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  1. Yeah its fun beating on powerful cars!
  2. What does any of it matter? It's all just numbers. Times at a track or drag strip are a better reference. But what makes you smile is the most important given how much cars cost to modify!
  3. I co-drive last month in an Legacy with 210wkw using a DCCD 5 speed. Using the excellent MapDCCD controller. And it was good. So certainly upto the job, how long they last I couldn't say, from memory he had done a season of sprints on it and one rally and it was still holding together fine. 6 speed is still pretty good value for money given you don't need to rebuild them to make them reliable like you do with a lot 5 speeds. However they still have a lifespan that's going to be shorter than a dogbox if you really thrash them. I have done 5-6 rallies over the last couple of years (including a 5 day Targa) on 2 6 speed boxes. Both of them have started to have issues with selectors over time due to me being not particularly kind on gear change. But no mechanical failure so far.
  4. They are very well priced, there is a guy on SAU who swears by them. So a couple of good reviews around. They are a little cheaper than Dunlops, which are a known good tyre, curious to compare grip levels. Whatever you do, wouldn't run them on the road, cops probably won't like that pattern, especially once they wear! And of course they aren't great in the wet.
  5. Hmm, thats a hard one then, hard to know if you got unlucky with a sh*t box or just you are being rough on it? You can always look on passenger side of the box to see what the code is by the way. To make sure it's actually a box from a modern car. You could try a later model (ie 2000+) 5 speed, they are supposed to be better. I spent a couple of years doing sprints on 5 speeds and only ever broke one. Mind you I have broken 2 6 speeds, but that's mostly shifter issues I think.
  6. Do you know the code of the box you replaced it with and what fluid went into it?
  7. What track and lap times? And what is the car? And power levels? As for the box, what is the code on the box and how flogged was it before you got it? If it's something out of say an 89 RS, it probably won't last very long as they are very old and abused by now. What fluid are you running in it? And what clutch? And aggressive clutch will quite easily do bad things to a gearbox if you are racing.
  8. Buy the setup Tony has for sale. That will work for serious track work on slicks.
  9. Better stopping ability and work from cold isn't impossible with race pads, just buy moderate race pads. Not serious ones. However even most serious pads only require a couple of stabs before they start to work. However that isn't much use in a panic stop situation! If you want your car to stop better every time, buy better tyres. That is what generates the grip that allows you to stop better. Not fancy pads.
  10. Factory or aftermarket? Assuming you mean aftermarket, Whiteline have a good reputation and you can get them in different sizes or as an adjustable unit, but aren't cheap. Ultra Racing are a bit cheaper but still work.
  11. Totally off topic question... Have you ironed your J Hat, or are you American?
  12. You should go race some (as in drive them, not race at traffic lights), they aren't as bad as the exhaust note implies. And very rewarding when you beat people in much more powerful cars! Some of my favourite racing memories are of my old EF CRX, revvy and nimble in a way that the WRX just never can do. And there is something about being so close to instant death if you hit something in it!!! I can't think of many things worse than 221kw in a FWD. LSD is just going to help you spontaneously change lanes more consistently... Having been in Golf GTI's and Mazda 3 MPS's that are mostly stock and yet wheelspin like a demon and aggressively torque steer I can't say I am a fan. However as a race car I do see the value to a turbo FWD as at least you then have the grip to control it. Ohh and as for 2WD vs 4WD, I think it's a matter of environment. I beat a Focus RS at a hillclimb not that long ago in my E30. That wasn't due to car though, it was entirely the driver being a bit slow. I love the turn-in ability of a RWD (the best feature of my E30), but I also love the revvy nature of an old N/A FWD Honda too. And then 4WD is simply the funnest way to launch, so it's all matter of what you want from a car. And lets face it, almost no one on this forum is going to drive their car to the actual limit of the cars ability at any time, so ultimate handling is irrelevant, it's more what handling makes you happy...
  13. When talking to DTech about doing a forged build on an EZ30 Tony said it was a very expensive engine to strip and assemble, as well as the obvious extra need for more parts due to more pistons. So I would suggest it won't be quite that cheap to build a strong motor?
  14. So it was a bit of fun. But there was only 2 Subarus there, Al and Mark... There was also no need for the handbrake as it was way too fast and flowing for handbrake use. But whoever the guy is doing helis further up the page, if you want to do that legitimately, and are in Wellington there is an autocross on Sunday in Upper Hutt, $40 and you basically can race anything that is upto WOF standard and you have a helmet/overalls. Better than doing heli's and wearing out tyres for no purpose. Plus then people know how fast you are.. (or aren't as often is the case at autocrosses).
  15. I think you miss the purpose of a WRC car, which is to go over any sort of roads at great speed, with unreal suspension travel to soak up virtually any surface and turn and stop better than anything else. And have massive grip. To get point to point you won't go quicker, as long as point to point involves some proper corners... All these things mean that it is utterly wasted on the road and as you say, in a straight line not that quick. Although I would say upto 200km/hr they would still eat your average road car due to the gearbox shift speed, lack of lag and ability to get off the line quickly... Ohh and don't believe the 300hp BS, even the modern 1.6L ones running a tiny 32mm restrictor made more than that (have now gone up to bigger restrictor and more power since). Either way, the guy driving one on the road has clearly got too much money or a really small willy that he needs to compensate for. It's a travesty that the car isn't being used properly... But I would say that, as I am a little biased and get frustrated about how many people pose in performance cars, when they should be out racing their cars and using that performance. Grumpy old man racer rant over.