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  1. i have some STI pinks i don't need.
  2. Yep he has contacted me. Cheers.
  3. Yup i got my last order through @D1style but he also doesnt appear to be active anymore. Glad of any other hook ups.
  4. Hello there, Who is the retailer for whiteline over here? Or is there anyone with connections to whiteline product that can source parts for reasonable prices? I am needing to order some sway bar bushes, and possibly interested in the roll centre correction kit, pitch stop mount, and sway bar links, and maybe the rear shifter bushing. Can anyone help with this stuff? Cheers.
  5. Thanks that's helpful. That's most of it. Anyone else know what subframe to chassis bolts specs are?
  6. Hey there, Does anyone know where to find all torque specs for 1999 wrx STI? After specs for subframe bolts, diff mount bolts, etc. Basically all chassis bolts and sway bar mounts, and also engine torque specs too. E.g. exhaust and intake manifolds, clutch, flywheel etc. Be glad if someone can point me in the right direction. Cheers
  7. So you clamped the ends of the belt together against the other side of the belt close to the crank pulley so it held tight?
  8. Engine is on an engine stand, and belt has been removed.
  9. Hi there, Does anyone have any tips on removing cam pulley bolts that have been loctited? Cheers
  10. Can you please send me a price for process west intake kit for 1999 GC8
  11. Going to be in Melbourne area, so will scout out a few shops and check stock. Looks like everyone is charging $385aud. Quite a bit of money for doooorp noises. Not convinced as to how much gain I will see having this rather than stock intake when I tune the car.
  12. I'm actually in AU next weekend so perhaps I do some shopping.
  13. Out of interest, does anyone stock this sort of process west kit in NZ?
  14. Yes, the car will be getting a tune with link G4 regardless, to make the most of the bigger tmic, headers, and injectors and gone to vf22 over vf28.