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  1. Good idea Joker.. Every car should have one..
  2. Importing second hand struts from Japan sounds like false economy.. Thats from my experience of buying used suspension.. However time will tell.. Keep us informed..
  3. D tech is the place to go..Around $1200 is the money..
  4. Interesting..I will go to Palmfeild Motors and get a price for #21111AA250 on monday and report back..
  5. Yeah thought about that as I will end up paying twice that.. Genuine parts though.. Plus I get a kick out of buying and tracking and waiting and opening box.. And hoping it gets here before trump starts a noooclear war..
  6. Ordered Spec C water pump from partsourq for rebuild.. # 21111AA250 us$103..
  7. Hi Reuben..Hows the Queenstown Subaru club all going..
  8. The thing is that you get the UTE tax back when you sell..It's not like you are throwing money away..
  9. My suggestion would be to go to a race meeting and check out what other people are using for towing.. Ask around and go from there..
  10. Be lucky to find any thing "decent" under $10/12k these days.. However $8k would make the deposit on Rose City's V4 STI Coupe at $35k..
  11. Horn mod 101.. Removal of every second rib will add lightness ..
  12. Why would anyone want to change a thing of such beauty..? Leave it as the Subaru designers planned it..More value to be had in the long game..$$$$$$
  13. Skipping offline could indicate a failing rear shock absorber..
  14. Reversed scoops and raised bonnets can cause problems at scrutineering.. Potential for windscreen to be affected by oil/coolant leaks..
  15. Gull says its ok.. Ethanol is good for cooling and anti knock.. But you will use more than straight petrol..