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  1. Don't forget the leather big ends...
  2. Rebleed to eliminate air locks..
  3. Is the heater working ? Core might be partially blocked..
  4. What colour is the smoke ? have you had a compression test done recently?
  5. 111 pounds for a pair plus freight from ICP..
  6. Amazing... No room for error.. 270 riders have been killed here.. Health and safety would not be impressed..
  7. Look like Enkei's..
  8. looks like it got very hot in there..
  9. did any of the idlers seize up ..Tensioner fail..? Main reason for belts failing.. Partsourq do mitsuboshi belts that are half price of genuine..Probably the same belt at the end of the day.. Also do after market Japanese manufactured idlers for good price.. Tensioners are spendy though..
  10. You can remove front plate at track days for extra cooling.. In general use the masking will not cause any issues..
  11. Mmmmmmm.....Crackling...
  12. Your father is a good man..Look after him..
  13. Where are you getting your TD05 from.. Specs etc..
  14. This is a good car.. I would have bought it if my new garage was passed the planning/architect stages.. Rob is a GC.. Get him to do cambelt.. It may cost you a little to sort out but you will own a good piece of Subaru heritage..
  15. pretty much as expected.. Both have their pro's and con's... Good real world info ..