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  1. Good work..Great panorama.
  2. Its hard to over tighten and damage spark plug threads.. You are more likely to do damage if you leave them loose.. Just do them up until they are firm and give them another tweek.. Are you using copper coat on the threads ?
  3. Early sti,type R and RA's are all worth collecting.. I am glad i bought mine 10 years ago..It has doubled in value..
  4. It should have a spoiler similar to v4 but a bit swoopier. Wheels should be gold Speedline Electra S alloys..Could be hard to find/expensive.. Not sure about 5th injector..
  5. yThe 555 saloon was restricted to 500 cars.. The limited edition 555 cars were in reality the same as the run of the mill v2 models with the exception of the paint colours and a number of minor details.. Apart from the sports blue paint,the 555 were given rally style mudflaps and a roof vent that was a purely cosmetic addition.. Could be a nice thing to have depending on condition and originality.. Pretty sure they didnt have a limited edition number on the car except for a built by STI badge by the radiator..
  6. sorry meant safebrake
  7. I got mine from Racebrakes aus/trademe.. Tell the guy what you are doing and he will sort it out..
  8. How old is the cambelt etc ?
  9. Another thanks to Joker for personally delivering my prize..genuine GC..
  10. You are asking alot from an old man Speedy. Genuine luditte when it comes to that stuff.. its from Finebiz performance on Trademe $259.. How could anyone resist such a fine thing..
  11. Bought a 3inch stainless exhaust because quite cheap and shiney.. Looks loud sitting on the floor..
  12. Subaru release new models around august for the Tokyo motor show..
  13. nice set of gauges ..
  14. More than 10 less than 20.. Some people would say your crazy..New car and all.. Others would say go for it you crazy bastard..
  15. I tried to buy one and to donate $20 ..wouldnt let me for some reason..Help Joker..