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  1. is there a dim adjustment thats been turned right down..?
  2. The options for subscibing only allow three options ,3 6 and 12 months'' No option for casual donations. This means if you have subscribed for a fixed period you can not donate any more during that period.
  3. Something is not right.. It should either work as normal or you have not got it togeather correctly.. Have you damaged the throw out bearing ?
  4. thats weird..i am back..😍 This time it had saved my old password.. Anyway great work by all concerned.. Time now to donate some money to CS.
  5. good to see you out showing the flag.. Did you have the pedal to the metal Joker? i saw a few cs guys on the results. Viv edan and someone else..
  6. That 4 wheels are better for your health ?
  7. Bearings almost 100% of the time.. Sometimes a broken ringland..
  8. But the belt has been replaced..Its only done 30ks.. Get someone to have a look at its condition..I bet it is in good nick.
  9. I googled project kinder surprise and it came up with weird things in Where is it ? Cheers
  10. Its hard to over tighten and damage spark plug threads.. You are more likely to do damage if you leave them loose.. Just do them up until they are firm and give them another tweek.. Are you using copper coat on the threads ?
  11. Early sti,type R and RA's are all worth collecting.. I am glad i bought mine 10 years ago..It has doubled in value..