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  1. v-band outlet length is about 5mm longer on the SS. The TS 0.61 and 1.01 housing are miles apart in size, yet the distance from the inlet to the outlet is the same and they both bolt up to the same exhaust. There is no reason that I can see for the SS to longer either.
  2. It turns out that the single entry turbine housings are a slightly different shape to the the twin scroll... so my original turbine no longer fits. So I will have to stick the twin scroll for the time being
  3. It's full twin scroll... I have tried the 0.61 and 1.01 of this https://www.nzperformance.co.nz/gtx30r-turbine-housing-kit-t3-dual-entry
  4. I was thinking something along these lines... at highs revs half the motor is strangled and/or the air is hitting the turbine at an angle that is totally ineffective... and the other half of the motor on it's own, doesn't have the flow to drive big numbers. So the TS best of both worlds, turns into the worst of both worlds.
  5. I had to change three things at a time as neither my headers, up pipe or turbo were twin scroll... I haven't jump to any conclusions yet. I will go back to the original turbo and see what happens... if it's still not performing I will put the original headers and up pipe back on. If all good, I have to figure out if the headers or up pipe is the problem... that means modifying my SS up pipe to match the TS headers. If all good, then the up pipe was bad... if not, then the headers are to blame... and I have to buy more headers. Already spent huge amounts of money on parts and labour and am pretty tapped out, so can't do too much more for a while.
  6. The spool was okay mostly before, it was just a pain in ass when on unfamiliar roads. I was going to deal to it with anti lag, but my headers were not strong enough... hence the upgrade to the oem twin scroll headers as I was informed that they were both strong and would flow more than enough top end for my current power levels. I unfortunately got greedy and saw the opportunity to increase performance by converting to twin scroll completely. I very much hope that if I go back to the old SS turbo, my performance will come back and then I can decide if I need to go up in size or not... but I will never touch a TS turbo again.
  7. I will check, but I actually think the spool is okay for such a big housing... not having the pay off of a stronger top end (considering the amount of heat been generated from the 0.63 SS suggested it was restricted up top) is what really burns. I was going to get some anti lag setup to deal with the spool, but fully expected more top. 280 down from 300 doesn't sound bad, but it really feels like a lot more has been lost.
  8. STi v8/9 headers... up pipe started out as matching unit, but was modified so much that I think only the flange survived. So basically, only change was headers, up pipe and turbine housing. I originally had a .61 TS housing, but it was a complete fail... 40 psi of back pressure and only made 220kw. I will put the SS back on and see what happens... not sure if I have a header/up pipe fail, or just the turbine housing fail at this point. I would definitely put the 0.83 SS on... the twin scroll housings are starting to look like lemons.
  9. I believe so. Not actually had a chance to have a close inspection.
  10. I should have explained the dyno sheet... the green line (307kw) is the single scroll 0.63 AR... the red line is twin scroll 1.01 AR. BP98 with both plots. There are cams, though I don't know what spec unfortunately... no AVCS. Wastegate comes off the top of the up pipe and straight across to the downpipe... the boost control works well and it hold boost.
  11. My conversion of a GTX3076r to twin scroll (1.01 ar) hasn't been a success and I am going to put the original 0.63 single entry housing back on and hope the performance comes back. The car feels a lot worse on the road than the dyno sheet would suggest. Very laggy and weak top end.
  12. The venturi exhaust thing is real too
  13. That's where it normally goes. It's definitely tight in there though... especially with the steering column... so make sure you get a good fabricator on to it.
  14. Filthy little boy racers venting to atmosphere.
  15. I think you should buy a good quality intercooler and BOV and then pay someone to pipe it up nicely... the way you want it.
  16. At a guess the turbo size difference and the difference in CR will be handled within the envelope of safety that the factor ECU provides. You can always put it on a dyno to check... worst case you will have to flash the ecu to correct or install a simple piggy back ECU.
  17. Looks like you can do a direct swap from all that info. You'll have a higher compression ratio, so more responsive off boost, and more power on boost. It will be more prone to knock, so use good fuel and be careful how much boost you put into it.
  18. https://www.summitracing.com/int/search/part-type/wheel-alignment-parts/front-alignment-kit-style-application/eccentric-bolts
  19. Come on, there is no reason why an MX5 could not whoop a WRX's behind at an autox... it's entirely dependent on the layout and the hair dresser behind the wheel.
  20. I have used castrol edge 10w60 and motul 300v 15w50... the oil pressure is definitely a lot more stable with the motul. I think the consumption is slightly less as well. You do pay a lot more for it though, and would not put it in a road car... james marshall motorsport (jmms.co.nz) is the cheapest place I have found to buy it btw.
  21. Don't try and increase the power... you have a 1.5 with no turbo, so it's going to be very hard to increase the power. I personally would not spend any money on it... just drive it the way it is and enjoy it.