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  1. I certainly will. Shocking job for a recommended repairer. No courtesy cars either.
  2. I'm at 9 weeks for this saga, starting with a stroppy islander and a hit and run just before flatnats. That and State insurance are spectacularly unhelpful about it all. Ugh.
  3. Got to the panel beaters just as they were closing up. Grabbed the car and headed home. Door not closed light on dash, interior light going. Hmmm ok. Got her home. List as follows: Bumper not blended into surrounding panels. Boot not blended Wings (both upper and lower) not painted or blended. One of my (nearly new) gas struts has been replaced with an old one that's covered in grease Mudflaps over tightened, forcing the spacer through the flap. Sti and impreza badges not reinstalled. I had to adjust Boot latch to hold the boot closed and the door open light off. This, on top of the unprofessional and rude attitude of the management staff and the fact that a 3 day repair took 7. Going to be ringing insurance company tomorrow.
  4. i have one. its FUXXING LOUD with the silencer out, and sounds like dragging plastic with the silencer in. like, drove from masterton to fielding at the flatnats before last, had a pounding headache for the rest of the day. fitment is average at best. its a bit short, and puts a lot of force on the turbo as it doesnt brace very well. im finally happy with mine, extended the mid section by about an inch and a half, and v-banded my sti genome tip to the back section. its now practical as a daily... lol its cheap for a reason. oh, and dont use the included up-pipe, its crap. its too big, kills response
  5. Gate must be either plumbed back or silenced and exit next to exhaust. It also needs certing. Don't do it. Not worth. Just get a tune.
  6. Be awesome if you did find it, will be having a chat to @Pappu1 re: break-in tune....
  7. @Subirex Automotive will after Christmas I believe
  8. Ajay at @Subirex Automotive has a sneeky sti forester or two that may be coming up for sale soon... ;-)
  9. When mine let go, there were 6 or 7 on the go at pbms, subtech had done 10 in the 2 months prior and had done another 3 by the time my clutch lunched itself, sublab had a few of em on the go and there was aparantly a massive shortage on head gaskets for them when mine died
  10. Oh don't get me wrong, the car was phenominal. Quick, comfy, quiet, lots of leg room in the back, it was an amazing car. Would buy another 2010+ but defo not another first or second rev (07-10) one...
  11. 2litre. Well documented off shore, as well as a phonecall to any of the major Subaru rebuilders, disproportionate numbers of failures, all with bad rings identified
  12. Yes, it is. Normally between 120-150k they let go. Bad piston rings, blowby carbon build up floats the bigends. Like, 500km post oil change, the oil is almost diesel black. Mine let go at 110 k
  13. Had a look through it, there is like zero avcs and a really conservative timing and fueling map lol. Either way, I'll give it a shot. Just gotta get it to chch hahaha
  14. I have a couple of tunes, but all for things like big injectors etc, I was hoping to find a stock equipment tune. I'm getting there though, got the pinouts sorted and planned out what I'm going to put where, but I was hoping to get the link installed and running before the new engine goes in, then write on a break-in map so it's less work to do in the one weekend
  15. +1 for @SAS @gotasuby Have used their mounts, bloody good. Very agressive for a daily though