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  1. Hey there, This has probably been asked many times but anyone have some tips on how much sealer to use when sealing a sump? Also do you normally run the beans of sealant around the outside of the bolt holes? I'm just paranoid about it leaking. Cheers
  2. Yes that's what I thought. That video wasnt arpund when I fitted the bushes. Did them a few months back and just fitted the diff this weekend to find out I had done it wrong. Now for some fun removing rear subframe and trying to get bushes out again. Haha
  3. GC8s are a bit different to later model ones I think. There is no washer. The bushing it self isnt deforming as the insert tube just pushes through. Basically what is happening is the diff doesnt touch the face of the bush., so when you tighten the nut it just pulls the bush tube through the bushing. If the bush was the other way around the diff should sit against the face of the bush. Just wanted to confirm if anyone had done this exact. Bush mount in GC8.
  4. Yer this is a complete replacement bushing. GC8 whiteline part W91380.
  5. Hey there, Has anyone here installed whiteline rear diff bushings? The bushes are steel clawed and have more rubber out one side than the other. I have installed and pair according to a US forum that said to have the side with more rubber facing the rear of the car, however I have installed my diff today and I have a gap between the diff and the Bush. Wanting to confirm if anyone has had this or done it before.
  6. Yep will be removing boot sub. I'm not after the best sound system out there as audio is not my main focus for the car but it would be nice to have it operating better than it is. when I fade to the back my 6x9s are extremely quiet so I think there is something messed up wiring.
  7. Dont mean to hijack thread but any recomendation to sound systemninstallers in south auckland/ franklin area? I installed some Sony, 6x5s up front and 6x9s in rear parcel shelf of gc8 with 12 inch sub. using wiring from previous owner but the sound quality was crap. Might do away with the sub in the boot as it was a bit of a pain. Not worried super good quality but just want to get the list out of the speakers I have. Without doing sound deadening etc.
  8. Here is the link I went off. I researched it all and purchased all the parts but never got to fitting the set up in the car. This should give you pretty clear instructions.
  9. I believe any v7 one will work. I think @Niran had a for sale listing with v7 master cylinder. Think he had a few other parts for the conversion that came out of his restore project. I sold my complete v7 intercooler conversion kit to the previous owner of his type R project.
  10. I cant locate the link I used but from memory the things you need to do are. Offset clutch cylinder or cut the stock reservoir down and clamp it back to cylinder. Modified mounting brackets. Longer turbo to intercooler hose. You need to shorten the hose from intercooler, to intake manifold so tmic can fit in between fire wall. Possibly need to run aftermarket bov, or make your own hose to recirc the stock v7 bov. V7 intercooler splitter, you will need to drill new mounting holes to make this fit your bonnet. May need to put some rubber on the gearbox pitch stop mount to stop intercooler from rubbing or rattling on it. I think that's mostly it.
  11. so engine still isn't in the car yet, am now considering the catch tank idea after a bit of research. Ideally i'd like something that is made to fit to retain a semi factory look, which it appears RCM are about the only guys that do a purpose built kit for the GC8, however it is expensive. I would be open to some ideas on what others have done in their GC8's, and where they have been fitted the tanks and what kits they have used etc.
  12. I have often thought about this. The easiest model for this would be a gc8 RA as they dont have ABS. It would give great potential to have a huge Snail with plenty of room and remain efficient with pipework.
  13. NST is one place i forgot about. the NST parts website doesn't seem to work. who is the contact there?
  14. ok, i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong but it is showing $100 shipping for two sway bar bush kits then another $40 shipping for roll centre kit.
  15. anyone out there know of any other places to get whiteline parts??? i don't seem to be getting anywhere with BNT on anything that isn't in stock. can't even get pricing or shipping costs on sway bar bushes that aren't stocked. starting to get a bit frustrated. The shipping costs on the sway bar bushes through that spares box joint is showing $55 for each part. which is a bit ridiculous.