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  1. Great idea for a thread boon. 1 thing i think that lacks at most workshops is accountabilty for what goes on at these places. We all spend as you have said time & hard earned cash on these cars. & basicly you show up they get you to sign a form sayn they are cleared of any & all fault should something goes wrong. Use health n saftey as an excuse so you carnt see when they are doing tuning or major work. While i understand they are doing there work people should be able togo check out there car being tuned or hell in this dayn age live feed it being done. Pricing is my other gripe. These places charge like a wounded bull i work for my self & understand we all have bills to pay but when you read not only on this forum but other what people are being told for cost is just down right robbery. Like the Wof standards being reveiwed here & more than likly cause of it we are all guna end up paying more for our wofs these places need to get there heads out of the clouds on what they charge for services. Tobe honest i pick up alot of work because they guys storys of what they have to charge for not only modification work but even just servicing work. But look forward to readn other comments
  2. Nope but bg legacy 250T with red injectors rails will fit your manifold & then will fit V5-6 injectors.
  3. Ive been making the bracket for awhile. I know they arent a fan of the alloy strip type mounting brackets & alway made them from m/s. Only thing they did change regs on was exstungusher clamping bracket has 2 straps not 1.
  4. If its a bracket from person running flatnats they are made to fit the passengers/drivers front seat mount bolts. But could go anywhere you like realy. If you make your own just make sure to use nylock nuts on the exstingusher bracket mount to steel. It wouldnt be fun if rattled loose
  5. Hello as i said to your dad when he rung me about the parts. With the hp your engine is running & hes already said your blowing 5 speeds now your best option is 6 speed. Dont see point in getting 5 speeds rebuilt if you know they are going to blow.
  6. Glad you have that option. No more cars on trademe for me.
  7. Was told 3 in welly area gone over night. Sorry to hear about yourz also
  8. As per title from upper hutt New paint on front half car 2 1/2 exhaust with rear twin pipe muffler sti pink shocks 16' speedlines. Pretty much factory car but has a couple small things that will make car stand out. Was towed away full alarm next to no gas fuses & sensors disabled while i had it parked where it was. Apears to be 1 of 3 stolen last night.
  9. I have modified this style of headers by deleting the silly Oring set up & putting flanges on instead & as mentioned above get ride of the flexi in up pipe. But you are correct horrible headers.
  10. Yeah that was a while ago. But i still wouldnt go there. Have cams valve spring. Getting steel type machine up would work. May be contact Jason lefting & see if hes able to.
  11. Ah sorry will adjust it. Yes for v3-4 i have heard of some bad story with timing marks being out. So while a name brand will/should be reliable they are just so costly
  12. As per my title. Going to modified camshafts. looking at what others are using. Comments,thoughts. Done a bit of searching & finding they are either gold $$ or not very accurate . Thanks
  13. Ive been using david for turbos on my own car & mates customer cars for years. Never had an issuse or have they. Good to deal with & has been involved in diffrant areas of motorsport for a number of years. Check out his fb page. Or if your local happy to show you turbos hes built for me.
  14. rumbley 2

    Underseal Removal

    If the car is totaly stripped out then propane torch & a scrapper. Doesnt need alot of heat toget it off. Wear gloves for sure. & media or sandblasters wont go near it as it blocks all there in floor filters
  15. Not to hard to find if you knownabout a thing called "ship tracker". Courts no how to use it now to. All you need is boats name & country of origin. World wide scan