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  1. Driver's side, loosen off the steering u joint
  2. A few choice swear words definitely helps!
  3. Bottom of the b pillar I think passenger side. They moved em
  4. Came as 5x100 only, sti spec c option wheels, only on v7/8. Headlights are factory hid's, with factory fogs as well. Boot spoiler came on the car, but I'm sure they can be found on eBay :-) I'm happy with it aye, just don't look at the boot from behind atm, big ding in it from a nose to tail hit and run Monday avo. What did I do today? Drove it. Currently in Wellington, getting a few hours kip before being on the 7am ferry down to flatnats, awwwwwyiss
  5. Yeah there's nothing structural, bumper iron is fine, no ripples in the Tyre well, everything is straight, it's literally just the plastic and the outer skin of the boot lid. It still sucks though. I hope the cops throw the book at the driver. His 3 kids in the car were in tears, begging him to shut up as he was shouting at me for "going to slow" in a 30kmh temporary speed zone. I was turning into the driveway of my scout hall, he full beamed me then punted me up the arse. All my scouts heard and saw it too, so the rest of the evening was spent reassuring them.
  6. Well, yesterday. Victim of a hit and run. Gotta go in tomorrow to make formal statement, insurance quote etc etc. Not happy. All you people at flatnats will get to see the mess in person, cas it's asthetics only, and I won't let one stroppy islander spoil my weekend.
  7. Ooooohh it was salvagable if you didn't turn the car off, just leave it all turned on and attempt to re-write ecu image. As it stands, you may be able to salvage with sh boot write, but have a chat to @west_minist
  8. Thursday: removed v10 alloy arms, replaced with v7 sedan ones. No more clunks yay! And endlinks are now sitting right. Drives nice, only rattle now is from the loose bit of trim somewhere in the boot. Today Primered rims, painting em tomorrow. Mounted fire extinguisher. Replaced damaged led park light Took her for a bit of a drive, hopefully wof and clear coat rims Monday. Running out of time, but only little bits left now to be done.
  9. It's for cooling. I tucked mine behind the front bumper iron
  10. I'm assuming for track day, I have a question. I have some 88% cotton / nylon blend overalls that's been impregnated with flame retardant, will they be fine?
  11. Nope, the v9 spec c wheel has airbag, but it's black.
  12. You need to grab the clockspring as well, as the plugs at the wheel end are different, but apart from that it's a straight forward job. Just done a v9 spec c wheel into my v7
  13. Oh, it should have a little body roll, and going from an sti you should notice a lot more sag and roll in the arse of it. The rear sway bars are woefully small
  14. They drive like a sti, but a lot more punch down low. 1 bar boost is the target setting (14.7 psi) Run out of puff at the top end, lots of gains to be had from a return (new owner should have a chat to the sas lads, and should also come along to flatnats labour weekend!!!!!!!!)