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  1. Hey there, Just wondered if anyone has a reference for torque settings. In particular the following. Front control arm torque settings? For front inner bush, antilift kit bolts. Ball joint and tie rod end castle nut torque settings. Top strut bolt torque settings. Both actual strut bolt and the three mounting bolts Axle hub nuts torque. Gearbox mount torque settings. Be glad of anyone's help.
  2. Hey guys, I am getting closer to the end of my project and wondering what to do about my turbo timer. Car has one installed however, from memory it didnt always work, and I never figured out how to sort it out. Is anyone running turbo timers these days? Just wondering, should I get a new one? Fix this one? Or get rid of it altogether? Are they really needed? As I'm not sure that I really need it. Be glad of some feedback.
  3. Cool that's good to hear. Ordered one yesterday and it turned up this mornig
  4. Has anyone used silverdale radiators?
  5. Hey there, Looking for a new radiator. Any recommendations? I want something decent but not over the top price wise. Also dont want anything cheap and nasty. Cheers
  6. Ok that's really good to know. I wont be doing much track work so i am guessing the stock mounts will be fine for mostly road driving. I absolutely want to stay away from a cert if possible.
  7. Hi there, Just after some feedback on rear sway bars and sway bar mounts. I have a 22mm whiteline rear sway bar I want to fit to my GC8. Do I need to use the big whiteline rear sway bar mounts? Or can I get away with using the stock mounts? Are the stock mounts going to bend? Reason I ask is that I also have a cusco rear chassis bar I want to fit also, because I can fit the rear diffuser to this, because I think it looks cool. However, I cannot fit chassis bar and the whiteline sway bar mounts together without modifying the chassis bar. Be glad to hear if most people just use stock sway bar mounts or use heavier ones. Cheers
  8. Yep, went right around the holes and a solid line fo sealer right around. Confident it will be fine. Cheers
  9. Hey there, This has probably been asked many times but anyone have some tips on how much sealer to use when sealing a sump? Also do you normally run the beans of sealant around the outside of the bolt holes? I'm just paranoid about it leaking. Cheers
  10. Yes that's what I thought. That video wasnt arpund when I fitted the bushes. Did them a few months back and just fitted the diff this weekend to find out I had done it wrong. Now for some fun removing rear subframe and trying to get bushes out again. Haha
  11. GC8s are a bit different to later model ones I think. There is no washer. The bushing it self isnt deforming as the insert tube just pushes through. Basically what is happening is the diff doesnt touch the face of the bush., so when you tighten the nut it just pulls the bush tube through the bushing. If the bush was the other way around the diff should sit against the face of the bush. Just wanted to confirm if anyone had done this exact. Bush mount in GC8.
  12. Yer this is a complete replacement bushing. GC8 whiteline part W91380.
  13. Hey there, Has anyone here installed whiteline rear diff bushings? The bushes are steel clawed and have more rubber out one side than the other. I have installed and pair according to a US forum that said to have the side with more rubber facing the rear of the car, however I have installed my diff today and I have a gap between the diff and the Bush. Wanting to confirm if anyone has had this or done it before.
  14. Yep will be removing boot sub. I'm not after the best sound system out there as audio is not my main focus for the car but it would be nice to have it operating better than it is. when I fade to the back my 6x9s are extremely quiet so I think there is something messed up wiring.
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