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  1. Seems the biggest clearance issue will be between the tire and the spring perch. Just measure how much you currently got. If there's less than 15 mm in there you have your answer. People use Outback struts as a workaround. Bit dodgy for my liking.
  2. Hi Bobby. Unless someone tried that exact setup there's no certainty. There's a thread with many-many wheels. Yours will be the third wheel in that post Width should be a non-issue granted the same offset. But you're trying to add an inch of height. So will need 13 mm of clearance up top. Please also note, some tires, I'm looking at you RE003, are mighty fat compared to the same sizes from other manufacturers.
  3. Yay. New: Should be darn easy.
  4. Old? Wrights Hill Fortress. Not sure, can't see Subru's photos anymore.
  5. Related question. Could someone please advise if impedance could be different on front/rear channels without damaging the amplifier?
  6. Killed front pads on this trip. Please pace yourselves. With engine braking, the pads were due.
  7. New: Sorry for the scratches on the car. The rear bumper is a mess. It'll take a while to fix. Just bought her recently. Checked the forum before taking a photo.
  8. Easy indeed. The old place was Block Road Skateboard Park. If I'll get this one the next one will be less urban. As per @IZichard, getting there should be somewhat exciting.
  9. I've edited the post, to include the location for the next round. Totally new. Hello, everyone.
  10. Old: Corner Fergusson Drive and Barton Road New