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  1. Hey guys, Looking to put some roof racks on my 2005 sti forester. What roof racks have you guys used? And how do they fit? I had some lying around from another car but they are not compatible with the forester rails. Glad of your help. Cheers
  2. so i ended up purchasing a set of these NZKW headers (for better or for worse) but they look good anyway. what is everyones experience with wrapping them? or would i be better to hpc coat them? or are the best left as they are and make up some heat sheilds to protect engine components around them?
  3. Hey there, Wheres is the best place to buy whiteline gear? Cheers
  4. Have to sat v10 is a nice looking car. I just like the gc8 for the fact its old skool raw power. No fluff and bubbles. Went in a couple of v11's they have very smooth power delivery. But go well. Also went in a v11, R205 which was smooth but very quick. Very very nice car and also 6 pot brakes were amazing
  5. Edited my post as i realised i was a bit quick to respond without reading further that the car was in limp mode. However i do feel v7's lack a bit of punch in stock form from what im used to. Long live gc8's
  6. How did you move the bov? Where did you out it. I think i have brackets sorted now.
  7. Yep brackets are quite different. And also the silicone elbow on the piping needs to be a bit longer. Due to the v5 manifold design having the throttle body further towards the firewall
  8. Hi, Has anyone here fitted a v7 sti intercooler into a gc8? If so what did you do for the intercooler brackets? How did you get on putting it into the car? I have v7 clutch master and all that stuff. Otherwise, does anyone have a 99-00 gc8 process west tmic they want to sell? Cheers
  9. They are a complete overkill for what im doing, but just got the gimmies a bit. I was going to use factory side feed rails and flare them do a split rail set up with the yellows. But was recommended by engine builder to do it properly and use proper fittings. Which led me to aftermarket fuel rails. Which most side feed ones look cheap and nasty. And then i saw these😀. So using them with some sti pinks i have laying around. Didnt get dampers. Just running aftermarket fuel reg.
  10. They fit factory sti pink injectors and also have different sizes spacers for bigger aftermarket ones. As some aftermarket injectors are taller. There is a long list of injectors that fit. Looks like a nice kit. Looking forward to it arriving.
  11. Radium auto top feed rail conversion kit for the RA.😁
  12. Nah its in a 1984 VW vanagon T25. V4 STI motor
  13. Single Scroll. not certain what brand. after $90