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  1. Direct from kinugawa or mamba on Ebay..Heaps of combo's and as long as you deal with factory direct you are ok.. Have a look and see what is out there..
  2. Your logic is sound Inked.. Better the devil you can find when things go lopsided.. If the price is the same as importing ie $1100..Then go for it..
  3. Good project you have going,, How many k's has the engine done ? 220 will be easier to achieve than 240.. Anything over 200 is quite perky..
  4. That is very special. Purchased off the finishing line complete with mud.. Value ?.....a million ..Lots anyway.
  5. Is the top pitch mount still in place ?
  6. Rueben may know ?
  7. Try Transpec services.. Mechanic Rob knows subarus inside out..
  8. Spent some money.. Set of braided brake lines from Safebrake melbourne..look good.. Also bought another property with 3 bed house and seperate 110 sq meter high stud shed/subaru factory.
  9. mitSUBAUDIishi
  10. Forester because subaru.. Also portrays nz outdoor GC image..
  11. Hows your tuning going ?
  12. whiteline gearbox cross member rubbers/gaskets arrived,, Thanks to D1style,,
  13. Ordered cusco engine and trans mounts from RHDjapan.. Thanks for the tip Loren..
  14. Might have the coupe engine rebuilt and run in by then ..with a bit of luck etc..