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  1. In a foz I'd go for the 24mm 3pt adjustible jobbie. There's more weight higher up to deal with. And for sure, heavy duty endlinks are a must. Be glad you don't have an sf chassis, the rear bar on those are only 14mm LOL
  2. Big rear swaybar will induce oversteer, they tend to have a whack of body roll till you get them a bit lower, but very capable. Unless they are auto as joker mentioned, then they are like 70/30 fwd biased and will push like a mofugger into corners with low traction.
  3. Does your ebc boost reference jump all over the place like the defi gauge?
  4. Some will, most won't. Basically, v11+ (grb chassis and newer) will fit, the rest won't.
  5. Ye that one. Got em bedded in today, yeesh they pong when they get hot. But good god it drops anchor confidently. Mca struts are freaking magic too, it's so planted!! Definately needs a tune though
  6. Yep, done it once or twice, going to let it settle for a few days then re-bleed when I'm not rushed for time. Brakes work fine, just slow take-up and a bit spongy. It's fine, just need to stop rushing. Lol
  7. Driver front, passenger rear, passenger front, driver rear. Yeah did that. Left the car to sit overnight, pedal feels a lot better today. Will let it settle for a few days then re bleed.
  8. Mca "street performance" Coilovers installed, with custom spring rates and their "stealth" option colouring. brembos on, had to drill and helicoil one of the front caliper bolts as it was stripped. Bendix heat treated vented slotted front rotors with z series pads, Bendix slotted vented rears, again with z series pads. Also stuck in some endless handbrake shoes, should make a nice difference. Bled it all out, both sides of the calipers, pedal is still a bit squidgy in the first little bit of travel. Need to re bleed it, but gotta get more fluid first. Looking forward to getting this beast tuned. Been driving it around for a while on wastegate pressure and break in tune, and it absolutely hauls arse.
  9. Correct, the sti wagon has the "v7 sti spec c gravel" brake package, 4pot/2pot r180 with the 190mm brake shoes. I have, however, been in touch with a brake company that can get hold of "endless" sti handbrake shoes, and reading a couple of reviews I want to give them a go. Really agressive compound, really easily locks the rears even at like 50+kmh. Think hydraulic handbrake level of performance and control, just with the old cable setup. We'll see how they go Rest of the brakes consist of dixcel z series f+r pads, dixcel heat treated vented front rotors and vented rear rotors, so it shouldn't have any brake fade issues. I think I'm going to need to look at my tyre options in order to get the post out of the power and braking ability, while 215s might be fun and relatively cheap, I may have to find a tyre and wheel option that allow a 245 tyre. We'll see.
  10. Not quite today, but, brake rotors and pads in, just waiting on the handbrake shoes to arrive, then can install them, along with a set of brembo calipers f+r, mca street performance adjustibles to go in at the same time. Also tidied up the install for my roof vent. Turns out the sedans and wagons are a little different in their placement of map lights, the wagons are a little more rearward.
  11. Cut a whacking great hole in the roof. For, yah know, reasons.
  12. More adjusting and tinkering. Extra heat shielding, securing things a bit better, re arranging and securing the manifold pressure lines, deleting my gfb ebc as it won't be used anymore. In the process of trying to track down a rattle, found a couple of things that might be the cause, moved those and mounted em a bit more securely, more testing tomorrow. Slow and steady gets the job done I guess.
  13. Ticked off another item from the "must happen" list Few more things to do then off to a Dyno. Updates to come. And it'll likely be a big one.
  14. Mantic clutches are pretty good, but in all honesty the best bang for buck clutch is the OEM one Definately resurface the flywheel too