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  1. They sound shithouse on a modern Subaru with a VF series turbo. Seriously, it just sounds like a continuous wet fart. And if your car is making that much noise and only making 220wkw you look really stupid to anyone that doesn't have a mullet and a monster energy tattoo. Considering it will cost you several hundred dollars at a minimum and achieve nothing except making your car obnoxious and illegal (screamer pipe will get you pink stickered if the Police find it) it goes firmly in the category of "S*** mods" All of this obviously changes the instant you get a big F***-off turbo that doesn't have an internal wastegate, but even then you should plumb it back unless you're a bit of a knob (Apologies to @THUNDA who I know enjoys a bit of the RAAAAAAAAAAAATCH But it sounds like even he is getting over it)
  2. I have never such in-depth worry over the function of a fuel gauge. When the light comes on you probably need to find a petrol station in the next 60kms. You might actually get 100kms or so out of it, especially if it's coming on at 1/4 of a tank, but the gauges are always a bit non-linear and there's a whole bunch of factors involved, like if you're driving up/down a hill the fuel shifting in the tank will make a big difference to the reading on the gauge. But seriously, don't stress it so much, drive it until the light comes on, then find a petrol station soon-ish and put some more 95 octane in it. Don't cane the car and everything will be fine.
  3. The only wheel sizes that matter are the compressor wheel and the turbine wheel. Followed maybe by the steering wheel
  4. Anything pre-2000 has pretty much the same engine (a lot of the time), the same 5 speed, and a very mixed bag of suspension
  5. It's probably a complete waste of time, there will be about 5000 factors that play into it, such as the age/condition of your engine and gearbox, the tyres you're using, how much stuff you normally carry around, and how much your right jandal gets mashed into the carpet. They fit about 55L in them and they probably don't get mileage as good as my 3.0 Legacy, so I would say 55L will probably get you about 500kms.
  6. Yep, I would say that's smack on. They have a 55L tank, give or take, 27L of petrol at current rates will give you half a tank and cost about that much.
  7. Yup. VF34, Process West top mount, Prova headers, 3" downpipe, 2.5" the rest. Was a damn good setup actually. I might have it on my laptop. I also might have completely nuked it when I did the latest bunch of mischief.
  8. I may be able to hunt down my 231kw VF34 tune? Might be a bit aggressive but if you stay out of the throttle it should be OK.
  9. I bet a shiny penny you're going outside the efficiency area of the turbo, and it's just turning into a hairdryer and cranking out hot air. Is asking if you've got a compressor map for it wishing for a bit too much?
  10. Can we please not encourage insurance fraud on the interwebnets?
  11. I'm sure you're sorted by now but the base tune is driveable...
  12. Well if you're spending all that $$ anyway, may as well spend an extra $300 and get a fancy flywheel. They are a tiny bit S*** to drive in stop-go traffic as it's easier to bog the car and stall, but when you rev-match a downshift with a light flywheel it's quite a beautiful thing.
  13. I believe Drew's do a pretty good job. The factory clutch is an Exedy, I have the uprated one (probably the more expensive one above) and it's been fine for 3 years at 268wkw. I put in a lightweight flywheel while it was all in pieces because it's a bastard to get in there. It will be an expensive job if you have a mechanic do it. If you decide to do it yourself, I reckon pulling the engine out is probably easier than removing the box, if you don't have a hoist.
  14. Duct the radiator. Use a good radiator. Look at the freshness of your water pump and make sure it's a genuine one. Check your thermostat is opening fully.
  15. My understanding is that once it has learned knock correction, when you change fuels it will take ages to bring the timing back in, so the improvement in performance you've perceived between 2 tanks of gas is almost certainly placebo/butt-dyno results. I think the massive reduction in range and improvement in performance = you just gave it more jandal.