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  1. I wonder if the gearbox has got a loose nut on one of the shafts.. It has happened before more than once.. Might be a cheap fix..
  2. The crime could be the addition of bits that detract from the overall goodness of said vehicle..
  3. Have not tried them yet but they get good reviews and the price is good.. Anyone have access to them at a better than retail price? I would be keen for a set of 225x45x16..
  4. That's a strong possibility..Needle and ball bearings can rust from sitting around..
  5. I am with Boon..Nearly always the rocker cover gasket..
  6. Probably due for cam belt..$1200..
  7. Winter series racing at manfeild this weekend... Anyone going for a blast ?
  8. I vote carbon flat..
  9. Does it not start when its warm ?
  10. Oem headers won't limit you until over 280 wkw ish.. Equal length best for max power.. Unequal length cheaper to make so should retail for less..
  11. Crikey.. gudgeon pin looks ok.. What came first..Piston failure or rod destruction ?
  12. Equal length = no Subaru rumble..Con.. Lighter and ultimately more efficient..Pro..
  13. New trade price from Subaru dealers is about $670...