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  1. Or get some mates to bid it up like half the $1 reserve sellers do.. And what about the $1 reserves that dont accept the final bid and then relist at $1 again..
  2. Install Link ecu and get dyno tune. Best mod for classics. Your old mans type R has close ratio gearbox and short diff ratios so you wont beat him in a drag. Only chance is to beat him with top speed but that needs to be on track for obvious reasons..👍
  3. What are the options/prices for rear thrust ej20t crankshafts . New or used.. cheers..
  4. If you get the design right it can last for 30 years of production.. pretty damn good.. Go the EJ20..😁
  5. Put up your dyno sheet and joker might update..👍
  6. Whats your price expectations..
  7. What did redline say when you asked if it would fit ?
  8. Mines doing 5 litres to the year at the moment..
  9. Clutch throw out bearing on the way out..