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  1. I'll see if I can find my alignment sheet as it drove bloody well... off the top of my head it was -1.5 on all 4 corners for the camber, can't remember the rest.
  2. My word you are a spectacular bellend. Your old man might want you to enjoy his success/money while he's still around to see it, but does he know that you behave like a spoilt brat a complete spanner to boot? Stacking humblebrags like they're going out of fashion... ugh.
  3. Are you sure that's not rev cut or speed cut or some other cut? Because running out of fuelling won't result in a cut, you'll just hit 100% IDC. What you're getting is almost certainly a cut, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say boost cut. This is all so retarded, because if the car was running out of fuelling the tuner should have been able to tell you this 100% concretely, no anecdotal "sometimes a thing happens". By all means, put some ID1050X's in it and a decent fuel pump, but don't be disappointed when it makes 1kw more. Although I have this funny feeling that if the tuner is clever they will just dial-a-number and give you whatever makes you pay them more.
  4. I don't know how you can conclude you are choked by fuel based solely on that. You tuner should be able to tell you your injector duty cycle, which will tell you with 100% clarity, no wet finger in the air bullshit, if you are running out of fuelling. If your tuner cannot tell you this, they are a potato and should not be tuning cars that use injectors. I know bugger all about the intricacies of the latest motors, but presumably they are running similar injectors to the older ones, approx 565cc/min. This will fuel you to around 240 real, actual, proper, not made up, wheel kw. Depending on the bullshit factor the tuner is using on his dyno, this is going to be roughly 300 made up flywheel kw, although all of these figures are using 98 octane, and I don't know if you are. EDIT: My rough calculations say you're probably making about 210-215wkw, meaning you likely have another 20-odd kw in your fuel system, and you are probably being limited by the turbo, or something in your exhaust (do the new ones have a catted up-pipe?) or maybe, just maybe, the topmount intercooler. If you're on 95 octane, that's a pretty good number, and the problem is the turbo, end of discussion.
  5. Just take the car to the tuner and ask them to fix it (EDIT: Being facetious...)
  6. The tuner is a goomba if he thinks that a (presumably rolling road?) dyno figure, with an arbitrary made-up correction factor for flywheel power, is more accurate than a hub dyno. If you're going to quote a made-up number, may as well just make up a ridiculous one. Shoot for the moon, put a 500kw club sticker on it.
  7. Oooooh thats niiiiiiice. Me wanty.
  8. 2 complete dinosaur turbos. That said, lots of people bolt on equally dinosaur MHI TD05s or TD06s and get confused when they only make 15 more horsepower and take 3 weeks to spool. Speaking Subarus specifically... Garrett GT3071R (or GTX if you have the $$) are very popular. BorgWarner EFR becoming more common, but even more $$. Holsets, usually via Steve Murch, are gaining popularity as a very tough, reasonably affordable turbo that delivers fairly good results... just they haven't been in use on Subarus for long and my personal belief is that they have slightly different requirements to other common turbos.
  9. Best upgrade on an older STI: Replace the shift linkage bushings...
  10. Isn't that a giant WoF fail in your case @Kiwi_Fozze due to airbag removal? Also relevant to my interests, although I want to put a BP/BL Legacy one in my V7. The V7 wheel is stupid large.
  11. Llama Engineering are very good too. https://www.llamaengineering.co.nz/
  12. Pros: Bling, slightly less rotating mass Cons: They do nothing
  13. Off topic, but yes, I have an indycar special 6758 that I need to sell my Holset before I can install.
  14. Ooooooh any petrol numbers? Mine is sitting on the shelf looking lonely
  15. How much did this cost from Beveridges? I'm in exactly the same boat as you, except '05 Legacy, I have a blank blade from Ebay with electronics from a crashed NZ car on top. Also did you just talk to Armstrong to get the immobilizer code?