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  2. Hooch


    Replace the clamp on the hose to the power steering pump. The hose is probably hardened causing the clamp to be loose bringing in air to the power steering system making a loud whine! I would just move the clamp down and fit a bolt type clamp on. Can replace the hose as well. But a new clamp should do the trick. Very very common.
  3. Hey there, Has anyone fitted a turbosmart wastegate actuator to a VF22 or other single scroll VF turbo? If so what kit did you use? And is it even worth doing? Cheers
  4. Last week
  5. Have receipts for rebuild and dyno sheets for it. still running in car thanks to lockdown.
  6. That might have been pre-release info. In JDM land there are 3 versions, including a 1.5 NA FWD with 10-speed CVT 🤣 I drove the black car in my pic above, it's one of the original TNZ press cars. Faster and better handling than the current STI. 😄
  7. Seems about right... it's a risky proposition for the buyer of course.
  8. Flares depends on how much is steel behind it… most are plastic over steel and you don’t get the wheel clearance so have to cut them anyway. Saves loads of paint and panel work though.
  9. I’ve seen full motor without turbo in 5-6k range. rebuild was $4500 the HPC was $800, should be all headers but I didn’t check so may have been billed and not done. May keep coated headers. Turbo was $250 to coat. could do intercooler and ecu so just need a loom.
  10. So a complete drop in motor? must be worth a bit.
  11. Haha so my mate found this of my old car (first manual car) was in the family a few years until about a year ago.
  12. I've decided the nasty plastic trim on the wheel arches are great, will be easy to unclip/unbolt and put on a decent looking/functional set of aftermarket fender flares Also looks exactly as it should in the traditional livery rendering Decent looking as a hatchback that will never exist alas Also as a hot wagon that will never exist (but we have the Levorg which is rumored to get the 2.4, shame there is no 6 speed manual)
  13. Very good question. I've trying to find the same answer for my fully stock one with 110kkm on the clock. Harley apparently sells them for 3-4k usually for a semi bare timed longblock.
  14. Well technically speaking you didn't change the bearing... you just swapped out the whole hub
  15. When I was at Toyota dealer the spec sheet they showed me was the poverty model so I dropped off the list. still the Sti is going to be way faster.
  16. So after lockdown and a pile more $ I’ll have a spare stock engine. done 135k km but rebuilt 25k km. Rings and bearings done. has PMBS sump, Stock turbo and PBMS down pipe are all HPC extreme coated. ECU retuned to turbo since the coating made a big difference. only issue is it has small rocker cover leak but wasn’t worth doing while in the car. was thinking about swapping it to an older car but think I want a kei car as second car again.
  17. NZ new got the best spec ! Circuit pack F+R LSDs plus the satnav, JBL stereo etc of the Comfort pack Most of the stupid priced imports are low spec. Avoid.
  18. Better late than never... Mk7 GTI is a much sportier drive than a 6R. The 6R uses the previous gen (Mk5) motor with cambelt and is much more reliable, many chain drive Mk6 GTI's have suffered from chain tensioner failures - expensive, often fatal. Golfs use a Haldex AWD system, nominal 90/10 torque split to front, a slow reactive system. Subaru's permanent AWD is a superior solution. The 7R is much better but still no match for a GTI with VW's front LSD - like a Haldex operating on the same axle. A GTI Clubsport/Edition 40/40 Years - same car , different name for different markets, or the 7.5 GTI TCR are much better drives and once moving, just as fast or faster than a 7/7.5R.
  19. Installed a bunch of bushes and started putting s*** back on the car The car now has three wheels on it! The fourth hub will be put on tomorrow afternoon in anticipation for its move to a new home (pictured below) Also ordered a bunch of random s*** to help things along Tomorrow:
  20. They still got the GD gen for WRX’s didn't they? Which would make this by that logic the 4th gen.
  21. Loren


    Just top up the fluid... probably fix it.
  22. Pretty common issue with the power steering pumps on the Flat 6 Subarus. The power steering pump will just need a rebuild with a new seal kit. Most Subaru specialists will be familiar with the issue.
  23. Mike R


    2007 Outback 3.0 - Power Steering Whine Any Subaruists familiar with this issue? I just had a 100K KM service completed and has resulted an annoying whine and stiffness in the wheel which was not really noticed beforehand. Advised if issue persists to have PS fluid replaced/purged/checked for leaks etx - which was done - but the issue persists. Any one have any tips? Thanks, Mike
  24. Tidied the wagon up a bit. Gave it a front lip and some new paint on calipers. Sent from my SM-G988B using Tapatalk
  25. Done my first wheel bearing/hub today. Rear passenger side wheel bearing on my 2016 STi gave up at 98,000km. Must have worn out prematurely from all the AWD burnouts on the Taupo skidpad! Sorry for the poor quality pictures, they were taken on Snapchat and then saved…
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