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  1. Good news to CHCH based members. SAS has just bought a Dynapack hub dyno. it will take a couple of weeks to get setup but after that i'm hoping to help guys out that want to tune their car. I was going to suggest putting their car on the dyno and teaching/show how to tune and what affects what. There will be more information over the coming days/weeks. And to ibpenguin, it could be knock but would definitely get it looked at. Dtech and PBMS i have heard good things about and not too far of a drive
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  2. haha fair enough, I guess I will know if they come loose
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  3. Just tighten all the lower bolts as much as you can. No way you can over tighen them. The top strut bolts just hand tight with a 12mm spanner... No need to torque them.
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