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  1. My starting point would be a compression test, leak down and teekay test. Then, gamble on knowing what to expect
  2. New cert requirements basically mean if you aren't running the factory rails then your belt stalk has to be floor mounted, I'd chat to a certifier
  3. Mine doesn't use any oil, but my blowby ruffles your hair if you open the oil cap, and leaves a nasty film on the tmic. I hit 211kw at 400nm, couldn't add any more timing because of knock. Even if it was richened up, still knocked. Oil catch can (or air oil separator) and try again.
  4. @Subru what's your milage? Pull the tmic, check for a film of oil. Blowby will reduce your knock resistance quite a lot.
  5. Downpipe, 3port solenoid and tune be a bloody good way to get some good power gains
  6. Pull the white resonator off the back of the black box. The duct under the bonnet (that massive black scoop thing) feeds pressurised air into the air box, you remove that as well and you may as well run a pod. Keep that high pressure scoop thing. If you do decide to remove it, then yeah block up the hole and duct it down below the spotlight. But better to keep that duct thing there
  7. Some people rip it out and shove a Nexus tablet in to the hole, works well
  8. Looked at it as I took the bike to work... New arrow exhaust on the street triple sounds goooooodd
  9. Should get somewhere between6-8k for it, if current asking prices are anything to go by
  10. So is it the xt or the sti?
  11. Why would a 62mm gauge ever fit into a 60mm pod?
  12. Grimmspeed aos are cheap and do a pretty good job
  13. Yes and no. Was interesting watching my oil temp at the last flatnats, and gives you a good idea on warmup times and when you can give it death. Nice to have, not specifically needed. And +1 for @SAS, @gotasuby is a fantastic tuner, spent a bit of time there and will strongly recommend their work. Gc's all round
  14. No, you wouldn't have a good time with them, because you'd need to find the compliance documentation for your car and the testing, or you'd still have to floor mount the seatbelt stalk. The kyouu rails sold by nzkw are compliant for certs, but don't have a seatbelt stalk attached to em. (Again floor mount) The only way you'd pass a cert with the recaro rails is if the car left the factory in Japan with the optional recaro seats in it.
  15. All aftermarket seats (on non oe rails) have to have a floor mounted seatbelt. You get to drill holes in your transmission tunnel to mount that. Recent update to the cert threshold means that if it's the factory seats, the belt mounted on the rails is fine. If it's an aftermarket rail set, you have to provide a compliance document from the rail manufacturer at the time of cert stating that the rails are crash tested and safe (good luck with that) or floor mount the seat buckle.