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  1. Whoops I was kinda assuming everyone was working with our sweet sweet 8krpm fun. Yes, 6k redline would give him about 1500rpm of usable power
  2. Jeeeeez I wouldn't put any of that additive stuff in a car I didn't plan on immediately selling. All some of those additives do is swell rubber seals, including ones that really shouldn't be swelling.
  3. Yeah I just went with it, steering is bang on. >_< The steering in my STI is "bang on" and I can tell from eyeballing the car that the alignment is completely up the S***, that's how far out it is. We're talking a couple of degrees between being completely hopeless and completely fine.
  4. Get some used springs. Are there some STI pink ones that would do what you need? Then later if you do a few other mods together that need certing, you can get adjusties and do it all at once; you'll get most of your money back on the springs. EDIT: $2k is a lot of money to spend on something that may make your car handle worse.
  5. Not to be a dick, but with what's been in the media lately I really, really hope that's not a public area you're ripping helis on.
  6. Yeah doing an engine swap just to have the fundamentally somewhat flawed TT motor is not a great idea. But seriously, just buy a turbo one. By the time you do the work you will be in to it for maybe double the cost of a turbo one, and have something worth less than a turbo one. To answer the question; to do it properly you would need: -Fuel pump -Exhaust -Long motor and ALL the bits that hangs off it. -ECU -Quite possibly a huge amount of wiring work, or a loom swap -Probably a gearbox -Driveshaft (for cert purposes) -Probably at the very least front brakes (again for cert purposes) -A cert
  7. Can you elaborate? I know I've been a big supporter of large laggy turbos but I am rather looking forward to this:
  8. I wouldn't bother with a cap. There's a lot of arguments for and against.... personally I think unless you get a really enormous one they don't do much.
  9. The solution is simple then, BorgWarner EFR. What's that car in the latest NZPC got? Something like a Destroker 2.3 with a EFR8374, twin scroll, that will get you there.
  10. What are you hoping to achieve with it? I suspect in many instances, unless you went for a highly customised turbo, a Holset would be a step backwards from a GTX. Holset is tough as anything and easily rebuildable, but in terms of flow and spool, as well as good results on Subarus, the edge would go to the Garrett.
  11. Yup, I'm going with rocker cover gasket.
  12. They won't be ID1000's or 1050X's, not for $150 each anyway. If you're going to be spending solid coin (Injectors, maybe front mount, tune blah blah) then spend the extra $1000 and get a turbo that will deliver 260-270wkw instead of 230 or so.
  13. I used to run a 12000wrms system in a GF8. Stock alternator. 2 enormous batteries in the rear footwells though. A decent car battery will comfortably provide 400A for a short transient load. But when you factor in all the happy things like impedance rise, there's a very good chance that while playing music you'll never get a sustained draw of more than about 40A. I wouldn't worry about the alternator.