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  1. Twa......Three word acronym..
  2. I had the same thing happen to the left front strut a few years back.. Very noisey..
  3. What did you end up doing to it ?
  4. Use the gearbox to take advantage of the torque.. That's what its for.. Running engine to redline will shorten its life..
  5. Give yourself a cuddle Joker.. We all listen to you.. Even when you talk in riddles..
  6. That's interesting... Have you got a plot for v4STI with TD05 18G.. Cheers
  7. Ebay sellers don't all sell fake stuff..
  8. What doesn't work now that worked before ?
  9. Nah polystyrene
  10. That's a cool thing to do..
  11. Sacre bleu.... Inked is correct.. Shammy [ informal]...= Chamois.. Quote the new Penguin English dictionary.. Have a happy and safe weekend everyone ..
  12. Honda go...Honda blow.. Soulless cars in my opinion.. make good entry level track cars or daily as Inked says..
  13. The planets were aligned when this tune was done..