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  1. Heh, I rate the hell out of my old man's ASX. Assume you didn't have the 2.3L common rail turbo diesel? More torque than a WRX, it hauls arse off the line. Gobs of power for a small vehicle.
  2. What's that, about 6 seconds? Bloody good for a tractor. Doesn't sound too uninspiring either 🤔
  3. Quite good torque gains through a broad rev range, interesting. Thanks for sharing your data.
  4. It's probably the switch that lets you start the car. I'm sure you've noticed it won't crank without the clutch in.
  5. Smell could also be a leaky rocker cover gasket. It's at the age that they start leaking. But more likely some substance got on the downpipe/exhaust when they were working on the trans and is burning off. It can take a little while.
  6. I'm going to wildly speculate and ask if this is yet another case of a pseudo-"performance" workshop being a bit s***?
  7. I can only speak to the GDB. Really nicely made, very good fitment, made good doooorpy sounds. For a stock turbo, makes three fifths of f***-all difference. I'd only do it if I needed to for intercooler pipe reasons, unless you really really want it to go DOOORP
  8. Am I missing something with the arrows? I've never really understood why you would need them.
  9. Replica Rotas, oh the irony 😂
  10. I'll be keeping an eye out for a well-priced R3. Performance seems similar and the wrong-facing thing would just annoy me. Also I don't really feel a huge need for the arrows, if a police car with radar running is closing on your from behind then you're probably not going to get a ticket, other than maybe for going too slow. Also having a nosy around the Escort Max Ci Platform, as I really am a big fan of hardwired detectors.
  11. Their website specifically says they will clear Brembos, I guess it's just clearance from other bits and pieces you have to worry about. There's just something about supporting blatant knock-offs like that that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They could at least change them a little bit?
  12. Instead of the Rota DPT how about the wheel they copied, Volk CE28N 18x9.5
  13. Scored a whole lot of interior (steering wheel, carpet, dash pad, A-pillar trims) to replace all of these in my Legacy as they are really tatty
  14. In things I actually did today, oil and filter on the Legacy, and 4 out of 6 of the spark plugs. All the clips on the passenger side are really brittle, after the front one broke the clip off and I had to ziptie the plug onto the coil (arghhhhhhh!) I decided it was a S*** job anyway and I will pay someone to do the remaining 2 plugs. EDIT: I also eyeballed the STI and made turbo noises in my head.
  15. Bollocks, I would be staggered if they were faster than an RS4. EDIT: Or a Stagea 260RS Autech.