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  1. Yes it is. Works fine but a larger rim would no doubt give firmer cornering
  2. Having reread above yes in the past I have used 205/55x16 and they looked fine. Have also used 205/65x16 - doesn't look so good.
  3. I have 225/40 (I think) x16. They look no different to 205/50x16 in the wheel arch. Look just fine
  4. My uppipe flexi has blown. Any advice on the merits of replacing with one of these exhaust manifolds from Redline or getting the flexi replaced? I like the idea of larger diameter uppipe but is it useful?
  5. Redline 75/90 LSD Redline lightweight shockproof Caltex Havoline 10W40 Semi-syn from Warehouse Any one of Motul/Repco/Penrite/BNT either Dot 4 or 5.1 pref higher temp but don't care
  6. until

    Was great fun. Turned up with unscrubbed in semis and left with them fully scrubbed in and a lot of confidence in them
  7. I got a set of MCA X-R reds, height and damper adjustable recently after a recommendation from Adrian, a Nissan guy. The MCA guys were super helpful and provided a setup for what i wanted, which was street sprints and occasional gravel sprints. I got it corner weighted and really like the feel.
  8. but they will turn when my wheels turn
  9. Replaced the 6" rear splits with 6x9 3-way. It's a mission and the speakers are not 'fully-aligned' with anything, anywhere, or even themselves. They're on seriously wrong angles Oh well, it's my car and no one else will care
  10. Hi ICE Guys I need to remove the rear parcel shelf so I can mount some 6x9s, and am having some trouble. I've removed rear seat, removed side plastic trim that seatbelts go through, clicked up the little plastic clips that hold the parcel shelf to the metal tray. But the parcel shelf still refuses to pull out, it's like it's bonded to the rear window. What can I do next? Al
  11. dumb question - is that fixable?
  12. replace clutch
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