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  2. A few little things: 1, turbo oil drain modification to use -an fittings 2, removal of factory oil modine, replace with remote oil cooler and thermostatic sandwich 3, oil temp sensor install - doesn't really need engine removal but while it's out it will be easier. 4, go buy and fit an SAS baffle plate I am still debating a closed deck ej25 short block or biting the bullet and going big with an ez30 but that would be a way off. I also need to get new synchros for my 6 spd but would like some longer ratios too as it doesn't see much track time. That will be the next priority. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. Cheers man! I'll get in touch. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  4. @Jono24, do I dare wonder what you're doing? 😮
  5. Repaint those wiper arms man! Make it look much nicer. And a grille definitely. Looks awesome though! FeelsGoodMan to have a car all one colour aye!
  6. Yeah bud I've got one in shirley, message me on Facebook Hayden Lambert. Profile pic is me in blue shirt against my bh5 and cover photo is a bl
  7. Before with it’s different colour guards and no bumper To this now. So very happy with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks@joker ! Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  9. Did the pre-facelift include the internal oil pump that the early sti's have? Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. Yup...Got it all in fine. It works awesome actually. The camera seems to react weirdly to the finish?. Its the same finish as the stock dark grey on the centre console. Its just the corner that I haven't had time/money to take to the plastic welders yet. Once I get this corner fixed up, i'll be happy with it. I got the centre console USB going but not the 3.5mm. So with that usb going, can either charge things or use as a music/video input. The second usb input on the stereo I have run to the glovebox, so a second hard drive/ flash drive can sit in there too.
  11. Last week
  12. Hey there Mate I dont live in that area however I recently enquired with Queenstown Motor Group about service history on a Legacy BH5 I was going to buy, they were very disinterested and I felt like they couldn't be bothered helping, however that is my only experience with them Others from the area may have better opt
  13. (posted originally on Legacy/Outback forum, no replies) New member, new to Suby ownership. Just bought '05 3.0 Outback, to park in Queenstown for regular visits from afar. 125000kms, mechanically perfect currently. Will need regular servicing to keep it that way. Can anyone recommend a service centre in Queenstown (or possibly Wanaka - we are based in Cardrona during visits). Cheers and TIA  Audidude '05 3.0R OB '90 urquattro 20V '03 911 996.2 C2m '96 DC2R '96 DC2R K20a race car '18 Touareg V6S
  14. shared to the CS FB page hope ya get something soon! 1st comment is the hireopool for $50 / day pfft
  15. Legacy 6sp (and v11 onwards) don't have speedo drive outputs Mates got one from a ez30 6sp with diff, driveshaft, axles and shifter sitting on trademe for $1400, and has been for a long time, crazy cheap imo. I'd guess most people don't want the hassle of no speedo drive from the box (I don't think thats an issue for other bp/bl legacys though).
  16. it's not hard to get the dash our for a visual inspections, screws up under dash trim & a few around the housing etc, plug could have fallen out?
  17. Will check all fuses, thanks. Definitely not normal dimming - car simply doesn't have this function. The dash instrument lights are totally off, at night I had to drive with interior cabin light on to read speedo hrmm, considering car's low value & age might just live with it as not worth taking to an auto sparky.
  18. Hi Guys, Anyone in Christchurch with an engine crane/hoist they could lend me for a weekend? I can pick-up/drop-off to wherever. A box of beer for the lender! Cheers,
  19. Could be interested, depending on price.. I have a bp5 prefacelift 5mt.
  20. Have no idea, but might have access to a cheap one to buy and then sell on trademe. Just gotta make sure that 1. People want them 2. It's not going to sit forever waiting to sell 3. I can make some sort of profit off it.
  21. Ah gotcha, I’ll just wait and see. According to the customs calculator I’d be on the hook for about 160 bucks if it gets flagged. how was the install for you on the hdi unit? I’ve done a few in the passed, essentially line everything up before you tighten it down and get ready to do some bumper trimming.
  22. Just heads up that it can be pretty random with customs. Both of u may make same order arrive same time at customs and one of u get taxed other one doesn’t Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. If the trailer plug wiring was the culprit it would have blown the tail light fuse. So if the fuse is still ok, I wouldn’t carry on down that path. Are you sure what you are experiencing isn’t just the normal dimming of the interior lights when you turn the headlights on like Joker mentioned. If this was an electrical issue then would almost certainly be a blown fuse. If not it would be a loss of power/ground circuit to the cluster (ie broken wire, or something unplugged). If you can confirm power/ground at the back of the cluster for the illumination wires and it still doesn’t work then the cluster is faulty (unlikely). That is the thought path I would follow anyway.
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