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  1. 4L for the trans and 1L for the diff is plenty.
  2. Interesting thread Loren! Did you end up with a divided or single entry uppipe flange? I remember RAC doing tons of testing years ago and ended up somewhere similar to where you are now. I made the .82 choice years ago when Tony had a 0.63, or some aftermarket 0.72 size housing he found. Compared to Tony's car, my 82 housing was bogging in third on tight corner exits and didnt provide enough top end to make up the difference on the straights, so i'd drop back about car length on every tight corner which added up to 2-3 seconds/lap. So it was either shift to second gear and lose time on the 2-3 shift, or bog in third. The 63 was faster simply by being able to stay in third. So I went back to the 63...
  3. I visited AVO in tokyo a couple of years ago and they had just received big twinscroll housings for their bolt on turbos that happily made 650ps on their dyno
  4. Ive got a 50mm radiator and have never had water temp issues or even seen it ever spike (except for headgasket related fun) Oil temps on the other hand...
  5. Here's my old for sale thread Photobucket has bunged up the photos, i'll see about hosting the photos elsewhere...
  6. Oh yeah I still do, keep forgetting to put them on trademe Racepro seats mounted to factory rails
  7. Ive been running a stock 257 shortblock with EJ20k/v4sti heads for nearly 10 years at about 260kwatw. This engine hates small turbos. Also not having boost is not as dramatic as on the 2L as the off-boost torque is so much higher. The engine likes a big turbo (bigger than a VF anyway) but ~400bhp is about the limit. This engine has also done hundreds of track laps, as long as you keep at least oil temps down it seems to be pretty happy.
  8. Yes, look here: http://baeturbosystems.com/holset.aspx You can even get all the parts to assemble what SM sells
  9. A friend of mine (QWERTY on here) has a bolt on turbo he used to use lying around. Was making about 260kwatw Cant remember exactly what it was but i'll send him a message. Was one of those popular a while back turbos based on the small trim GT30r wheels. MD321 perhaps?
  10. Datalog the S*** out of your engine and it will give a pretty good profile of your baseline noise when the engine is known to not be knocking. The Link knock system is based on filtered signal amplitude and rpm, so if you have a baseline noise profile across the rpm range then anything spiking above that is considered knock and you can do something about it like retard timing, drop boost etc. Whether it is knock or not is another question - sometimes it is, sometimes it isnt and the ECU cant tell the difference. Just have to know your engine noise levels well enough to make a decision on what to do.
  11. Anyone using RaceRoom? Great sim. Is free to start with and you buy extra tracks and cars but you dont need any. Good physics engine, very realistic. Cheaper (to start with) alternative to iRacing http://game.raceroom.com/
  12. Any recommended alarm for a 02 legacy? Also potentially recommended Auckland installer
  13. Which Upgarage is that? might go have a look next week This one? https://goo.gl/maps/mwEaHhFm5Fp
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