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  1. Mantic clutches are pretty good, but in all honesty the best bang for buck clutch is the OEM one Definately resurface the flywheel too
  2. Have a look in the area sub forums if you're after waikato specific stuff, couldn't comment on what their meets are like
  3. The last sti wagon was the v7 bugeye, ended production October 2002. Check the chassis code, carjam is your friend. If the chassis code comes back as starting "gga" it's a wrx
  4. Depends on region, Auckland has one on the second Wednesday of the month alternating around 3 locations. Where are you based?
  5. no idea, for one reason or another (work, injuries etc) i've not made it to a meet in about 9 months, last one i was at had reasonable showing though. sututu recirc.... but theres no bov in the intercooler system... there should be a few hints hahaha once the car is on its suspension, with the other goodies attached and tuned, sure plenty of videos. till then though, its a case of breaking it in and tying up loose ends
  6. Oh mate you don't want to see it atm, she fiiiilthy. If I'm honest with everything that's been going on and the dramas and s*** it's not had a proper clean for about 12 months. Got a few more bits and pieces to go before it'll be ready, but this is a big hurdle out of the way. You'll see it if you're at the clubsub meet on Wednesday ...
  7. drove it home i can see this will be addictive, jeepers it has some epic sututu. gotta get Mr. genius man @gotasuby to tune it now, also ordered some complimentary goodies to go with it, finally coming together!
  8. Dropped off new (smaller base) air filter, should fit better. Oil leak found, one of the block plugs at the front, not oil pump. Win. Car being started and run up to temp, leak checked and first start oil filter check being done. Barring any other issues she'll be home tonight.
  9. Got it started Found an oil leak out the bottom of the oil pump. Mechanic to pull the oil pump out Monday, re seal, then crank and run for 45 mins ish. Then dump oil, check for shards of glitter in the oil filter, new break in oil in and drive it Let the break in begin. Need to sort out a time with @gotasuby to get it tuned... Chch is a bloody long way from Auckland but probably the only tuner I'd trust with my build
  10. The late model bright green calipers go yellow then brown if you get em warm, so just go straight for the brown and cut out the middle man hahaha
  11. Tinkered with the ecu tune image a nudge for first start and drive home tomorrow. Let's see what happens. I'm not holding my breath, I'd have assumed the first start on a new motor would have been done a day or 2 prior to collection. We'll see.
  12. Kiwi_Fozze

    Front guards on WRX

    Sti wagon doesn't have alloy arms. They came with gc8 steel arms Retrofitting gd alloy arms is very noticeable if you've only done one side
  13. Spent 2 hours back and forth across Auckland with a piping kit. Roll on Friday.let's see.
  14. It's not a small job. If you aren't a genius with wiring charts, it's going to cost you a fortune
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