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  1. I didnt think I would need it but was just checking They are just some -6AN to 5/16 barb fittings from NZKW.
  2. Hey there, Just wondering if any one has any tips for sealing AN fuel fittings. Is standard thread tape fine? or some liquid sealant better? cheers
  3. Leaning towards not doing rails. Will be running 850cc injectors and with big pump and only vf22 so only shooting for about 220-230kw.
  4. Hey there, Just after some direction regarding split rails. I am doing split rails, however i still have everything on the top of the engine in the stock location such as, power steering pump, alternator, aircon pump, manifold and TMIC. There is not a heap of spare room with all this stuff on there so does anyone have any tips of the best places to runs the Fuel lines? or experience doing split rails with all these things in stock location? it is reasonably tight underneath the manifold when trying to place two tee fittings under there. cheers.
  5. Hey there, Does anyone know a good colour match for the Red STI struts on GC8? Factory KYB suspension. Cheers
  6. Hey there, Does anyone know a good colour match for the Red STI struts on GC8? Factory KYB suspension. Cheers
  7. Yep, lateral arms were easy with sockets, and front trailing arm bushes I drilled out and cut with hacksaw, yet to pull out riggers from the car but will do tomorrow. Rear subframe is out so will drill and hacksaw cradle bushes. I was wondering how to do trailing arm rear bushes, being on the hub itself they look like a pita. Thanks for the tip with gear puller though. May have to revert to drilling and cutting A-arm front bushes too. Unless someone has a good tip for these. Should have them all done tomorrow 😁
  8. On a GC8. I have all subframe and arms out of the car. Got most of the rears done, but have just had to drill out and cut the steel lining and tapped it out for those ones. Seems to be working ok.
  9. Hey there, Does anyone have any tips on how to remove suspension bushings? I am replacing all bushings in front lower control arms and the rear trailing arms and subframe/diff etc. Been attempting with a vice but is it a bit of heat that is needed? Glad to hear any tips. Cheers
  10. Yes the DCCD with LSD does drive a lot different to a standard STI. The DCCD boxes are a lot closer ratio than standard so make the cars very snappy and feel fast which is really nice. Also in the general driving setting on the diff the power is split 70-30 to the rear. So you have a lot more drive going to the rear wheels than a standard STI. As you move up the settings this progressively locks the centre diff so in full lock mode you have a 50-50 torque split and fully locked centre diff. You would only use this on gravel though. As a bonus the sti ra and type r limited also come with 4 pot front brakes and 2 pots rears. They also dont have ABS braking. If you can definitely go for an RA or Type R . Hope that helps.
  11. Just wanting to know if anyone has feedback on the xtreme HD clutch kits? How do they compare to exedy? Cheers
  12. Only need to watch andy Forrest videos for inspiration for eg33 build. Go all out a twin turbo it.
  13. 13b impreza has been done. Was a track car. Also therebis an EG33 engine for sale on tm atm.
  14. Yes it is going into the V5, and i am running pushlock hose with 5/16 barb fittings all round for my split rail set up. I have been lookjng a GFB ones but dknt know how they compare to tomei etc