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  1. Paging @Kiwi_Fozze
  2. Since you're obviously fine with a bit of mix'n'match, you should cut the end off the Impreza bonnet and guards and merge them into your Forry. Wouldn't be tooooooo huge a task, just cut them nice and clean then use the cut as the template for where you cut the Forester items, tack weld, put a backing plate on, seam weld, grind, sand, bog, sand, paint. Done?
  3. I wouldn't say it's even a swap, it's like you've attached Impreza headlights to the front of a Forry but they don't look like they even vaguely belong there It kinda suits the rest of the setup though. And the overall thing is just mental, good on ya.
  4. I was still TMIC, I have one of the Zerosports splitter things but not other ducting. Your best bet for this is to talk to Tony, he had his setup sorted as.
  5. Intercooler sprayers yes, radiator sprayers no. If you can keep a car at 93 degrees while caning the crap out of it with a cheap radiator + ducting, no point in the added weight/complication of a radiator spray setup.
  6. Losing the HIDs would be a deal breaker for me They look fairly sweet though.
  7. The crank case and rocker cover breathers are all tee'd together and fed into the intake pre-turbo. So they should in theory all be under a slight and equal vacuum. This is also why occasionally a Subaru will go full batmobile-smoke-screen on a long sweeping corner, when a big gulp of oil gets slurped up a breather and subsequently goes through the motor.
  8. I doubt your STs or Citroens have a flat motor. It is a flat engine problem, the oil pools in the rocker covers due to the effective CoG of the oil system being above the rim of the sump, preventing oil draining back. You still get some oil issues on a transverse mounted inline motor but you need way, way more G-force before the oil will climb the walls of the sump/block.
  9. I had forgotten what a mess our engine bays are, stock. Throw half that stuff away and you have way more room Tbh unless you're tracking it then a catch-can setup, IMO, will turn into quite an expensive mod that does exactly F***-all... if your engine is breathing oil heavily enough to affect performance then you have other issues.
  10. $100 is a steal, I had a GC8 one that sold in about 3 minutes for $400.
  11. I just went into a Pitstop with a stud and asked for 5 more of them. They had a big tray and were cheap as, like $10 for 5 or something, with nuts. I paid cash and it probably went into the beer fund
  12. Turbo has run out of puff then. Or can't get gasses out of the motor fast enough. Pretty standard Subaru stuff really.
  13. Thicker HG will affect both CR and quench, you're increasing the volume of the combustion chamber. Yep even a lot of aftermarket Subaru pistons are a (rounded) square bowl. @Inked it means you're effectively running a sliiiightly higher compression ratio, so it just means you will, in theory, require less boost to generate the same pressure on the power stroke.
  14. As a side note, the type of detonation/knock you're getting isn't dieseling (spontaneous explosive combustion of the contents of the cylinder due solely to compression) but when timing is added (advanced) the mixture is burning too quickly, or burning explosively (all at once instead of an advancing flame front), but the long and short of it is you're getting peak cylinder pressure before a couple of degrees after (I think it's just after that you want, but I've had a coupla wines...) TDC. This means that the explosion is fighting the rise of the piston initially instead of helping it to go down (across, yay Subaru) the cylinder. There's a variety of possible causes and it can be a bugger to track down; recently it seems that quite a few V7 motors have been prone to it. Current theories are excessive blowby causing loss of octane/knock resistance, and the exhaust valves floating combined with high exhaust backpressure allowing exhaust gasses to linger in the cylinder, causing increased cylinder temperature and increased chance of detonation.
  15. If he gains 53kw from a tune I'll be staggered but crazier things have happened!