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  1. The Perrin AOS I have had on the car since March 2010. No plastic fittings? No leaks.
  2. Perrin AOS
  3. ZSSC can switch between reading boost or rpm. No boost control.Therefore no clash with AVCR The ZSSC gives you the ability to raise the rpm switch points (within in a given rpm range). Single turbo --switch point--> Twin turbo mode (later) Twin turbo --switch point-> Single turbo mode (earlier)
  4. ECV = Exhaust Control Valve
  5. The IACV opens early on these cars. If you place a 0.8mm pill in line No:1 to the IACV. This will improve the transition. Read "Inside the BBOD" for details
  6. The VF30 non BB turbo (sleeve) same turbine wheel (9400) and P18 turbine housing. Does have slightly larger compressor wheel 46.5/60mm. The VF23-24-28-29 have 45.4/60mm compressor.
  7. The VF23-24-28-29 are BB turbos use the the same size compressor wheel and 11 blade turbine wheel. The VF23 has a P20 exhaust housing A/R while the rest have P18. The code on your exhaust housing is H4 for P18. H3 for P20. The turbine wheel has been cut back at the exducer which improves exhaust flow and improves top end power but reduces efficiency and consequently spool up.
  8. Green connectors and the 4 plug White block which requires 2 bridges.
  10. The VF25/26/27 use 6200 ( 8 blade- cut back) turbine wheel. The VF13/16/17/18/19/20/21/31/32/33 use 4600 (9 blade -36mm exducer) turbine wheel. The VF14 uses 5700 (9 blade- 39mm exducer) turbine wheel. So you can only directly interchange turbine housings that use the same turbine wheel.
  11. Yes the VF33 compressor side (Inducer 60mm/Exducer 50mm) is an exception to all the other TT turbos (46mm/36mm)
  12. Yes VF26 can be used as straight replacement.
  13. B136(24p) pin 9
  14. "The VF27 has no Waste Gate but the VF19 does, afaik. Someone will clarify." Secondary turbo waste gates only on the series I VF14 and VF17 turbos.
  15. The VF18/19 are almost equal turbos.The only difference is the exhaust housings P16/P18. The exhaust flow being common to both turbos you would only need one wastegate. If the exhaust was divorced ie Syms Parallel headers or front cross over pipe removed (CTS parallel twin turbo kit), then wastegate on the secondary would be required. The exhaust housing from a VF17 which has a waste gate would be a direct swap to the VF19 ECV is very narrow and convoluted thus restricting exhaust flow to the secondary turbo. Obtain another ECV and turn it into an up pipe (remove the valve flapper, port valve seat area and weld the arm) I have done this a few times when locating a new ECV post turbo.