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    Package arrived this morning from Sobanoodle, brought some Cusco braces that he had fitted to his old BR9 legacy. Managed to install the rear brace front one for another day. That combined with the whiteline sway bar will keep the back end nice and tight.
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    Took mx5 to get my road tune checked and optimized. Not terrible numbers for a 1600 with a baby td04. Also in the hunt for another 3.0r in wagon this time Sent from my M6 Note using Tapatalk
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    Can you just compare the pin-puts of a v1-2 Link and a V7 Link from the Link website? Wouldn't that give you all the info you need?
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    I was thinking alibaba, wish or SAS
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    It's not that much of a sporty car to start with and designed for comfort so fitting a fattier rsb on its own not surprisingly does sweet f all. Plus STI rsb still won't be as thick/aggressives as let's say Cusco, UR or Whiteline.
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    I’m good with the height I have so as long as they clear at the current height it’s ok. I’m a fan of lightweight as they are better on the road. May have to get camber tops to get some more clearance