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  1. Right, cat amongst pigeon time. The Blouch is bloody expensive for what is essentially a glorified Garrett in a not-very-efficient housing. Buy this: https://www.full-race.com/store/borg-warner-efr/turbos-efr-series/borgwarner-efr-6758-turbo-2/ With the twinscroll internally-gated housing. By the time you pay for flanges and stuff it will be similar money. Saw the Subaru flange off your up-pipe, put a T4 flange on it, keep the turbo stock location. I guarantee you a better net result. If you ever get bored of it, flick the 6758 Supercore and plop a 7163 core in, 320wkw+ potential, no worries.
  2. And he probably didn't even know you were racing.......
  3. Another giving Honda their due, we've almost finished the build on my old flatmate's EG Civic, B20Vtec and just about everything you can do to it done, such a fun little car.
  4. It's PW not Perrin Needs moar scoop, on my V7 I could cane it pretty hard and the TMIC stayed cool as. Not track conditions though.
  5. On gravel I would be too busy browning my trousers to notice it falling off.
  6. Seriously, put some antisocial adjusties in it. They add a lot of "theater" All of which said, while mine is in bits im going to make it hard and low again.
  7. Pretty much this, I would save ~$1000 and get MCA X-series instead of Reds, though. Also unsure if the fender braces do three-fifths Rear swaybar +1 million
  8. I dunno... having had something similar it's very premature ejaculatory; it's all over before you know what's happened. You really feel it "fall over"
  9. Hrm 7k... How much would some MCAs and a cert cost? Then as above, MAC valve, bellmouth downpipe, Aeromotive Stealth 340, tune.
  10. 20kw more than a turbo that goes on to make 470kw or something, on a worked motor.... I maintain that big turbos are 100% the way to go. Great torque numbers though.
  11. I feel like maybe cams are in my future. I suspect my rear main is leaking a little so I might whip the motor out, in which case F*** yeah it's getting cams and built heads.
  12. Yeah 2.5XTR is the 60mm turbine with 71mm cold side. IMO the turbo to go for if your aims are in that 260-280wkw ballpark and you don't want to open the block.
  13. My comments there (re. 55lb/min turbo) refer to the 3.0XTR; worse spool and the same top end as a 1.5 or 2.5, seeing as the tune will end up limiting the car to maybe 270wkw for safety reasons. It will still be fast as feck but you will get more area under the curve with a smaller turbo (1.5 or 2.5) because the curve will rise earlier to the same end-point.
  14. Ok, I love big turbos, but a 55lb/min turbo when you're only hunting 260-270wkw is a waste and will just mean longer spool for the same top end. It should flow enough for 300wkw down the road if you decide that's what you want to do but I get the impression that on a GRB that usually requires opening the block and adding forged goodies, at which point you may as well go the whole hog with a rotated GTX30 or even GT35 and make 320-350wkw instead. That said, I don't like tiny turbines (says the guy going to a smaller turbine) so I would be looking at the 2.5XTR. Just my 2c.
  15. I hit this with a sledgehammer, not gently, I play a lot of softball so I can swing things pretty good. If you could move this spline with a rubber mallet I would declare you a wizard.