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  1. until

    Was great fun. Turned up with unscrubbed in semis and left with them fully scrubbed in and a lot of confidence in them
  2. but they will turn when my wheels turn
  3. Replaced the 6" rear splits with 6x9 3-way. It's a mission and the speakers are not 'fully-aligned' with anything, anywhere, or even themselves. They're on seriously wrong angles Oh well, it's my car and no one else will care
  4. i might have joined about 97/98ish
  5. They're based at Lindale so I wanted kapiti icecream with that evowrx
  6. Ordered last night at 10pm - got email at 2:50pm - and picked up today at 4:50pm
  7. My thoughts are 'Yes' I need 2 more hoodies and those would fit the bill
  8. Does the weather shield on a gc8 do anything? Ie does it keep wind or rain out? Have got one on passengers side and none on drivers side. Wondering whether to take one off or put one on :-)
  9. Yeah, that's exactly it
  10. We've invited 'boy racers' to club events before and been a) deafened by the silence of the 99% not turning up and b) the 1 or 2 that turn up thinking they hav sum skilz, show their skills are not even average, and never turn up again to improve
  11. Was great to not think about the thumbwheel at all. Just compensated by waggling the rear out more and maybe the foot lifted off the gas but I can't be sure :-)
  12. Anyone have a throttle jam open? Mine jammed at about 6000 rpms last week. I found the tiny rubber boot that protects the end of the throttle cable had fallen down the cable to under the throttle linkage. Would this have caused the problem?
  13. Secondary latch could be worth keeping incase the bonnet pins not correctly done up? Could save windscreen?
  14. This is when I caused the leak - didnt put hose over the lip. Have pushed hose over lip, but now still have some weeping. No I havent put on a normal hose clamp. I'll do that.