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  1. For clarity, when doing it on a BP, do they remove the entire dash? My dash pad is a cracked, messed up pile of S***, and if they're pulling it out when doing the recall I'll supply them with a replacement to put in at the time. That way they don't even have to be gentle when removing my one
  2. I'd agree, they have been my "general car" mechanics for years, the Marsden village branch is also very good.
  3. Mine did this with a genuine bearing that had never been touched. For whatever reason, even when the bearing is COMPLETELY rooted you won't really get noticeable wobble in the wheel, so it's kinda hard to pick up. But yeah, mine ruined the hub inner stub thing as well. Turned into about a $400 job or so? I figure you've got it well and truly sorted by now anyway.
  4. I use Macbilt for suspension and alignment work, nobody in Wellington gets close to them for that stuff. General mechanic stuff, modifications, fabrication etc I go to Jamie at Llama Engineering.
  5. Unpopular opinion: Sell the gauge pods. Having 11 billion gauges is very 2002. I also question their worth, are you going to look at the oil pressure half way around a big sweeper and go "oops there goes my bottom end"? Especially if they're cheap-ass gauges, they probably won't even have peak hold so you can't go "oooh I seeeeeee I hit 26psi just before it went nugga nugga"
  6. If it was thick white, probably overfueling, if I had to guess I would say that the car got started and driven about 3 metres several times (moving it around the workshop etc) and may have had a bit of excess fuel around the place? Take it for a decent drive then have a look if it happens the next day.
  7. The cheap chinese silicone is just so unbelievably S***. In the big picture of motoring, if you could spend $65 on heinous chinese S*** or $365 on genuine Samco or OEM hoses, you would have to be kinda crazy or a massive tight-arse to buy the cheap stuff. Literally the first time one of those poxy hoses bursts and you have to tow the car home the better hoses would have paid for themselves, let alone if you suffer engine damage as a result.
  8. Umm, on a scale of one to really, really stolen, how stolen is the car you've bought?
  9. I reckon you might be overthinking things just a little
  10. Ok fill in a blank for me here, seems not that rapid for a built motor and Gt3582? Kent from Speedsource went 10.9 with the stock turbo in a GDB? Edit: ok it seems Subarus need heaps of beans to go down the strip in a fast time, good stuff. Speedsource must have been doing some magic sh!t...
  11. "Nesterz Webtech" from Ahmedabad, India are the clever folks behind that post by the looks of things. Claim to be SEO wiZaRds by the looks of their site, also do "paid marketing". Dicks.
  12. Posted from an IP in India. I have contacted the company, I wonder if they know that the people they're presumably paying for "SEO" or something are spamming forums.
  13. I got 26401FA030 for generic Impreza including fast ones? Also Forester.
  14. Yep, I saw one of your runs, didn't get it on camera though. Figured it was you. Car sounded very racecar, plenty of good pops and crackles. The V8 Skyline sounded rather glorious too.
  15. Nice! I was watching from the harbour... even caught a few fish. The sound echoing off the hills was pretty excellent.