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  1. boon

    Light upgrades

    Best bet is to get some good quality high-output HID bulbs and give the headlight lenses a good polish. I'm running genuine Philips bulbs in mine and they're pretty good.
  2. They have EL headers. They are a budget option for getting an EL header if you want to do that, because the flange location matches a turbo up-pipe.
  3. Don't bother, I ran 230kw for years with no issues with the stock inline rail configuration.
  4. You do what you can eh, I've left my arms looking like a teenager with some serious emotional issues after sound deadening a couple of doors. Amazing how much stuff back there is slicey as a slicey thing.
  5. Did you do the outer door skin as well? I find that's equally important for sound quality purposes.
  6. If you have 0.5v between the sensor ground and ground-ground then you have a wiring fault, bad ECU ground or bad loom ground, or just maybe you have a failing alternator rectifier and some AC is getting into your electrics. Disconnect the loom from the ECU and measure the resistance between the pins on the sensor end of the loom and the ECU plug end.
  7. I'm gonna play devils advocate and say that unless you can find something else that killed it (failed injector or something) then it almost certainly was the tune, a little bit of knock will savage your big ends. Relatively low kms and power to have it run a bearing.
  8. boon

    Up Pipes

    Is the uppipe itself leaking or the flange between it and the header? If it's definitely the up-pipe, I'd probably just ring a wrecker and get another factory one. The Redline ones are fine; some people had issues with the flexis in them but I think my twisted one was built from a Redline one and it's been fine for years.
  9. A 2.5 CVT Outback will, I 100% guarantee, have an open centre diff; there's a decent chance that the car is effectively 2wd until it detects some slip anyway. I wouldn't stress about it.
  10. Aerodynamically the same, but presumably a cheaper, heavier material. Same flow potential, worse spool and transient response.
  11. Wow that S257 is outrageously good value. Journal bearing though, I presume? So you don't get the magic beans of the EFR centre section, but outside of that is appears to be aerodynamically the same turbo.......
  12. Ahh, 7163 then. As long as it will fit, otherwise you'll need one with Indy housings, and they're a fair bit rarer than the 6758's.
  13. What size is your motor? Still 2.0? I'd seriously consider an IndyCar 6758 if you can find one. May well give you the largest area under the curve due to insane spool characteristics. Use a big gate so you can let the engine breath a bit easier up top. Otherwise, EFR7163 twinscroll IWG if the packaging works. Buy @McMasterJamie's one.
  14. Haha 3 out of 4 tyres agree that they are s*** and need replacing. Set of four and an alignment tomorrow then Otherwise passed! Go the Legacy.
  15. Took it in to fail it's WoF. 99% chance of new tyres today.