on the R3:
  21. Well I finally got a chance to look at this seems fuse 22 and the aircon panel pins are getting 3v not 12v. Only thing it passes through unique seems to be a push button start relay #2. The rest of the circuit is working as the mat feeds start relay #1 and since the car runs that has to be ok. Time to find a replacement starter relay.
  22. Last week
  23. A few little things: 1, turbo oil drain modification to use -an fittings 2, removal of factory oil modine, replace with remote oil cooler and thermostatic sandwich 3, oil temp sensor install - doesn't really need engine removal but while it's out it will be easier. 4, go buy and fit an SAS baffle plate I am still debating a closed deck ej25 short block or biting the bullet and going big with an ez30 but that would be a way off. I also need to get new synchros for my 6 spd but would like some longer ratios too as it doesn't see much track time. That will be the next priority. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  24. Cheers man! I'll get in touch. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  25. @Jono24, do I dare wonder what you're doing? 😮
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