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  1. how much was the freight from partsourq ?
  2. Skid marks and holes in fences..someone has repairs this week.. Your car is going well Loren..
  3. superceded order the old number and they supply with new number ..same part..
  4. Try bleeding with the front of the car on a hill or steep driveway.
  5. Clutch release bearing can be damaged during assembly if not careful.
  6. those complete axle and cv assemblies are good value.. and no mess when fitting..
  7. Got the keys for the new property yesterday so once we have a shed party the work on the coupe can start. New twisted uppipe ( autobend ) and remade down pipe to mount turbo as close to level as possible. Fit 850 sidefeeds and road tune before engine out and rebore etc.. Reassemble with new bits and then run in and dyno tune.. If that all happens before flatnats i will be happy Still looking to buy a set of te37 16x7.5 0r 8.Prefer white..and a v4 coupe drivers seat ,condition can vary as could be used for parts.
  8. looks like a v5 1999..
  9. use genuine parts from subaru dealer..
  10. nothing wrong with that result..
  11. Direct from kinugawa or mamba on Ebay..Heaps of combo's and as long as you deal with factory direct you are ok.. Have a look and see what is out there..
  12. Your logic is sound Inked.. Better the devil you can find when things go lopsided.. If the price is the same as importing ie $1100..Then go for it..
  13. Good project you have going,, How many k's has the engine done ? 220 will be easier to achieve than 240.. Anything over 200 is quite perky..
  14. That is very special. Purchased off the finishing line complete with mud.. Value ?.....a million ..Lots anyway.