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  1. "Nesterz Webtech" from Ahmedabad, India are the clever folks behind that post by the looks of things. Claim to be SEO wiZaRds by the looks of their site, also do "paid marketing". Dicks.
  2. Posted from an IP in India. I have contacted the company, I wonder if they know that the people they're presumably paying for "SEO" or something are spamming forums.
  3. I got 26401FA030 for generic Impreza including fast ones? Also Forester.
  4. Yep, I saw one of your runs, didn't get it on camera though. Figured it was you. Car sounded very racecar, plenty of good pops and crackles. The V8 Skyline sounded rather glorious too.
  5. Nice! I was watching from the harbour... even caught a few fish. The sound echoing off the hills was pretty excellent.
  6. What @Loren said. I've tried a bunch of different wraps and all of them turn to S*** inside a couple of years. If you absolutely must wrap then the lava rock stuff, also sold by Pro Wholesale (I think?) is probably my pick of the bunch.
  7. The red '05ish ones are 91502FE160. Older (but probably the same?) is 91502FE040.
  8. Yeah do the KYBs. STI struts are just KYBs and the sedan ones will make a mess of your camber due to the sedans being wider.
  9. Hahaha even taking it for a WoF with a straight pipe is pretty brave of you
  10. I hate to break it to you but no matter what exhaust or tune you put on it you won't get any rumble. The 05 STI has equal length headers, so they don't rumble, period.
  11. It will be obnoxiously loud, at least put a resonator in, unless you like yarning with policemen and little green windscreen stickers.
  12. Your struts don't care what swaybar you're running. Cuscos tend to be way too firm for NZ roads, and hard to get parts for. Tein have a huge range from "probably worse than the stock struts" to full blown serious track level. KYB are more or less what an STI has from the factory (I think?) Megan racing, unless I'm very much mistaken, are just another rebrander - think BC, XYZ, and about 200 other Taiwan/Chinese built struts that all look and work about the same.
  13. You trade off making your car slower and kinda raping your turbo in exchange for a bit of "sututututu" noise. Each to their own, but IMO there's a pretty good reason Mr Subaru put a BOV on the car in the first place.
  14. They are the same style suspension arrangement but I have NFI how much would swap over. You could maybe look into what's involved in swapping the hubs; for example you can put V9/10 hubs into the V7-8 rear carriers no problem, and then presumably the axles would swap over too? It gets complicated around things like ABS though; the BL/BP's have the ABS signal ring integrated into the hub, unsure what setup the GRB uses, or if the signal would make sense to the BL's ABS computer if you swapped out the whole assembly. EDIT: Actually I just went and looked at the 2 part diagrams and the conclusion is hell no, it won't work, sorry
  15. Why not just a hole in the headers? It will make the car even slower. First question is what you're actually hoping to achieve. If it's just fully hektik noise... maybe consider just not doing it. Lots of money to spend to probably make your car slower and look like a complete tool-bag.