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  1. Lolwat? How do you figure the PM should be given all the criticism? It was equally stupid when people were blaming John Key for all of their misfortunes. In the sentence highlighted above it feels like you are definitely attributing the actions of the government directly to the PM. This could not be further from reality; the PM is basically the manager of the government/cabinet, at the end of the day she kinda carries the can for whatever the government does but to criticise her specifically for the actions of her cabinet/party is kinda stupid. Why should the PM be given the criticism? It's not like you can't work out who is directly responsible for these things... i.e. if you don't like transport decisions, there's a Minister of Transport (Phil Twyford) who is probably way more directly involved. EDIT: For transparency, I'm not a Labour supporter. I just think if you're going to criticise the government, do it intelligently, don't just generically hate on the PM. Double edit: If you swap the word "Jacinda" for "Labour+NZF+Green" then everything you have said is fine. But as I've said a whole lot of times already, if you think any of this is directly the PMs fault then you don't understand how the NZ government works.
  2. Shitloads of factors, including cost of transportation and simple buying power. And that we get bent over a barrel by a cartel of fuel companies that are just taking the mick.
  3. Yes. Labour, NZF and the Greens to some extent. In other words, a little over half of New Zealand, as they put them there. Do you think if Jacinda secretly personally didn't like some of these decisions, she has ANY power whatsoever to prevent them going ahead? How on earth is she responsible for any of it? The Prime Minister is required to adhere to the decisions of cabinet. That is how a democracy works. Her job is to front these decisions and put the best spin on them that she can.
  4. This is a massive side discussion, but other than "fronting" for the government, what role do you think the PM has in any decision making that goes on? Do you genuinely think Jacinda just wakes up one morning and is like "Tax petrol more! Stop seabed oil exploration! Do the things!" and the government just goes and does it?
  5. Bruh I don't think you fully understand how NZ's government works. But you're still pretty young (I think?) and I used to think pretty similarly to you so carry on, in a few years you'll start to look a bit more broadly and internets arguments aren't the place that will grow your political opinions in a good way IMO the only thing it has to do with the government is their inaction on regulating what is clearly a completely F***ed industry. I believe that the fuel companies know that the writing is on the wall, as part of Labour's ethos of "looking out for middle NZ" they are going to come down like a ton of bricks on the industry fairly soon and regulate the S*** out of them, so they are just making some extra money while they still can. If anyone believes the fuel companies aren't colluding on price, be it directly or through some wink-nudge-putthepriceup4c system, I have a bridge they may be interested in purchasing.
  6. Without giving away the user's personal information, I checked it out and it's actually from a fairly legit source. I wouldn't supply any data to it without more info though.
  7. Tell me a little more... who are you, what is this survey for etc? Bit odd to just jump on a forum with something like this as your first post.
  8. Well the first thing we should have warned you about is that these things do tend to smoke/steam a whole lot; even the oils from your fingers will smoke up when the turbo gets hot enough. But the fact it made a horrible noise kinda worries me. Did you find the compressor nut?
  9. Re. @Subru's missing compressor nut... It will be in the hot side of the intercooler. Or maybe somewhere in the compressor housing, possibly wedged in the fins of the compressor wheel. Jesus please tell me you found and removed it before starting the car? If it rolls back into the turbo somehow... repeat exercise.
  10. Turbos don't just die (usually) - I hate to say it but failing to check those filters may have been a bit of a costly mistake.
  11. On the one hand that's F***ing cooooool, on the other hand airbags and a bolt-in rollcage, what? You did all that fab and crazy S*** and then put a bolt in cage in, oooooook.... plus complete death-trap as a regular drive.
  12. Just gonna add that it looks really good at the height it's at. Do you have any issues with the centre diff running different tyres front and rear?
  13. I want all of these. The 1-2 low speed shift is F***ing horrible sometimes, especially when the car is cold.
  14. Don't forget your copper washers..........
  15. Tip some petrol in the intercooler and give it a real good shake then pour it out. Gloopy oil like that, that has been mixing with water from the air, is quite tricky to remove. Then give it a real good dose of brake clean or degreaser, shake it some more, call it good.