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  1. new models are released towards the end of the year for tokyo motor around august/september..
  2. how it looks when i drive past the big shop windows
  3. Because you are not in control of the vehicle..
  4. Confimed purchase of two post clear floor hoist and compressor..Sweeeeeeet..
  5. Quite a bit of slope on that corner looks level but not.. Went and had a look on sat and can't say i am a fan of the long curcuit.. It takes away the white knuckle fun of of the back straight and sweeper.. Lots of nice cars there..
  6. Clean,clean,clean.. No lint rags.. Did i say clean,,
  7. He was probably refering to old starlets on chopped and non captive springs..
  8. Have bought 4 orders over the last few years.. Found out about them from oldschoolnz..
  9. Another supplier is usa..Probably the largest range for all makes and models. Be aware that US models are different in some ways so pays to cross reference.. Rockauto prices are very low but freight from US is expensive so shop carefully..
  10. how much was the freight from partsourq ?
  11. Skid marks and holes in fences..someone has repairs this week.. Your car is going well Loren..
  12. superceded order the old number and they supply with new number ..same part..
  13. Try bleeding with the front of the car on a hill or steep driveway.
  14. Clutch release bearing can be damaged during assembly if not careful.