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  1. Hi there, does anyone have any pointers as to where i could get the best deal on 5 speed Exedy HD clutch and lightened fly wheel for 1999 STI RA. cheers.
  2. I have priced them for headers only before but i decided it was quite expensive but you have persuaded me back into this idea. I also have a 3 inch hks stainless down pipe, would you recommend doing this the same? Also when you say you had the turbo done, was it just the exhaust housing? Or the whole lot? I have a 3yr old vf22 in mint condition but i could be tempted to coat this as well if it would help improve things.
  3. Would you care to share some photos? If you ran with ceramic coating would this suffice by itself? Or would you still heatsheild as well Very interested in these options as i want to do it once and do it properly.
  4. Ok i had looked into that a bit but just not sure what way to go about the sheild and what to mount it off. Have you had any experience or got any tips? I was wondering about mount from the cam covers some how but the main areas i am wanting to sheild is radiator, cam covers and also inbetween sump and headers as they run very close. Would you still wrap up pipe? Or just use this stuff for that as well?
  5. Hi there, I am going to be wrapping my NZKW unequal length Headers soon and was interested to know what the best way to wrap them is? i have seen some people wrap each runner separately and others wrap two runners together. does anyone have experience as to what is best? cheers.
  6. Awesome. Thats good to this is additional to the factory wiring? Sorry im not much good with electrical stuff.
  7. Out of interest what is the wiring mod?
  8. Depends how much power you want but i have seen some builds close to 300kw running big side feeds. There are 650cc JECS side feeds on TM for a good price that would save a lot if hassle than going top feed. The only way to make radium kit work is to buy the upgraded rails that suit the late model v8+ sti's that are top feed from factory. And then use those rails with the mounting hardware from the v1-6 conversion kit. This is basically merging two of the products they do. I have a top feed conversion kit for sale as i am in the same boat, but i didnt find out that oem top feeds don't fit until the kit arrived here. Awesome kit for big hp build though
  9. I eventually had an email response from the seller saying it was his ex flatmate that had used his account. Which i think is a load of rubbish as all communications re payment and shipping were directly with him from his own email address. I dont think i am going to get anywhere with it. I have since listed it back on trademe stating the issues it has. Just need to get what i can back out of it. Will be dropping it to a $1 reserve auction. So if anyone needs parts from it bid away.
  10. So would i see reasonable gains by going to flex fuel. Even with basic forged ej207, factory intake mani and 3inch exhaust with 850cc injectors and vf30 turbo and v7 tmic in my RA? Will obviously be running a link to run it all
  11. Just stay stock and enjoy hahahaha
  12. Yep totally indrstand it is only a VF. Nut it fits my purpose. Not chasing big numbers. Id be happy with anything around 210kw but if i could get closer to 220kw that would be perfect. Reason for vf22 was to gain a bit more top end power. But since i've found out it is stuffed, and i cant get a response from the guy who sold it too me, i am curious to know if there is any way i can use parts i have and still gain a bit of top end over the stock vf28.
  13. This is exactly what i am wanting to confirm. They do look a different design. If they dont fit properly there is no point in doing it and having some half arsed mismatched thing.
  14. It sounds like housings may swap over due to both being ball bearing turbos Would i gain anything over a stock vf28 by putting the vf22 compressor housing onto the vf28? Can anyone help?
  15. Hi there, Has anyone had any experience with changing turbo housings in vf turbos. I have a vf22 thats has too much end play. And i wondered if i would achieve anything by putting the vf22 p20 exhaust housing onto one of my good condition vf28s? Is it possible? Also would the compressor housing be interchangable as well? Or would that require wheel change?