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  1. Try Moonlight Racing..
  2. Make an appointment to see the general manager.. He will sort it out..
  3. Have you tried Amayama..Some things are cheapish others not..
  4. Thanks GC8E2DD.. PM,d
  5. Thanks Subirex.. Anyone else know of any ?
  6. Thanks Pappu.. PM sent..
  7. Thought I would put this here for max exposure.. Wanted to buy set of white te37 rims.. 16x7.5 or 8 inch 5x100 stud around +46 offset.. Anybody got some stashed away looking for a new home.. Cheers..
  8. What would Ayrton have told you to do..
  9. Could be keen too..After Inked..
  10. If you Google "Subaru gc8 oil starvation" you will get 5850 replies.. Read a few and report back..
  11. This thread has lost its way..
  12. Same as a Porsche and VW.. Engineers design them to drain back under normal conditions.. Subaru engines can have problems with oil filling heads under extreme use though..
  13. Totally agree..
  14. Unless you have a baffled sump and an efficient breather system you are best to avoid building centrifugal forces.. The two corners that need attention are the entrance and exit from the back straight.. At Higgins use all the track by approaching on the far left and turn into the apex and sweep out to the outside on exit.. Avoid max revs by changing up a gear if possible thru the apex.. The sweeper can be taken with a "motorcross" line.. Enter down the inside and brake across the track to the outside ,"the berm".. Then turn into the apex and exit to the outside of the corner.. Both of these methods will minimise centrifugal forces.. Remember the experiment you did at school with the half full bucket of water swinging around and the water staying in the bucket.. Avoid this effect....