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  1. Might have the coupe engine rebuilt and run in by then ..with a bit of luck etc..
  2. Yeah but....Crappy road tyres take the gloss of a track day when they turn to chewing gum after 3 or 4 laps.. You end up understeering and the oversteering all over the place.. If you value your car and your life the best option is a set of rims with road tyres and and a set of rims with the stickiest tyres you can afford.. Change the wheels when you get to the track..
  3. That's bright.. Look forward to seeing you lapping the square on Friday night.. Needs more low..
  4. single scroll for me thanks..
  5. Have you got any uppipes?
  6. Its a big world out there.. You could always find another country with cheap fuel to live in.. Try the USA it has cheap gas and needs more skilled immigrants.. Seriously though..Fuel prices are like interest rates,they yoyo up and down for lots of reasons. A discovery of oil locally wont mean cheaper prices at the pump for Subaru drivers,its a bit more complex than that.. Subru..You should get over the result of the last happened that your lot lost..Move on and look positively to the future.. For what its worth I use 50 litres of gas a no hardship here..
  7. Twisted ..gets the intake out from under inlet manifold..
  8. Be aware that you could be comparing apples with oranges. Although the gaskets may appear to be the same they may not be made to the same specs..
  9. They should come with front mounts from new..
  10. Nice to see an original looking V4 sti..
  11. Try Moonlight Racing..