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  1. GC8's are the best anyway. Lighter than any of the later model chassis, make the same power from factory. And best raw power delivery out of the box imo. They dont have huge top end but hey who needs top end in a gc8 anyway, they were designed for rallying and to point and shoot from A to B fast, not break speed records.
  2. I run a 4kg flywheel. Car drives a lot nicer with it imo. I always blip throttle on downshift anyway so never had any issues. I would recommend it.
  3. Just fyi Your probably not the only guy that had their full licence by 17 and flew threw everything and always driven 200kw cars. Also karma is a bitch
  4. hi, has anyone had any experience with the Kinugawa TD05-18g from driven performance? i am moving up from a vf28 and was going to go to a VF30, would there be any benefits of going with a TD05-18g instead of the VF30? aim is to get around 220kw atw, with good response and bottom end-top end power/torque. not chasing huge numbers. going to be running de-capped yellow injectors with split rails and v7 TMIC on a GC8 with silicone undermani pipe and cold airbox, 3inch exhaust. look forward to hearing thought.
  5. What are peoples thoughts on the best solution to getting intake manifolds coated? I am wanting to get as close to factory as possible with a wrinkle red that is long lasting.
  6. just by the way, i'm not too bad myself, bud.
  7. I'm opposite, I have a lightened flywheel and think it's great. A lot nicer to drive with, and after a few km's with it you get used to the difference in Rev drop. You just have to be a little bit quicker and smoother in gear change when just cruising around. I'd never go back.
  8. Reasonably good variety in there. i missed the point in the email they sent out about stating you would be available on those dates. dammit maybe why i wasn't considered.
  9. you can't get more WRX than a 22B!!!!! no use get technical over the finer details, seriosuly, it is the subaru flagship!!!! why would they ever not include them. i mean hey i never got picked and i believe my V5 STI RA ltd would be one of the tidiest totally standard ones out there. at the end of the day, if ya wanna go to leadfoot you'll go there anyway.
  10. Did you see the bike in yard at all.
  11. it was stolen from Annex street Middleton from the Southern Salvage yard. only had about 120hrs on the clock.
  12. i am running a lightened flywheel and have never had any grinding noises. no reason why a lightened fly wheel should make grinding noises.
  13. I do but seem to have trouble uploading them. It had an orange bung in the exhaust but this may have been removed.
  14. Hi all, not car related but i had a 2009 KXF250 stolen off the back of a truck in a transport yard in chch over night. It was in mint condition had black graphics on the front number panel and also the side guards. if anyone sees anything pop up on facebook or by chance in chch area please let me know asap. it was stolen from middleton area. i know chances are slim but i guess its worth a shot. regards pat.